Wild Hearts: Tamakazura & Restorative Baths Quest

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Tamakazura is the owner and the proprietor of Minato’s bathhouse in Wild Hearts which is the most important place in the game. You will need to access the Minato’s bath house from time to time in order to get boosts in the game and heal yourself after extensive explorations and battles. Tamakazura also has a quest for players, which will involve restoring his bath house. The players will be able to access this quest at the end of Chapter One of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Tamakazura is one of the most important NPCs in Wild Hearts. 
  • The players will be able to find the NPC by heading toward the Village Of Minato. 
  • He is the owner of the Minato’s Baths and will assign you the most important quest to refurbish the area in the game. 
  • In order to complete the restoration of the bathhouse and complete the quest of Tamakazura, the players will have to defeat Lava Back Kemono as well as activate the Dragon Pit. 
  • Lastly, they will have to fight the Earth Breaker Kemono and head back to the baths to restore it. 
  • In order to upgrade the baths, the players can talk to Tamakazura, who will see what items are required for each upgrade. 
Important: Tamakazura is an important NPC who will assign you with a quest to restore his bath house, after which you will be able to use it to increase your maximum health.

Where To Find Tamakazura 

In order to interact with Tamakazura and get the relevant quest, you will need to head towards the village of Minato, but before the players can talk to Tamakazura, they will have to interact with Nobumitsu.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura
Tamakazura (Image Credits eXputer)

The head of the fishing Guild called, Nobumitsu Tsumori, is one of the most important NPCs in the game. You will be able to interact with him and get a lot of side quests with some of the rarest and extremely valuable rewards. You will learn that he will also allow you to access the Fingerling Head Of Fishing quest.

In this quest, the players will be able to earn a lot of rewards that will help them in their journey and exploration. Furthermore, they will also face a monster called Gritdog in this quest. 

After that, you will be able to further explore the village of Minato and find Tamakazura. He can be interacted with at the restorative baths. Tamakazura is the head of the restorative baths, and you will need to help him restore his place in order to access it. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to refurbish the area until you reach the end of the first chapter in Wild Hearts. 


You will need to complete a lot of steps in order to get the baths working in the game. You will also have to defeat an enemy called the Lava Back Kemono in the game. Next, you will have to activate the Dragon Pit, which can be found in the Spirit Aisle. Along with the Lava Back Kemono, you will also have to fight the Earth Breaker Kemono. 

After that, you will be able to return to the baths and use them to heal yourself after a long day of battle. It is important to use restorative baths as they will allow you to get a lot of life points and add to your health pool. However, you will have to upgrade the baths as well from time to time if you want to keep using them till the end. 

Tamakazura Quest 

Like many NPCS in the Wild Hearts, Tamakazura will also have a quest in store for you. Among all the vendors and upgrade systems found in the game, the most valuable system is definitely the Restorative Baths Of Minato.

Interacting With Tamakazura (Image Credits eXputer)

The reason is that it is capable of restoring your health pool to the maximum with just one use. As soon as you are able to access the Minato’s restorative baths after refurbishing it you will be able to get benefits from the most valuable non-gear upgrades you can have in Wild Hearts. Below you will see a detailed guide on the quest that Tamakazura will give you for his restorative baths and how to complete it. 

Starting The Quest 

You won’t be able to start the quest until you defeat the Ameratsu in Wild Hearts. The Ameratsu is a giant bird-like creature that has brought extreme devastation to Minato. After hunting down the enemy will be able to start the restoration of Minato in the game.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura quest
Hunting Gritdog (Image Credits eXputer)

When you first arrive in Minato, you will be able to see the destruction that the monsters have done in the town. After talking to a few NPCs, you will need to head towards an exit gate nearby. After passing through the exit gate, you will be able to talk to Mujina in the game. After talking to him and going through the shortcut scene, you will have to talk to a few more NPCS while completing some short quests.

Before you face Ameratsu it is important to have all the equipment you can get. Otherwise he will defeat you in no time. Make sure that you have the Mighty King Tusk armor on hand, as it is the most powerful early-game armor you will be able to obtain.

Not only will this armor provide you with defense and a lot of health, but also with an attack buff. In your karakuri loadout, we recommend that you have a fusion karakuri of spring and stake. Just with this particular loadout, you will be able to hunt them down pretty easily. 

Fighting The Ameratsu

Fighting Ameratsu is not an easy task, as he can deal with some highly damaging air and ground attacks. Don’t forget to use the fusion karakuri that you have curated during your battle, as it will make the combat fairly easier.

The enemy himself will be making use of the battle arena and constantly moving around. Therefore you will have to be very specific and targeted with your attacks. He will launch his feathers at you, which can cause great damage if not dodged properly. Aside from his feather attack, you will also be facing a lot of attacks from his wings and talons, as well as some deadly lunges from the monster.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura requirements
Fighting Ameratsu (Image Credits eXputer)

We do recommend using a crossbow whenever he is moving around the arena to deal a significant amount of damage to him. Soon in the second phase of the fight, he will enter Rage Mode. Now his attacks will be far deadlier and stronger. After defeating him, you will be able to move further and begin the restoration of Minato as well as the Restorative Baths Quest. 

Beginning The Restoration 

After you have successfully defeated Ameratsu, you will soon begin the restoration of Minato as well as the restorative baths quest. In order to progress further, you will have to find and fight your very first Lavaback Kemono in the game. 

But before you can fight the mighty Lava Back, you will have to hunt down the Gold Shard in the game. 

After you have fulfilled the Gold requirement set by Seren for the repairs and handed her the money, you will need to go to the baths and talk to Tamakazura. He will first ask you to hunt down a Kemono called Gold Shard in Wild Hearts.

This step is necessary if you want to begin the restoration of the bathhouse of Minato and help Tamakazura. You will be able to find the Kemono in Akikure Canyon in the game.

Fighting Gold Shard

This particular Kemono is far more deadly than the normal Kemonos you have faced in the game so far. The Kemono is pretty skilled in handling ranged attacks as well in the game. The deadliest attack that the enemy can deal on you is when it runs away and makes you think that you can come up behind him and deal damage.

But as soon as you get a little close to him, he will release all his Gold shards at you dealing maximum damage. This fake attack makes the enemy pretty hard to deal with. So before you make an attempt to deal free damage, make sure that you are away from the trajectory of his Gold shards.

A good strategy while fighting the enemy is to approach it from the sides instead of chasing him from behind. In another one of his moves, he will lie down on the ground and hit you with his Gold shards. In the middle of the battle, when he is in his rage mode, he will gain extra mobility and speed.

Furthermore, his attacks will be far more powerful and deadlier and again deal a lot of damage with just a few shots. He will also make a spin attack that can be pretty hard to dodge. We do recommend using a fusion karakuri for this battle as well. You can also utilize a shield wall in this battle to avoid the Gold shards coming at you. 

Fighting The Lava Back Kemono 

Next, you will be fighting the mighty Lava Back Kemono in Wild Hearts For Tamakazura Quest. This variant is far deadlier than the normal Lava Back Kemono that you will face early on. In order to deal with him in the best way possible, we recommend that you utilize an armor set that has fire resistance in the game.

Furthermore, a water-based weapon will allow you to deal maximum damage and counter your fire attacks effectively. You will be able to find the Lava Back in the Spirit Isle, and it is no easy task to defeat him.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura NPC location
Fighting Lava Back Kemono (Image Credits eXputer)

In comparison to the Mighty King Tusk, the mighty Lava Back is far more difficult to defeat. Unlike the slow and one-hit attacks that the king Tusk deals with, the mighty Lava Back will be constantly hitting you with multiple attacks and combos. He can be pretty hard to deal with, especially in the second phase of his fight. 

The most annoying thing about the mighty Lava Back is definitely his high speed and constant attacks coming at you. We recommend that you get the right equipment and weapons before the fight in order to counter him effectively. An armor set that has good resistance against fire can be a great option for this fight. Furthermore, your main weapon should be water-based in order to counter the fire-based attacks of the monster. 

Final Stage

 The only great thing about the enemy is that he will repeat the same set of moves in the battle. So you can expect the same combo of attacks twice in a row during battle. In one of his attacks, he will hit the ground, and the lava will pop out of the crack.

In another one of his moves, he will use a Slingshot Attack during the rage mode where he will use his arms to leap forward toward the players. He might do it twice in a row as well, so make sure to look out for this attack. We recommend using strong karakuri fusions to deal with him as well as repeater crossbows. The players can also set up hunting traps and use harpoons to counter their attacks. 

 Activating The Dragon Pit 

 In the next step of the quest, the players will be required to activate the Dragon Pit that is located in the back of Spirit Isle in order to restore the baths of Tamakazura. These dragon pits are sort of like generators for dragon karakuri in Wild Hearts. However, when activated, they will also proceed to cleanse the surrounding region in the game. You will be able to unlock a lot of materials and source items in order to make that Dragon Karakuri after activating the dragon pits.

Dragon pit
Dragon pit (Image Credits eXputer)

 Whenever you unlock a dragon pit, you will get energy toward a certain element. You can increase the capacity of a certain dragon pit by upgrading it. For this certain quest, you will need to activate the dragon pit that is found in spirit Isle. In order to find it, you will have to go to the back of the spirit aisle and open up the map located at the lower right corner of your screen. After that, you will be able to easily access the dragon pit and activate it. 


You will need some resources to activate the dragon pit, and they can range from anywhere to Crystals to Ores. These resources can be obtained from the corpses of Kemonos after you defeat them. After obtaining all these resources, you just need to head toward the dragon pit in the spirit aisle and activate it. As soon as you activate the dragon pit, you will be able to activate the dragon karakuri in the game. 

Fighting The Earth Breaker 

The last requirement for the Tamakazura quest will be to fight and defeat the Earth Breaker in Wild Hearts. 

The first major boss that you will fight in the game is the Earthbreaker. It’s more of a cinematic fight so you won’t have to worry about it as much. You will be encountering the enemy when you are setting up a camp with Natsume in Harugasumi Way. In the first phase of the attack, the earth breaker will be dealing constant damage to the players.

Fighting Earthbreaker
Fighting Earthbreaker (Image Credits eXputer)

You will be able to counter him by using a cannon and shooting the weak points. These weak points will give a blue glow, and you will be able to target your cannon towards them and launch attacks on the Earth Breaker. You will see the amount of damage you are dealing with as upon each hit you will see a few numbers pop up.

Using Vines

In this battle, you will be able to use the flying vines and incorporate them against the enemy as well. It is important to pay attention to the subtitles and instructions given to you by the game to fight him properly. 

 Keep an eye out for any indicators as well during the battle. They will tell you the best position from where to attack your enemy. Then you have to use the flying vines to go up the Earth Breaker and attack him there. At some point, he will fall down. Then you will have to go on its back and hit the weak points. 

Phase two 

In phase two of the fight, you will be directed by Natsume to have a break. You need to use the flying vines in order to get to the indicated area in the game. After that, you will have to go to Nanohana Fields and fight the Kemono. 

That a cut scene will occur, and he would have to perform the same moves as the first phase of the fight. However, instead of the cannon, you will be using your very own weapons against the enemy.

After defeating the enemy, you will fulfill the last requirement of the Restorative Baths Quest by Tamakazura in Wild Hearts. 

Speaking To Tamakazura 

 After you have defeated Earth Breaker, you need to head back and go to the Minato baths. You will find that the paths have been restored, and Tamakazura has become the new owner. He will tell you that you can use baths to restore yourself and increase your health by some percentage. 

Upgrading Baths 

The players will be able to utilize the baths in two different ways in the game. First, the players can simply go to the area and interact with tamakazura and select the Current Water option in the game. You will see your character enjoying the warm water. However, this will not make any difference to your health at all.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura
Going to the bath house (Image Credits eXputer)

In order for players to increase their health pool through baths, they will have to upgrade them. For that, you will have to speak to the Tamakazura again and see what materials are required for the upgrades. For instance, the Healing Herb bat will require you to use Lotus Swing Swallow Tail materials to be unlocked. You will be able to get those items by having a pet Lotus Wing Swallow.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura quest
Relaxing in the baths (Image Credits eXputer)

As you move up the upgrade path, the materials required for the upgrades will become harder to find. Furthermore, they will be quite rare in the game. However, when you have upgraded the path fully, you will be able to get a maximum health increase in the game. You will only be able to use the path once to increase your health. For the rest of the time, your character will just enjoy them. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our guide on Tamakazura and his quest in Wild Hearts. Don’t forget to check out our guide on The Voice Actors Cast in Wild Hearts as well as how to activate and use the hunter’s arm. We have also formulated a detailed guide on how to farm a lizard bloom in the game. While you are at it don’t forget to check out the final boss fight as well as how to unlock weapons in the game. If you are curious about the game length of Wild Hearts make sure to check out our guide on it. 

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