Wild Hearts: All Kemono Monsters & Fight Guide

Learn how to defeat all the Kemono using various abilities and weapons

The enemies in Wild Hearts are monsters named Kemono who come up against you with different abilities. Kemono is categorized as giant kimonos and small kimonos. The giant ones will come up in the main storyline, but the small ones will be spawned in different locations. The small ones are not harmful, but you can kill them for some loot, and do note that the loot depends on how you kill them. There are around more than 20 monsters, and all of them are mentioned below.

Key Takeaways
  • All the biggest Monsters in Wild Heart, Kemono, are located in different places, and they have their abilities and attacks
  • You should use Harpoon Karakuri to aim for monsters who attack while flying in the air
  • The best way to deal with Kemono in the second chapter is by crafting your weapons and ailments, which will aid in defeating any kind of enemy.
  • Equipping an armor is of utmost necessary to get yourself protection from various attacks
  • Stamina is quite important while defeating some Kemonos, so you need to take an adequate amount of food to consume energy
  • Do upgrade your weapons, as they will be the key factor in defeating the opponents
  • You may encounter small kemono in the game, but the smartest way is to avoid them. If you have plenty of time, then you may kill them or pet them for a good loot
  • You may face all kinds of Kemono, including the smallest one as well as the largest one but do remember that the size does not matter, rather you should just stick to the plan

How To Defeat Chapter 1 Kemonos 

The first chapter, “Azuma, Land of the East,” contains quite some Kemono, and they may appear in another region once you kill them.


Important: This will be the first monster in wild heart that you will face when you play the game. It has plants and trees that grow on hiitsace, but that does not mean it isn’t fast or quick. This may look like the shortest Kemono has ever seen but do not underestimate it. Ragetail is always hungry; therefore he consumes smaller Kemono as well as other living beings.

Ragetail is quite weak towards weapons like slashing and blunt so you must choose your weapons wisely when going against Ragetail.

How To Defeat 

  • Equip weapons like Nodachi and Maul. You can also choose the usual Karakuri Katana which can also prove to be quite effective.
  • Your first strategy while playing Ragetail will be to cut its tail as the tail might grow in size when the Kemono becomes angry with rage.
  • You must keep away from its swirling attack. The attack will be followed when Ragetail raises his hands above in the air. When he does so, you must back away to a suitable distance.
  • When taking armor, you must keep in mind to dodge his wood characteristics.
  • Players can also use a bow against this one to give good damage


These kemono have skins quite similar to sap and have hairy fur on their body. They have woody skin and tree branches hanging from their body. They are a bit silly monsters in wild heart who constantly sneeze pollen on them. You might see bird nests lying on their antlers.

These sap may knock the enemies, and players can get trapped in them as they are super sticky. Players need to be cautious about the Sapscourge roll attack, which will lead to a sudden blow, and you will fly away with great damage.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
A Giant Kemono

How To Defeat 

  • You should use Spring Karakuri when the Kemono uses its sap so you can get free of sap and move quickly.
  • You should use slashing damage, piercing, and blunt damage to give an effective attack.
  • You can use slashing weapons like Karakuri Katana and Nodachi, which can be quite effective.
  • Players should equip armor pieces that can protect against wood
  • You should keep away from the tail of Sapscourge to avoid damage.


Kingtusk, also known as Yama’ugachi, is a bear that contains two enormous tusks, as suggested in the name as well. This is a huge beast that is not easy to defeat. Its attack is slow, but it can prove to be deadly if not taken with caution.

You can try to lean on him so you can launch attacks where he is weak. You can rely on Karakuri tools which might come in handy. Do note that this Kemono can use vines from within the ground toward you, but you can counterattack using both piercing and slashing weapons.

How To Defeat

  • You should be alert for its charging attacks. Before these attacks, you will face vines being launched at you. This will happen when there is a great distance between the Kemono and yourself.
  • Players should use weapons like Nodachi, Bladed Wagasa, and the Bow to give slash and lunge damages.
  • The best way is to climb onto the monster and aim for the weak spots. You can also use the move “Hunter’s Arm” to give damage to the Kemono while on its back.
  • You should use Spring Karakuri to deal with the ground attacks that can give you damage.
  • The best way to deal with the charged attacks is to use Bulwark Karakuri to suppress them.
  • For armor, use those that protect you against wood characteristics


This is a wolf-shaped creature that can turn liquid into stones. Spineglier is quite quick and can be a real troublemaker if you don’t deal with him. You should try to make this monster fall out of balance so it can’t progress toward attacking you.

You can even attack using Karakuri, which can aid you in stopping the Spineglider from forming the rocks. This will prevent the monster from launching a sweeping attack on you.

How To Defeat

  • You can have blunt and pummel attacks on Spineglider by using weapons like Great Maul.
  • The main attack of the beast is to make footholds through which it climbs onwards so breaking them can result in making the beast off balance.
  • Use the Pounder Karakuri to stun and give a great deal of damage
  • When the monster becomes angry, its tail grows out, and this is pretty much a weak point that can be attacked to cause damage to it
  • Use an armor that works best against water attributes


This monster in wild heart is made out of a mixture of lava and other rocks. It has molten rocks covered all over its body, and since it is formed by fire, you should use something that counters the fire element.

The best way to deal with fire is water, and a weapon that is specialized in water attacks will be the best one to use here. This monster is weak against damages caused by Slashing and piercing.

You can even use poison and sleep potions that will aid in defeating the enemy, but it will be tough to make a weapon containing these two items this early in the game. This monster uses his body made up of lava to absorb the mixed ranges of attacks- both short and long.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Hunting down Lavaback

How To Defeat 

  • Use the enemy’s foot movements to escape the attacks formed in the shape of an eruption.
  • If you use Karakuri, you can make dodge some of the Lavaback’s attacks.
  • The best indication of an upcoming attack is when the lavaback moves his hand backward, meaning that an attack is quite imminent.


This monster in Wild heart is a rooster-shaped creature that is vulnerable to fire so you should use a weapon like Torch Karakuri, which will emit fire. You should give slashing damage to this Kemono.

This monster is capable of launching lunging attacks, so you should dodge these attacks by exactly timing your movements. It can even destroy houses with its ever-loud voice.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Fighting against the Dreadclaw

How To Defeat

  • Use slash attacks more often with weapons like Katana and Nodachi.
  • Equip armor that protects you against wind attacks
  • Just look for the exact pattern and timing of the monster to learn its pattern and then use them to dodge the attacks
  • The best spot to attack the Dreadclaw is the throat, where you will give quite a lot of damage


This is a red-colored animal that is not so aggressive but if you get too close, it will get fiery with you. This monster is slow, and you can take advantage of it by using Pounder Fusion Karakuri on it.

You can also use piercing weapons on the creature and can utilize iron sand through a magnetic field.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
One of the giant kemono known as Gritdog

How To Defeat

  • Best way is to perform as many slash and lunge attacks as you can to get more damage to the opponent.
  • Use armor that can protect you against earth’s resources
  • Perform a counterattack when the Gritdog is reloading its iron sand because this is when it is most vulnerable
  • You should aim for the head, legs, or its body, but going for its tail will bear no advantage to you
  • Use Karakuri to make yourself safe from enemies’ attacks.
  • If you make the Gritdog poisoned somehow, you will have a greater chance of winning.


You will face Earthbreaker in a main story mission, and you must defeat it to advance in the game. They are the biggest and most ancient Kemono in the game. They are believed to exist as early forms of life that were composed of mountains or valleys.

As this monster is a mountain in Wild Heart, you won’t just win against it. More simply, and you have to look for the weakest spots. The best way to deal with this monster is to keep your distance and just launch attacks on those weak spots from a range.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Taking on Earthbreaker which is as deadly as it looks

How To Defeat 

  • The weakest spots look blue, and they are small cracks in the body of Earthbreaker.
  • After attacking the same spot a few times, the monster will turn, and you will get a chance to hit a new weak spot located around his head.


This is a similar copy of a rat, and its name is coined by the presence of its tail on the body. This Kemono usually lives in a group, and when you are on a hunt, you will have to deal with a bunch of them.

Sporetail uses lots of smaller mice to send a layer of attacks toward its enemies. You may get scared, but the only clever thing to do is to ignore the mice and focus on the Kemono. Their main attack is to slaw down the enemy using constant attacks.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Sporetasloweing a ruthless monster in Wild Hearts

How To Defeat 

  • Use slashing and blunt attacks on them again and again to cause slow damage.
  • You should take an armor that gives you good protection against wood characteristics.
  • The weakest point of Sporetail is the head, so take as many shots as possible on or near the head.
  • You can opt for any AoE attack, which will be beneficial when a large number of small mice at onto you.
  • One way is to deal with the mice first and then move forward, but it depends on you.

How To Defeat All Kemonos In Chapter 2 

Important: The second chapter of Wild Hearts will see a lot of new monsters who will be much bigger and much tougher than the previous ones. Players might have to adjust their strategy and use even better techniques to defeat the enemy.

This includes crafting better spells and weapons. You will also be able to use poison ailments in this chapter which will prove quite beneficial.


This will be the first Kemono that you will face in the second chapter. This enemy will use poison often, which seems deadly, so you must look out for that.

This Kemono is quite quick and can launch its deadly spinning attacks, so you must watch your back as well.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
One of the deadliest creature

How To Defeat 

  • Bring food items that will help you against poison.
  • Use weapons like Claw Blade to give piercing attacks to your opponent.
  • You can also launch lunge attacks to give immense damage
  • Players should equip armor that protects them against wind attacks
  • Aim for its head to give a great deal of damage
  • Utilize Repeater Crossbow for attacking, and do remember to stay away from the poison trial that the monster leaves behind.


This is inspired by a hedgehog, and it is rapid in movements. This monster in Wild Heart can shoot spines at a faster speed. The best way to initially dodge the spines and wait for all the spines to finish. It will take some time for Goldshard to grow them back; this point will be the best to strike back.

This Kemono’s spines are made of crystal, so the best way is to stay close by to avoid spine attacks. Players should opt for weapons that can give piercing and blunt damage to the opponent.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Goldshard is a giant Kemono

How To Defeat 

  • Use Karakuri to block the spines of the opponent but do note that you have a clear vision of the location of Goldshard.
  • Remember, if the enemy is furious, then you must strike in an instance as the spines will grow back really fast
  • Don’t just use fire, as this Kemono is fireproof


This is one of the least dangerous enemies. Though, some might face difficulty in defeating this just remember to give piercing and blunt damage throughout. This Kemono can change the ground to a freezing level as it does not have a vulnerability to a lower temperature.

Wild Hearts All Monsters

How To Defeat 

  • You should use Torch Karakuri to defeat the opponent, as it is highly prone to fire attacks
  • use plummel attacks as much as you can
  • Dodge the stump attacks of the opponents by noticing the movements of the Icetusk
  • You can also utilize Bulwark Karakuri to stop the opponent’s attacks and counter them with pummel attacks

 Cobalt Lavaback 

This is similar to the Icetusk as it also enjoys the coldest weather, and it makes the ground freeze, leaving spaces for hot springs to erupt. This becomes a trap for us, and he hides below the ground to surprise us with an attack from underneath.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Another Giant Kemono

How To Defeat 

  • Before the monster rises to the ground, you will see some movements on the ground. Look out for such movements and be ready for a counterattack.
  • The best point to launch an attack is right when it leaves the ground and appears upwards.


This monster also can put the opponents to sleep. This one uses ranged attacks as well, which can be quite deadly if you are far away from the creature. Ripclaw is not so good against fire attacks, so your main plan should be to use as many fire weapons as possible.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Another Monster in Wild Hearts

How To Defeat 

  • You should stay behind this kemono’s back and use weapons like Harpoon Karakuri
  • Deal with slashing damages more often to give off much higher damage
  • Remember that if you head near the eggs of the monster, you should know that some of them are fake and contain some gas that will doze you off to heavy sleep


This is a wolf-shaped creature that is hard in terms of opponents, and it will give you a hard time while fighting. This creature will move from place to place rapidly, and you must keep up with it.

It can jump a great distance in the hall from one end to another. Deathstalker will make walls that will aid itself in lifting and have a better view. Your best bet is to use piercing attacks while he is after you. This creature endures much higher strength as compared to others, so don’t take it lightly.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
One of the ferocious creature

How To Defeat 

  • Perform lunge attacks on it to keep it in check so the creature can advance towards you a bit slowly.
  • Equip instruments that protect you against water characteristics
  • You should use Torch Karakuri on its shoulders, which becomes much more susceptible to attack
  • Other than the shoulders, aim for its head, tail, or any other body part which is softer
  • This will be the Kemono on which poisons will work in a better way, so do use one or craft the best one
  • At some point, usually when his strength is half, the range of attacks will be much more aggressive, so just read its pattern and adapt accordingly
  • First, target the armor so that when it falls, the balance of the creature is not maintained, causing it to be in shambles

Defeating All Chapter 3 Kemonos  

Important: The third chapter will contain a new set of enemies, and though many of them will have similar attacking styles, you must require an upgrade to defeat them. However, these creatures will deal with much more higher damage, so you might have longer fights.

If, at some point, you seem to struggle, you should use your utilities in the form of food that you have been storing. This will provide you with the energy to fight the other Kemono.  


This is exactly similar to Spineglider, and you must use the same abilities along with the same strategy to win. Do note that this one will also emit poison as used before, so just be a little cautious.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Another Beast with attacking abilities

How To Defeat 

  • Just use Pounder Karakuri to defeat the enemy with ease


This is a bird that can give you some trouble while it flies and launches attacks like a spin attack or a dive attack. This bird will release huge amounts of water as soon as it finishes its attack. There is a poison meter that can be proved deadly if you keep on taking hits from the Pearlbeak again and again.

How To Defeat 

  • Use the Harpoon Karakuri to aim and kill it while the monster is still in the air
  • Give constant blunt and piercing attacks to give damage at a regular rate
  • Cover the incoming light from the sky with a regular object so you can’t be blinded
  • Do hit back as the Pearlbeak launches its attack because that’s the least expected time when you can give proper damage to the opponent

All Kemonos In Chapter 4 

Important: The fourth chapter is named “Nature Stagnant,” which will feature another set of Kemono. These are not so hard to defeat, but you should go in full preparation while equipping upgraded weapons and food in a much higher quantity.

Golden Tempest 

This is one of the scariest monsters as it can reach you from anywhere. The range of its attack is quite far and its best-known attacks include a long-ranged attack from its mouth.

The beast is enormous and together with the wind abilities, you get completely blown away by its power to kill in an instant. The better way to deal with its attacks is to dodge the upcoming attacks and just conserve your energy.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
A terrorizing Monster

How To Defeat 

  • Use Karakuri to keep the enemy away and match its attacks with your own
  • Take cover when the creature is about to use the wind to drag you towards itself and give enough damage to kill you
  • Give piercing damages to Golden Tempest after it has just carried an attack
  • Usage of frost ailment is very crucial, which will keep the creature on its toes


You will face this monster at least twice in the game. The first one will be in the main storyline, and the second encounter will be held in Akikure Canyon. The only way to defeat is pretty simple which is to keep your distance and try to launch attacks from range.

As it is like a flying dragon, you should use plumming attacks. Your aim should be to remove its parts by constantly attacking at the same weakest spots.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Amaterasu is a giant Kemono

How To Defeat

  • Learn the pattern and use it to dodge while also saving your strength for later
  • Use Harpoon Karakuri to the weakest places to give damage to a maximum
  • Make sure to use blunting and slashing weapons
  • Ensure to consume good energy from food so you can have good stamina to run and dodge
  • The best place to hit the harpoons are the wings, so it can’t fly after being hit hard enough


This monster in wild heart is quite slow, but you shouldn’t judge it by this characteristic. Defeating it is easier as there is much more time to counterattack. It uses diving attacks to cause damage to opponents, and to deal with this, and the piercing and slashing attacks will have to be summoned.

The best way is to keep close to the enemy so that diving attacks cannot be generated often.

Wild Hearts All Monsters
Another Kemono is known as Emberplume

How To Defeat

  • Use the Harpoon Karakuri to kill it while it is still in the air.
  • Dodge the flame attacks that tend to be much more dangerous when it is angry
  • You should try to destroy its tail so it cannot be able to fly


This should be a piece of cake if you have defeated Goldshard before. Just keep on upgrading your weapons and use food as much as you can. There can be a series of earthquake attacks so you have to notice the pattern and then dodge it.

How To Defeat

  • You should keep some distance from the enemy to dodge attacks
  • Stay away from the incoming spines, which tend to be dangerous
  • You can also use the Harpoon Karakuri to get a clear shot at the Onyxshard

Small Kemono 

Important: The smaller Kemono will be seen throughout the game at various locations. You can kill them to get various kinds of loot. There is an option to pet them, too, which will only be available once you get down and move closer to them.

Some of the smaller kemonos include Sagecane Deer, Ragetail Pup, Coralcoat Turtle, Whipthrash Serpent, and many others. You can get some items for modification of armor or various weapons after killing them.

Petting them will give you a different loot and killing them will get you another kind of kind. These loots may vary according to the creature but killing them isn’t part of the main storyline.


All Kemono have their weakness, and the proper way to defeat them is to get ready before the battle.

  • This includes getting supplies like food for energy, armor for protection, and weapons that can kill that specific monster.
  • Apart from that, the monsters that fly can be easily dealt with by Harpoon Karakuri by aiming for the wings or the head.
  • You should focus on the giant Kemonos and just ignore the smaller ones as they don’t have much benefit
  • You should use abilities and potions wherever possible
  • Try to upgrade as many equipment and weapons as possible to get a much better chance of winning


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