Civ 6: All Victory Types [Strategy & Leaders]

Learn all the different ways to get victory in Civilization 6

Like quite a few other games, your goal is to get one of the five different Victory types in Civ 6. That can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Although the names of the Victories might seem straightforward, at times, they can be a bit confusing. For instance, the Culture Victory requires you to have Tourists from other nations, and similarly, other Victory types have different requirements.

Key Takeaways
  • There are five different Victory Types in Civ 6.
  • They include Culture, Diplomacy, Domination, Religious, and Science Victory.
  • For Culture Victory, players will need to have more foreign tourists than other players’ Domestic Tourists.
  • To get the Diplomatic Victory, players will have to get 20 Diplomatic points before all other players.
  • In the Domination Victory, conquer the capitals of other civilizations.
  • Players will get the Religious Victory if their religion is predominant in more than 50% of the cities of other players.
  • Lastly, for Science Victory, the player should make sure that they launch Exoplanet Expedition and get there before everyone else.

Victory Types

There are Five Victory types in Civilization 6. Each of these is unique in its objectives. It is possible to get these victories with each civilization and its leaders. But to get the victory easily, we have listed each of the Victory types with their Strategy and Best Leaders.


If you are a new player to Civ 6, then the Culture Victory can be one of the hardest victories for you. That is because even though the game says ‘Culture’ victory, it doesn’t mean that you will win if you have the best culture. Instead, you will have to get Tourism in the game to get the victory. That means you will have to attract tourists from other countries and use them to boost your tourism.

  • To get the Culture victory, you will have to build buildings or get civic upgrades that help boost tourism.
  • Some buildings examples are wonders and Theatre Squares.
  • To win the game, you will have to get a higher amount of foreign tourists than the other players have domestically.
  • It might be a bit harder to understand right now, but as you progress through the game, you will eventually understand it.
Culture Victory.
To get Culture Victory, you need to have more Foreign Tourists than Domestic Tourists.


Beginning the game, your first goal should be to look for tiles that have a coastline.

  • Make sure that the tile is flat land so you can easily get the seaside resort on it.
  • You should have several cities and tiles as they will eventually help you get more Tourists in your Nation.
  • For that, you can go after nearby cities as they will make it relatively easier for you to get Tourists as your City numbers increase.

Later on, you’d want to keep them as you can trade with them. Not only that, as your goal is to have more foreign tourists than other players’ Domestic Tourists, your victory is dependent on them.

  • When you get in the mid-game, your goal changes a bit.
  • Here’s what you should do to get closer to the Culture Victory.
  • Now your goal will be to start developing Culture, which will eventually help you with tourism.
  • First of all, we’d recommend that you start with the Theatre Squares as they will help you with getting culture.
  • With that, the Holy Sites are the perfect option in the mid-game that will give you tons of benefits later on.

In the late game or the Modern Era, your goal should be to focus on the tiles’ appeal.

  • Because it is a late game factor, and it will help you with the extra tourists you get.
  • The higher the appeal of a tile, the more Foreign Tourists you will get.
  • Not only that, but at this point, you can get National Parks, Seaside Resorts, or Wonders (if you’ve missed any).
  • They will all help you with Tourism.
rock bands culture victory.
Rock bands improve Tourism.

Lastly, you will have to get Rock bands using Faith that you acquired from the Holy Sites. Then, use the Rock Bands to tour other players’ wonders. That will attract a hefty number of tourists.

Best Leaders

With tons of Civs and their leaders, it will become hard to choose ‘The Best’ leader in the game. To help you ease with it, we have a few of the best leaders for Culture Victory.


  • Peter has the unique district Lavra that allows him to have Artists, Musicians, and Writers.
  • All of those help in early Tourism. And in turn, it will be great for beginners.


  • The perfect Culture leader for hardened players is Teddy Roosevelt.
  • He has Film Studio and National Parks.
  • They will greatly improve your Culture output which will eventually help you get Tourists.


  • Another great leader for Culture Victory is Kupe.
  • He gets +2 Culture per turn before you build the first City.
  • That will give you the option to get early Culture which will, in turn, help you get tons of Tourism. 


Now the Diplomatic Victory is straightforward. To get the Diplomatic Victory, you only need to gain 20 Diplomatic Points. These points are attained through different means, such as Voting among all players, building Wonders, or getting other such achievements in the game.

One thing to note here is that the Diplomatic Victory will be only available in the Gathering Storm DLC. If you don’t have it, you won’t get the option for the Diplomatic Victory.


During a Diplomatic Victory, you aren’t going after other players and razing their towns and whatnot. Instead, you will have to play peacefully among all nations and be the cooperative world leader that they need.

  • Make sure that you’re not part of any conflict, or if you are in any, it isn’t caused by you.
  • If any event comes where you have to give out aid to a player struck by a natural disaster, you should donate the most.
  • That will give you two Diplomatic Points, which will help you, in turn, with the Diplomatic Victory.
Diplomatic Victory.
Diplomatic Victory is acquired by getting 20 Diplomatic Points.

Apart from that, as soon as you’re able to, you will have to build a few Wonders in your Civ.

  • Wonders will again give you Diplomatic Points.
  • The wonders of Mahabodhi Temple, Potala Palace, and Statue of Liberty each give 2, 1, and 4 Diplomatic Points, respectively.
  • They alone will give you 7 Diplomatic Points.
  • As for the rest, you can get those from the World Leader elections. There, using Diplomatic Favor, you will be able to gain or lose 2 Diplomatic Points.
  • If you manage to gain 2, you will get the Diplomatic Victory in no time.
  • Apart from that, if you research the Seasteads technology and Global Warming Mitigation Civic in the late game, you will get 1 Diplomatic Point from each of them.

If a nation is getting more Diplomatic Points than you, you can vote against their proposals. If things are getting risky, you can use your armies to permanently take care of them.

Best Leaders

If you want to do things peacefully, here are all of the best Diplomatic leaders.

Teddy Roosevelt

  • Teddy has the Founding Fathers bonus that allows you to convert Diplomatic Policy Slots to Wildcard Policy Slots.
  • Apart from that, you will get +1 Diplomatic Favor per turn.

Matthias Corvinus

  • The early aggression allows you to get your hands on a few of the enemy cities.
  • From those cities, you can get 2 Envoys that later on help you with Suzerain.


  • With Sweden, you will get +50 Diplomatic Favor for every Great Person you get.
  • You can then use those Diplomatic Favors to get the Diplomatic Victory.


One of the simplest Victory types in Civ 6 is the Domination victory. As the name suggests, you have to dominate everyone in the game to get the victory. Compared to the other victories like the Culture Victory or the Science Victory, it is straightforward. And the goal is as simple as it seems, capture the enemy Capitals.

  • Keep in mind that you only have to take their capital and nothing else.
  • Now a lot of new players assume that you have to take over all of their cities; after that, you can win by taking over the enemy capital.
  • That is not the case at all.
  • All you have to do is get to the Capital as quickly as possible, and you will get the Domination Victory on Civ 6.
Domination Victory.
Conquer other players’ Capital to get a Diplomatic Victory.


When you’re going for the Domination victory, then you will have to be aggressive from the beginning.

  • Try to declare war on the nearest civilizations as quickly as possible.
  • That will allow you to quickly gain cities as you will conquer them from your opponents.
  • If you pick up any leader that has early-game powerful units or powerful traits, then you’ll have an easy advantage there.
  • But if you have a leader with a normal early game, then you might have to wait for a few turns.

In the Mid Game, the main strategy begins when you have a technological advantage over your opponents.

  • Sometimes you have acquired the Musketeers whereas your opponents will still be stuck on Swordsmen.
  • Then you can easily attack them and get the upper hand on them. Use it to your advantage.

In the late game, you can directly go after the enemy capitals using the Sniping method.

  • That will allow you to quickly take over other players’ capitals.
  • You can easily get Domination victory using the Sniping Method.
Get domination Victroy in Civ 6.
Use late-game units to directly attack the Capital.

One last thing, you will have the option to keep the cities that you conquer or destroy them. For that, we recommend that you keep them in the early game, as they will help you with harvest and other features. But as you progress in the game, it will be up to you.

Best Leaders

There is a variety of leaders that you can choose from. But here are some of the best leaders you can have for Domination victory.


  • He has a unique early-game unit Impi that is quite beneficial for you.
  • Not only that, Shaka’s Leader Ability ‘Amabutho’ allows you to gain a +5 Combat Strength bonus, among many other benefits.

Simon Bolivar

  • With Simon, your units will get an additional movement that will allow you to find and destroy enemy capitals quickly.
  • In addition to that, he will give your units bonus stats.


  • The Janissary that you get with Suleiman can be really dangerous to your opponents and can help you in the mid-game.
  • With Suleiman, you can quickly take down cities quite easily.


The Religious Victory is pretty straightforward too. In it, the Win Condition is simple; your religion should be the dominant religion in the game. It doesn’t mean that you will have to go and make every single one in the population follow your religion. Instead, it can be pretty simple.

  • You only have to make sure that the religion of your Civilization is predominant in other players’ civilizations.
  • In other words, more than 50% of their cities have your religion as the dominant religion.
  • That will ensure that you get the Religious Victory in the game.
  • Now religion can spread passively, but if you want Religious Victory, you will have to rely on other methods of Spreading your Religion.
victory type: religious.
Make your religion the dominating religion in other Civilizations to get Religious Victory.


As we’ve already mentioned that your religion will passively spread to nearby cities. But the other city will also try to spread their religion towards you, so it won’t be beneficial in the end result as you will get nowhere.

  • You will have to rely on Apostles or Missionaries.
  • They will go into nearby cities where they will spread your religion. It is most effective if the neighboring city’s population has no religion.

To further enhance this, you can get the Theocracy government and then work on increasing your religion’s foothold.

  • If the enemies are spreading their religion into your country, you can kill their apostles or Missionaries only during war.
  • As usual, you can move your unit into the same block as the Apostle and click on the ‘Condemn Heretic’ button to kill them.

When you have enough materials, you can focus on the Wonders. There are a few Wonders in the game that will eventually help you increase your Faith.

  • Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, Hagia Sophia, and the Oracle, among many others, are good wonders for that.
  • They will increase the Faith generation, which will, in turn, make your religion in your Civilization strong.
  • Once you move on from it, you can start focusing on other nations.
oracle of religious victory.
The Oracle improves Faith and reduces Faith costs for the Patronage of Great People. 

Finally, if you have a hard time getting the Religious Victory, then there is a sort of loophole for it too. As you only need to have more than 50% of the enemy Cities with your religion as their Predominant religion, here’s what you should do.

  • Once you have a large number of enemy cities under your religion, you can then raze the cities that don’t have your religion.
  • The remaining ‘50%’ of cities will have your religion as the predominant religion.

Best Leaders

Following are some of the well-known religious leaders of History. You can use them to get your Religious victory in the game.


  • With Saladin, you will get cheaper Worship Buildings.
  • They will, in turn, help you increase Science, Faith, and Culture.
  • You won’t only be good with Religion, but with other feats too.


  • Gandhi gets +5 Faith for every nation with religion and is at peace.
  • If you have any other belief followers, you will get their bonuses too.

Dyah Gitarja

  • She will gain +2 faith if cities are near Lakes or Coasts.
  • In addition to that, she has access to naval units, which she can buy using excess Faith.


One of the best victory types in Civ 6 is the Science Victory. The goals of the Science Victory are simple and straightforward, get the best Technology before everyone else.

To begin with, you’ll have to get the Rocketry researches which will, in turn, help you get the Space Victory. Using that, you will have to launch Satellites in space and get Moon Landing. From there, it will be to get a colony on the Red Planet, Mars. That will get you the victory if you have the Vanilla game or the Rise and Fall DLC.

If you acquired the Gathering Storm DLC, then the goals change a bit.

  • Once you have the Mars Colony, you will have to launch another Expedition.
  • It will be the Exoplanet Expedition.
  • The Expedition will take 50 Light Years or 50 years of in-game time.
  • Once it is completed, you will eventually get the Science Victory.
Science Victory type.
Launch Exoplanet expedition to get Science Victory.


For the Science Victory, your goal is to ensure that you get to launch your spaceships before anyone else in the game. For that, you will have first to ensure that you have a government that supports such progress.

  • In Tier I, the Classical Republic is the best Government type.
  • For Tier II, we’d recommend the Merchant Republic, which gives you extra Gold.
  • Later on, in Tier III, Communism is a perfect choice as it has +10% science.
  • Chances are you’d get your Science Victory before Tier IV government, but if you were to go there, then the Synthetic Technocracy is the best out of all.
Science Victory governments.
Different Government types.

While going for the Science Victory, your goal should only be to increase the Production and your Science. If you focus on other stuff, it will only slow you down.

  • You can build Campus Districts near the Mountains for the +1 Science Production.
  • Not only that, look out for your houses. If there is a deficiency, you won’t get the +1 Science for each citizen in your Civilization.

Your goal should be to avoid unnecessary Wars with other Civilizations. That will only slow your progress. Instead, your goal should be to make other players your allies. It will ensure that, first of all, you won’t have that many enemies. And even if someone else attacks you, you will have enough people to support you.

Best Leaders

The Science Victory can be a lot more difficult than you’d think if you don’t have a proper Civilization with its leader. Here are some of the Best Leaders.

John Curtin

  • With John Curtin, every time you are declared war upon, you will get +100% production for 10 turns.
  • That will only help you get the Science victory earlier, considering the fact you can fight off the attackers.


  • With Saladin, you will get +10% Science, Faith, and Culture.
  • And with Arabia, you will get +1 Science for other players’ cities following your religion.


  • Every city Governor promoted will have you get +3% Culture and +3% Science.
  • In addition to that, if you have Seowon adjacent to the Mines, you will get +1 Science.

Final Words

In Civ 6, these are the different Victory types. You can use different Nations to get the victory. For that, you can get help from our Civ VI tier list. They will make the game much easier for you. While you’re at it, you can check out the Age of Empire 2 Civilization Tier list.

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