Elden Ring Night’s Cavalry Location, Rewards & Boss Fights

Elden ring is known for the amazing and diverse bosses it offers. Since Elden Ring has the system of day and night, the game has introduced some bosses that can only spawn at certain times of the day. One such boss is the Night’s Cavalry, that only spawns at the night. Even though this boss is optional, it is recommended that the players fight this boss as it drops many rewards like Ashes of war and the Night’s Cavalry armor set. Our guide below will help you find the Night’s Cavalry location.

Key Highlights
  • The Night’s Cavalry appears in tons of different locations on the Elden Ring map, these areas include:
    • Limgrave: The first encounter with the Nights Cavalry will happen in Limgrave.
    • Weeping Peninsula: The Night’s Cavalry in the Weeping Peninsula will be wielding a different weapon as compared to the one in Limgrave.
    • Northern Liurnia: The third location for the Nights Cavalry appearance is Northern Liurnia.
    • Southern Liurnia: The fourth location for the Nights Cavalry is the Southern Liurnia.
    • Caelid: The fifth location for the Nights Cavalry is the Caelid.
    • Dragonbarrow: The sixth location for the Night’s Cavalry is the Dragonbarrow. After defeating the boss you will be rewarded by the Ash Of War Bloodhounds Step and a good amount of runes.
    • Altus Plateau: The Nights Cavalry that will spawn here will be worse and more difficult to defeat than the ones before.
    • Forbidden Lands: In this location, you will fight the Nights Cavalry as well as the militiaman enemies.
    • Consecrated Snowfields: There are going to be two Nights Cavalry that is spawned in this location.
  • The Night’s Cavalry moveset includes the Lunging Sweep, Lunging Pierce, Left Hand Melee Combo, and Summon Horse.
  • The Night’s Cavalry’s weaknesses include Holy Damage, Lightning Damage, and Thrusting Physical Damage. 

Night’s Cavalry Location 

This boss appears in almost every region of Elden Ring. This includes places like Caelid, Limgrave, Consecrated Snowfield, Forbidden Lands, and many places of Liurnia. We have entailed all locations in our guide below. 


Limgrave is the first region you will enter at the beginning of Elden ring. First Night’s cavalry encounter happens on the bridge located near the Lake Agheel Sight of Lost Grace. This boss is very challenging and since it will be your first time fighting this boss, make sure that you are completely prepared for it. 

elden ring cavalry night location walkthrough
Limgrave location in Elden Ring

A good strategy to defeat these terrifying bosses is to kill their mounts first since their horses have a separate health bar. Doing this will knock them to the ground and make them vulnerable to a critical attack.  

elden ring cavalry night location walkthrough-Limgrave
Fighting the Night’s Cavalry in Limgrave


The Night’s Cavalry in Limgrave drops the ash of war repeating thrust And around 2400 runes. 

Weeping peninsula  

The Night’s cavalry in the weeping peninsula will wield a different weapon than the one you encountered in Limgrave. Make sure you fight them on your horse so you can counter their attacks in the best way possible. This weapon will deal more damage so you will have to be extra careful here. The Night’s Cavalry will spawn near Castle Morne Rampart Site of Lost Grace right next to the nomadic merchants

elden ring cavalry night guide
Weeping Peninsula location in Elden Ring
elden ring cavalry night-Weeping-Peninsula
Fighting the Night’s Cavalry in Weeping Peninsula


The Night’s Cavalry in Weeping Peninsula will drop the Ash of War Barricade Shield as well as the Nightrider Flail.

Northern Liurnia 

The Night’s Cavalry in Northern Liurnia spawns near the Bellum Church Site of Lost Grace, located in the south of Raya Lucaria Bridge. 

Northern Liurnia location in Elden Ring
cavalry night location in elden ring
The Night’s Cavalry in Northern Liurnia


The Night’s Cavalry in Northern Liurnia drops Nightrider Glaive and the Giant Hunt Ash Of War. 

Southern Liurnia  

One good way to knock Night’s Cavalry down their horses to make them vulnerable is to parry them. This strategy is very useful to defeat the Night’s Cavalry here, as the boss now would be even more difficult to defeat. This boss spawns near the Gate Town Bridge in the Southern Liurnia 

elden ring cavalry night location
Southern Liurnia map location
elden ring cavalry night location walkthrough
Night’s Cavalry in Southern Liurnia


This Night’s Cavalry will drop the Ash of War Ice Spear. 


You can find this Night’s Cavalry near the Caelid map’s Highway Site of Grace. 

elden ring cavalry night caelid
Caelid map location
elden ring cavalry night location walkthrough caelid
Night’s Cavalry in Caelid


The Night’s Cavalry in Caelid will drop the Poison Moth Flight Ash Of War.


The Night’s Cavalry here will spawn on the bridge right next to Lenne’s Rise

Dragonbarrow location
Dragonbarrow location on the map
elden ring cavalry night boss
Night’s cavalry in Dragonbarrow


On defeating the Night’s Cavalry, it will drop the Ash Of War Bloodhound’s Step and many runes 

Altus Plateu 

The Night’s Cavalry that will spawn here will be much worse and the battle will get only harder. This boss will spawn near the Altus Highway Junction Site Of Grace. 

night's cavalry location
Altus Plateu location on the map
 night's cavalry location walkthrough in elden ring
Night’s Cavalry in Altus Plateu


The Night’s Cavalry here will drop the Shared Order Ash of War. 

Forbidden Lands 

The terrain of this region will make the battle here even more difficult for you. Besides the Night’s Cavalry, you will also have to face the dreaded militiamen enemies here. The Night’s Cavalry here will spawn on the main path of the Forbidden Lands. 

elden ring night's cavalry location walkthrough
Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring
elden ring night's cavalry location walkthrough-Forbidden-Lands
Night’s Cavalry in Forbidden Lands


The Night’s Cavalry here will drop Phantom Slash Ash of War. 

Consecrated Snowfields  

The hardest Night’s Cavalry will spawn here and it will not be the only threat as there would be a lot of other enemies you will have to face as well. There is two Night’s Cavalry that will spawn here that you will have to fight here. These bosses spawn in a caravan near the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. 

Consecrated Snowfield
Consecrated Snowfield location on the map
Night’s Cavalry in Consecrated Snowfield


These bosses will drop Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone that allows you to fully upgrade a weapon as well as Night’s Cavalry Armor Set.  

Below are some tips on how to beat Night’s Cavalry in Elden Ring. 

Strategies To Beat Night’s Cavalry Field Boss

Due to their fast-moving ability, these bosses can cover a lot of ground quickly. The Night’s Cavalry also becomes a lot harder to defeat over time. The boss duo you will have to face in the end will be the hardest one so observe the enemy’s moveset to predict its movements. 

Players cannot summon spirits in the battle against the Night’s Cavalry but they can summon another player near the closest Site of Lost Grace. This will divert the boss and make it easier for you to take him down. 

Spellcasters And Ranged Attack Strategies 

If you’re a spellcaster or a ranged player, this boss will give you a very hard time since this boss can easily dodge your ranged weapon attacks. The Sorcerers should remember some of the best spells, especially, melee spells like the Carian Greatsword so that you can easily deal damage on Night’s Cavalry in packed terrain.  

Other than sorcery, players can use some of the best incantations dealing Holy Damage to finish off the boss. If you are a Bow user then you should go for a Shortbow that fires way more arrows as compared to the other ones so that you can land more shots on this enemy.  

Melee Users Strategies 

For melee build players, punishing the Night’s Cavalry is fairly easy as they can parry all their attacks. Instead of fighting the boss on foot, ride on Torrent while fighting the boss. Use Barricade Shield to nullify the damage from Night’s Cavalry while you block its attacks.  

Try to stay on the enemy’s left side to dodge its attacks more easily. You can counter most of this boss’s attacks by using a lightly charged heavy attack. Use some of the best weapons in your arsenal, to kill the horse of Night’s Cavalry. This will help you land more critical hits on the boss thus defeating him quickly. Make sure that you dodge the boss’s leap attacks. They might not be very easy to dodge, but you will have the perfect opportunity to deal some damage to the boss while dodging. Hopefully using these strategies you can beat the Night’s Cavalry that spawns in every location in Elden Ring. 

Night’s Cavalry moveset  

The Night’s Cavalry bosses use the same moveset. The best way to fight them is on Torrent as they move around a lot and you might not be able to keep up with them on foot. The Spellcasters and ranged players might have to resort to cheesing here because of this enemy’s tough moveset. Melee weapons and melee ranged spells will help you a lot here. 

Following are this enemy’s moveset 

The Lunging Sweep 

The Night’s Cavalry will attack the player while swinging its blade horizontally. This doesn’t cause much damage and this attack can be easily dodged. 

The Lunging Pierce 

The Night’s Cavalry will leap in the air and thrust its weapon at the player when they land. This will cause medium damage and it can be dodged easily. 

The Left Hand Melee Combo  

The Night’s Cavalry will do a combo of two or three swings using its left hand. This will also cause Medium damage and can be avoided easily. 

The Summon Horse 

The Night’s Cavalry when knocked down is vulnerable for some time. The boss will need some time to summon his horse and mount it. You can deal heavy damage to the boss by attacking him at this moment. 

Night’s Cavalry Weaknesses  

There are three main weaknesses of Night’s Cavalry  

  • Holy Damage 
  • Lightning Damage  
  • Thrusting Physical Damage  

The horse and the Night’s Cavalry have separate health bars. If you manage to destroy the boss’s mount, the boss will be knocked down. At this moment, the Night’s Cavalry will be vulnerable and you can deal a critical attack on the boss. 

This wraps ups our Elden Ring Night’s Cavalry Location and boss strategy guide. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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