Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax Location Walkthrough

We have put together a step-by-step guide on Elden Ring's Lichdragon Fortissax boss Location. Finding it is tough as it is a hidden boss.

Elden Ring offers its players a diverse range of grim bosses to fight, which is expected from a game made by the creators behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The Lich Dragon Fortissax is one of the most anticipated bosses in Elden Ring, which is for a good reason since Dragon incantations are powerful spells that can aid you along the way. Some of the best incantations, especially the dragon ones, can be unlocked after offering the Dragon Hearts at the Church of Dragon Communion and the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. This legendary Dragon requires a quest to be unlocked and can be quite difficult to find, so we have put together a step-by-step guide on the location of Lichdragon Fortissax in Elden Ring.

Key Highlights

  • Lichdragon Fortissax is an optional boss in Elden Ring located in Deeproot Depths.
  • It can be fought after progressing halfway through Ranni’s questline until the player gets the Cursemark of Death and give it to Fia
  • At the end of Fia’s quest line, the players get summoned into the Deathbed Dream, where they can fight Lichdragon Fortissax.
  • The moveset of Lichdragon Fortissax consists of lightning bolts, lightning waves, claw attacks, flying attacks, and more. Talismans and armor set that negate lightning damage are recommended against it.
  • The boss fight is mandatory for Fia’s questline for triggering the Age of Duskborn ending.

The Lichdragon Fortissax boss is optional, but if you are looking for Trophy or Achievement hunting, this boss is very important. Furthermore, you can only unlock the “Age of Duskborn” ending and Fia’s quest by defeating this boss. So defeating this legendary type of boss is very crucial.

This giant dragon with massive wings and powerful lightning attacks will devastate you. You can use some of the best Ashes of War, weapons, and spells to help you dominate the boss fight. While you’re at it, why not read our Elden Ring Bosses Tier List and see which are the most challenging bosses in the game.

Fortissax guards the corpse of Godwyn, a very dear friend to him. This hidden boss also drops Remembrance that will help you create boss weapons, so it is important to locate and defeat the Lichdragon Fortissax for unique weapons/gear. Moreover, read our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List and learn about the high DPS weapons in the game. 

Lichdragon Fortissax Location in Elden Ring

To locate the Lichdragon Fortissax, you will have to locate its dungeon, which lies in the Deeproot Depths. However, it won’t spawn unless you have completed the quest for Fia. And in order to find his dungeon, you will also have to talk to Ranni. In short, you will have to complete two quests for the Lichdragon Fortissax to spawn.

In order to complete Fia’s questline, you will be needing a key item called the Cursemark Of Death. For that, you will have to complete NPC Ranni’s questline. This step-by-step guide below will help you in finding the Lichdragon Fortissax’s location in Elden Ring. Also, read our Elden Ring Item Tier List and learn the most and least used items in the game. 

Completing Prince Of Death Quest

prince of death quest
Fighting the Black Knife Assassin

In the underground of Stormveil Castle, you will find a bizarre face. Check for the bloodstain. Talk to Sorcerer Rogier in the Church, and bring him to the Roundtable Hold. Discuss the corpse with him. Then proceed to talk to the Deathbed Companion, Fia. Also, Elden Ring Church of Inhibition location guide if you’ve not yet reached this important place in the game.

Discussing the secrets with her will grant you the Black knife Clue. Now travel to the Black Knife Catacomb. This lies directly in the North of Carian Study Hall. This Hall is situated in Liurnia of the Lakes. To reach the upper hallway us the guillotine traps. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Carian Greatsword Location guide.

Now look for the illusory wall. There is a hidden boss just like the Lichdragon Fortissax here called the Black Knife Assassin. This step must be done to get to the location of Lichdragon Fortissax in Elden Ring.

Defeating the Lichdragon Fortissax will give you Assassins Cerulean Dagger Talisman and the Black knife Print Hand over this key item, the Black Knife Print to Sorcerer Rogier. Now talk to Fia, and she will give you the Weathered Dagger key item. But she won’t give you any clue as to who you need to return this item to. You will have to give this dagger to D, Hunter of the Dead, in the Roundtable Hold. Now Fia will leave the Roundtable hold.

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Finding the Deeproot Depths

Lichdragon Fortissax location in elden ring
Arriving at the Site of Grace in Deeproot Depths

You can find the Deeproot Depths in NNokrn Eternal City. To get to Nokron, defeat Starscourge Radahn at the Redmane Castle located in Caelid. This would create a massive crater in the South Of Mistwood that would lead you to Nokron. Also, if you’ve not been able to defeat this boss, then read our Elden Ring Radahn cheese method guide. 

Entering the cave in Nokron, Eternal City will lead you to the Valiant Gargoyles Boss. This cave is located in the Ancestral Woods. Defeat the boss and use the coffin on the ledge. By doing so, you will find yourself in the Deeproot Depths. This region lies directly underneath Leyndell, the Royal Capitol. Traveling through the Deeproot Depths will lead you to the Prince of Death’s Throne area.

Disappearing from the Roundtable Hold, Fia will reappear at the Prince of Death’s throne area. To talk to her, defeat Fia’s champions. Select the option “Talk in Secret”. Now we would have to give Fia the Cursemark of Death, and this is where Ranni’s questline comes into play. This questline is important if you want to get to the location of Lichdragon Fortissax in Elden Ring.

Completing Ranni’s Quest

Lichdragon boss location in Elden Ring
Meeting Ranni The Witch at Ranni’s Rise

Remember when we gave the Black Knife print to Sorcerer Rogier? If you talk to him again, he will promise to study it and send you to meet the NOC Ranni. You will find her at the end of Caria Manor, located in the north of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Her quest requires you to give her a key item.

Before you head out to find the treasure, aka the key item, don’t forget to talk to Iji and Seluvis. Now head over to Nokron, Eternal City again. When you enter the city, make your way down the roofs of the buildings on your right side. The horizontal building on your left will help you get to the other side. Go inside the building on your left side and dropdown. Moving forward past the door will lead you to the Site of Grace.

Go to the building up ahead on the right side and walk down the stairs. Run to the path on your right till you reach the statue. Turn left here and run straight down. Near the end of this path, turn left again and go into the bushes. You will spot a path behind the hills. Drop down from this path on the ledge, and you will find yourself in the Night’s Sacred Ground.

Inside the main building, climb the stairs, and you will find the treasure underneath the giant corpse throne, the Fingerslayer Blade. Return to Ranni and give her this key item. In return, she will give you a Carian Inverted statue.

elden ring lichdragon fortissax location
Receiving The Inverted Carian Statue from Ranni

Completing Fia’s Quest to Find Lichdragon Fortissax

lichdragon fortissax boss guide
The Cursemark of Death

Now make your way to the Carian Study Hall and place this statue on the Table of Lost Grace.
Now go up the stairs and jump onto the ledge and run along the ledge of the building, dropping down on the chandelier. Drop down on the circular elevator and go down using it. Moving ahead past the gate, you will see another Site of Grace. Rest here and restore your energy if you want.

Run straight down and go inside the tower in front of you. Use the lift to go up and climb the stairs to get to the roof. In the middle of the roof, you will see the Cursemark of Death, as shown in the image above.

At the Prince Of Death’s throne, give this Cursemark of Death to Fia. You will have to talk to her three times after handing her the Cursemark of Death, leaving and returning each time. In the third and final revisit, you will see an option “ Enter the Deathbed Dream”. This is how you will enter the Lichdragon Fortissax’s location in Elden Ring.

elden ring fortissax location and walkthrough
Entering the Deathbed Dream to fight Lichdragon Fortissax

Defeating Lichdragon Fortissax In Elden Ring

lichdragon fortissax tutorial
Fighting the Legendary. Lichdragon Fortissax

Like every other enemy you will face, the Lichdragon Fortissax has a repetitive moveset. So it won’t be very difficult to defeat him. This legendary boss uses lighting attacks as well as its hind legs and wings to attack you. And like all dragons, it breathes fire to attack its foes too.

Lichdragon Fortissax dragon uses its lightning in numerous ways, firing a lightning bolt in your way, emitting four electric waves that you should be prepared to dodge as they give you significant damage. Make sure you choose the best Melee weapons to fight him.

The worst attack that you should keep an eye out for is its aerial attack. The Lichdragon Fortissax flies high up and darts itself straight towards you. This attack is very hard to dodge because of its high speed. Once you see the Lichdragon Fortissax flying up in the air, be prepared to dodge him.

Besides observing his moveset, another strategy is to keep track of what animation is followed after various attacks because, unlike other bosses, the Lichdragon is quite slow. To deal damage on the Lichdragon Fortissax, attack its legs and tail. Weapons like Moonlight Greatsword can help you a lot in this battle as they take out significant health with each hit. You can also summon Spirit Ashes to help you in this fight.

Equipping some of the best Talismans that would increase resistance against lighting are also a good option. During the second phase of the fight, it is recommended that you use the Dragon Blight Coating on your weapon to help defeat the Lichdragon faster.

defeating lichdragon in elden ring
Gaining the Lichdragon Fortissax Remembrance and Trophy

Defeat the boss and gain the Remembrance that will help you build boss weapons using the Finger Reader. Do not forget to check Fia and gain the Mending Rune of the Prince of Death. This Rune of Restoration can restore the shattered Elden Ring when wielded by The Elden Lord.

We hope this guide will help you find the Lichdragon Fortissax’s location in Elden Ring. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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