Overwatch 2 Tier List: Best & Worst Heroes [Season 2]

Read along to see how your favourite Overwatch 2 characters rank in our Season 2 Tier List.

We’ve put up an Overwatch 2 Tier List of the top characters you can play after spending some time with all the heroes and experiencing them firsthand. The competitive spirit that had us all pinned to the screens has been maintained from the original game, as with all excellent sequels.

There are three main classes of characters: Attack (DPS), who are the offensively aggressive kind. Supports who assist the team in general areas like health boosts. Last but not least come Tanks, who take the pressure off the other members.

Key Takeaways
  • Overwatch 2 features 36 characters and 3 playable classes: Tank, Support, Damage.
  • Each class offers unique active and passive abilities that shape a particular playstyle in the game.
  • Not all classes or characters within perform equally, so learning the best and underperformer characters makes all the difference in combat.
  • Ranking all Overwatch 2 characters should help players pick the top-tier ones, as they have a good learning curve and are easier to master than low-tier ones.
  • Some of the top-tier picks include Soldier-76, Winston, Doomfist, and Kirko. Whereas, the worst picks include Roadhog, Symmetra, and Bastion.

The game is incredibly dense with mythology, history, and substance, which makes it simple to become overloaded. Fortunately, the game’s free-to-play debut presents a fantastic introduction for new players.

Overwatch 2 Tier List Table 
DPSSoldier: 76, Genji, SprintTracer, Sombra, WidowmakerSojourn, Pharah, Mei, Hanzo, Echo, Cassidy, Reaper, AsheSymmetra, Torbjörn, Junkrat, Bastion
TankWinston, Doomfist, RammatraReinhardt, D.VA, Junker QueenWrecking Ball, Zarya, Sigma Orisa, Roadhog 
SupportAna, Lúcio, KirikoMercy, Brigitte, ZenyattaMoira, Baptiste


S-Tier Overwatch 2

In the present Overwatch 2 game meta, characters from the S-Tier are quite powerful. If a good player knows how to use any of these characters, they can win games by themselves.


Doomfist [image captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
DoomfistTank 450 (role queue), 300 (other modes)Hand cannonSeismic slam, power block, rocket punch, The best defenseMeteor strike

Doomfist was shown to have significantly bulked up and such that he now counts as a tank instead of a damage hero, which was one of the strangest developments leading up to Overwatch 2.

He has unexpectedly grown astonishingly resilient to harm thanks to a substantial health boost and a brand-new damage-reducing Power Block ability. Additionally, he is incredibly powerful at interrupting and displacing the other squad, thanks to the air-gaining Seismic Slam and Rocket Punch skills.

His skills have a rigorous flow that must be mastered to be used effectively. Making him a little tougher to master than Hammond, but players who can benefit from his better-skilled ceiling will hardly have their efforts go in vain.


Winston [Images captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
Winstontank350( role queue, 200 (other modes), 200 armorTesla cannonBarrier projector, Jump packPrimal rage

Winston jumps his way directly here to the top of the Tier List’s ladder after years of meandering around the lower tiers of professional Overwatch. He has never felt more adaptable as a tank choice with one of the finest shields remaining in the game and the addition of new ranged fire to his Tesla Cannon.

Being present everywhere at all times has always been the ape’s plan of attack. Due to increased mobility and the loss of one tank as cover. Team compositions are now more dispersed. Winston’s task is to simultaneously harass the opposing backline, bubble his team’s frontline, and fend off anyone aiming at his team’s backline.


Genji Damage Character
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
GenjiDPS200ShurikenSwift strike, Deflect, Cyber agility (passive ability)Dragon blade

A rise in Genji‘s viability is a blatant sign that Overwatch 2’s gameplay would be more shooter-oriented. Ignoring the MOBA-like features from Overwatch.

Genji serves as a logical protective measure with the ability to block bullets and fend off Soldier’s ultimate since hits can damage and the projectiles are once more powering eliminations. Especially alongside Soldier: 76 at the S-Tier of the OW2 Season 2 tier list.

He can charge the ultimate quickly since there are fewer shields in the path. And teams must devote a lot of resources to keep him from running amok with the Dragonblade ultimate because stun skills are no longer available in the game.

He has excellent mobility because of Swift Strike and his ability to scale walls, which makes him ideal for pursuing lesser targets, applying pressure to snipers, and dodging Doomfist.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 [Image Captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Soldier: 76DPS 200Heavy pulse rifleHelix rockets, Sprint, Biotic fieldTactical Visor

Soldier: 76 is currently by far the most dependable damage hero. A character that seemed to barely ever advance above mid-tier despite significant buffs is now in a situation where Blizzard has already needed to adjust him once. It appears that it will need to do so again.

He is capable of making use of Overwatch 2’s absence of shields and provides extremely accurate and persistent pressure to any opposition team trying to hold an objective thanks to the zero fire recoil on the Pulse Rifle.

Teams will have to spend a lot of time and money hunting him down before they win any battle because of his capacity to rush to high spots and remain there while maintaining a self-sustaining Biotic Field. That’s a significant victory for a character who is also among the game’s easiest to play technically.


Lucio in Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 Lucio (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Lúcio:-support200, Sonic amplifierSoundwave, Crossfade, Amp it up, Wall rideSound barrier

Lucio has the greatest support hero win percentage across almost all competitive tiers in the original Overwatch, largely since he never dies and accomplishes a ton for his team.

Even though he deals reasonable damage, can hold off opponents on his own, and has one of the best damage-reduction abilities in the game with his ultimate, most teams still don’t take him.

Lucio‘s Crossfade ability’s speed increase gives him his real power. In Overwatch, mobility is such a crucial resource because it accomplishes everything from reducing incoming damage to providing improved team positioning—important variables that determine who wins a team fight.

Lucio quickly gets back whatever usefulness he may have lost due to the new game’s teams playing more dispersedly and making it tougher to boost together. As a result, he no longer truly has to turn off his speed boost when traveling between teammates.


Biotic rifle
Ana Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Anasupport200Biotic rifleSleep dart, Biotic grenadeNano boost

Playing Ana this time around is a little more difficult because of the pandemonium of 5v5. Teams won’t play as closely together any longer, making it impossible to make a big move with only one carefully placed Biotic Grenade.

Players that play Ana will need to be much more careful with how they utilize the grenades and the Sleep Darts since they might need to use them to avoid a Genji infiltrating the support line. Highly mobile targets will seek attention from everyone on the map.

But only Lucio can match her in terms of team utility. Her Nano Boost is essential for achieving the most out of powerful ultimates like Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor or Genji’s Dragonblade, which do a lot of damage.

Her ability to send Charging Doomfist and put a Raging Winston to sleep is also essential as a counterplay to the supremacy of these tanks. Even though she will rapidly wear out whoever is playing her, she just accomplishes too much to take the chance of not getting her on your squad.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
RamattraTank450(role queue), 300 (other modes), 225 armor(nemesis mode)Void accelerator, Pummel(nemesis form)Void barrier, nemesis form, Block(nemesis form), Ravenous VortexAnnihilation

Rammatra is fairly new to Overwatch 2 as he was added in December 2022. It is a tradition for Overwatch to buff their newly released heroes in order for players to pick them. Thus Ramattra is easily in the S tier as a placeholder because of his strength and resilience.

As a tank character, Rammatra is at the forefront of the battles vs other players and he is built perfectly for that. He has a range of forms and a lot of options for players. He can be on the field in his Omnic form, and place his barrier shield as secondary fire while doing primary fire from his Omnic form, in this way he can be both defensive and offensive.

Rammatra’s ultimate has a very wide area of effect which can harm and do massive damage to multiple enemies. Finally, you can use his ability “Ravenous Vortex” alongside his nemesis form in order to have a massive DPS advantage on the field against enemies as this will turn you into a slamming and jamming kind of mode.


A-Tier Overwatch 2

Moving on in our Overwatch 2 Tier List – we land at A Tier. We recommend that you make sure to choose the A-Tier Characters early in the game because they are also quite powerful and effective on both the attack and defense.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
D.Vatank150 (pilot), 350 (mech, role queue), 200 (mech, other modes, 300 (mech) armorFusion cannons, light gun Defense matrix (mech), Boosters (mech), Micro Missiles (mech), Eject (passive ability)Self destruct (mech), Call mech (pilot)

D.Va has undergone very few significant revisions or modifications for Overwatch 2 since she looks to benefit greatly from a new damage-focused 5v5 format.

Her mech’s Rocket Boosters always have made her an expert at pursuing down heroes that do mobile damage, and the minor boosts to the health and main fire accuracy guarantee that she will continue to be successful in this endeavor.

However, Doomfist, who also possesses a backline-targeting movement kit and a skill that consumes receiving damage for his team, is now giving her some competition in that area without having to deal with the significant disadvantage of a bulky robot-sized hitbox. She’s still a good choice, but given what she has to give, she doesn’t perform much better than a skilled Doomfist.


Reinhardt Tank Character [Image Captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
ReinhardtTank 325 (role queue), 175 (other modes), 300 armorRocket hammerBarrier field, charge, fire strikeEarthshatter

You need not worry if you were concerned that Reinhardt‘s core tank abilities might diminish in Overwatch 2. Reinhardt’s prowess as a hero choice has never just rested on his possession of the biggest, sturdiest shield.

Rather, it also stems from the way he clears the field, presses the enemy, and inflicts consistent damage on them both at a distance with his Fire Strikes and up close with his large hammer.

Higher-ranked players won’t have any trouble transitioning to Reinhardt’s more aggressive playstyle in Overwatch 2, which relies primarily on the hammer than on the shield.

Given the rise in damage and reduction in backup shields, lower-ranked players that heavily rely just on shields to protect them will probably find the hero to be much more punishing to play; in that case, you might choose to switch to Winston for his large shield.


Sombra playstyle
The best playstyle includes flanking and taking out supports (Image credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
SombraDPS200Machine pistolHack, stealth, Translocator, OpportunistEMP

Sombra‘s playstyle saw a lot of substantial modifications as crowd control skills became less prevalent in Overwatch 2. When her squad commits to diving someone, she used to either help remove shields to start team fights or hack targets to render opponents defenseless.

Her hack no longer disables a target’s abilities for more than a second, and her EMP no longer relies on team-wiping to deliver a blast of damage and intelligence. To encourage Sombra to seek out victories rather than delegate all the effort, she also gives extra damage to each of her hacked targets.

As a consequence, Sombra now plays in a new way, yet it still fits nicely with Overwatch 2’s aesthetic. She needs a bit less team collaboration to benefit, which is a good thing because it gives her more leeway to select plays that will win games.


Tracer [Image Captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
TracerDPS150Twin pistolsBlink, recallPulse bomb

Since mobility has always been the mascot hero of Overwatch, shouldn’t there be some sort of Tracer meta in the more mobile Overwatch 2? Actually, not quite. The hero had a significant damage decrease on the Pulse Pistols between six to five HP per round as a result of the absence of shields and Tracer’s ability to quickly deplete the health of tanks.

Until you consider damage falloff, that doesn’t seem so awful. Since no Tracer is operating at a point-blank distance and surviving, the damage of the bullet is substantially lower. When it concerns tanks, this isn’t too awful because there is only one to worry about, and Tracer is still pretty adept at being a thorn in their side.

It makes her very vulnerable to other damaged heroes and even some support heroes like Zenyatta, who can typically withstand a round of fire from her before quickly eliminating her.

As a result, Tracers will need to exercise greater restraint while employing the Recall ability and rely more than ever on cover to avoid being shot at. Fortunately, a well-paced Tracer remains a serious threat, especially against tanks or backlines, so never write her off.


Infrasight guide overwatch
Using Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight Ability
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
WidowmakerDPS175Widow’s kissGrappling hook, Venom MineInfra-sight

Shields were the only thing that had ever prevented Widowmaker from dominating the damage hero market in Overwatch. However, even if Overwatch 2 does not have shields, the age of the headshots may not yet have fully arrived.

The most recent problem is with map design, sometimes known as the secondary shield tank in video game design. Enabling potential targets to hide from Widowmaker’s merciless stare by keeping their heads down and out of sight.

The result is that Widowmaker will become an immediate problem if there is adequate breathing room and will require continual attention to keep her from gnawing away at the numbers.

Just be prepared for the possibility that she turns there and does little as a result of your team’s newest shield hero, “stray road sign.


Rocket Flail
Brigitte Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
BrigitteSupport150, 50 armorRocket flailRepair pack, Whip shot, Barrier shield, Shield back, Inspire (passive ability) Rally

Brigitte, the master of the stunlock and metagame-breaker, is no longer with us. By eliminating practically all crowd control, including Brigitte’s Shield Bash stun, Overwatch 2 puts a stop to her tyranny.

Without that, Genji can once again go around the defensive line, Tracer can shoot from the sidelines, and occasionally even Sigma may utilize his ultimate, which truly demonstrates the damage one move can make to a meta.

But being deposed does not imply passing away. Brigitte can deter heroes from approaching the defensive line with a strategically placed smash and flail, even though she may not have access to the same utility as Lucio and Ana.

The cooldowns were lowered so that her team would have more time to heal, thanks to her rally ability, which is useful for joining team fights. On more combative Control maps, like Busan, you could think about replacing Ana with her to check whether the queen is still alive.


Ressurection of mercy in overwatch 2.
Resurrecting a bot in Training Area.
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
Mercy Support 200Caduceus staff (weapon 1), Caduceus blaster (weapon 2) Guardian angel, Resurrect, Sympathetic recovery (passive ability), Angelic Descent (passive ability)Valkyrie

Mercy deserves praise for how easily she can add value to her squad, even if hard-hitting, skill-dependent supporting heroes like Lucio or Ana may be favored.

In the follow-up update, Mercy finally acquired a fully established way of using her fan-dubbed “Super Jump” ability when Blizzard published an update giving Zenyatta the powerful Snap Kick. Now, all players may execute the heightened jump of the hero with ease, as well as trigger it without finishing Mercy’s Guardian Angel’s dive.

Mercy now has an almost instantaneous escape from danger, which keeps her in the battle longer and makes it easier for her to perform challenging aerial revives.

Due to her limited damage-dealing choices, she could still seem rather constrained. Her increased movement choices let her keep up with more mobility damage heroes while still staying out of harm’s path and boosting damage consistently.


Zenyatta [image captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
ZenyattaSupport50, 150 shieldsOrb of Destruction Orb of harmony, Orb of discord, Snap kick (passive ability)Transcendence

With the addition of his powerful Snap Kick ability in a patch, Zenyatta seems to be astonishingly viable in Overwatch 2 and ranks in the A-Tier of our Tier List.

The protagonist has always been a proficient damage dealer, and the healing orbs excel in flanking or dive configurations because they let the damage heroes on his team gain healing even while approaching from an awkward angle.

Zenyatta seems to be most vulnerable in those particular combinations, though, as a Genji could simply slink up on him and farm him for a Dragonblade charge.

It’s harder now since Snap Kick can kick any hero within Zenyatta’s perfect shooting range if they approach too closely. In terms of a team’s utility and production, he isn’t superior to Ana or Lucio, but he is a perfect stand-in if the adversary isn’t using Doomfist.

Junker Queen

NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
Junker QueenTank450 (role queue), 300 (other modes)ScattergunJagged blade, Commanding shout, Carnage, Adrenaline rushRampage

When Junker Queen first appeared in Overwatch 2, she was quite powerful. However, even with various nerfs and launch day adjustments, she is still a serious match competitor. She can travel about the map much more than a lot of the other people in her class because of the shotgun and her mobility as a tank.

She can cause a lot of damage thanks to her potent abilities and other weapons like the axe and her jagged blade, making her a very threatening hero at this point in the game.



The B-Tier characters are a bit ordinary, but in terms of the current game meta, these heroes are still rather strong. But don’t count on winning every game in which you participate.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
OrisaTank275 (role queue), 125 (other modes), 275 armorAugmented fusion driverEnergy javelin, Fortify, Javelin spin Terra surge

Orisa enters the Overwatch 2 Tier List with a significant overhaul. Trading in her crowd control and shield abilities for a stronger skill-oriented javelin-based moveset that makes the tank hero a far more aggressive damage dealer.

The issue is that the majority of her moveset is only effective while fighting heroes that have neatly clustered themselves together, which isn’t the Overwatch 2 gameplay that most gamers have seen so far.

Tank players could still favor Reinhardt’s kit over Orisa’s in certain situations since, at close range, Orisa might feel a bit vulnerable without her barrier, making her heavily reliant on locations where teams must combat a small objective.


Overwatch 2 Sigma
Accretion (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
SigmaTank350 (role queue), 200 (other modes, 200 shieldsRivet Gun (weapon 1), Forge hammer (weapon 2)Hyperspheres, Experimental barrier, Kinetic grasp, AccretionGraphics flux

Sigma has always served as an all-rounder, offering a small amount of crowd control, a small amount of ranged damage, and a small amount of protection.

His versatility in dealing with and responding to most difficulties has been his greatest asset, making him a perfect backup tank selection to support whichever more specialized tank’s talents fit your strategy the best.

He can do a little bit of everything well, but when you’re the only tank in your team, it simply doesn’t look as nice as just a tank that is capable of either one or two things very well.

You should only play him on a handful of maps where the team could get caught taking a side, such as Route 66 or Nambani, because the loss of 2CP maps with the plethora of tight chokepoints reduces the poke usefulness of his Hyperspheres. You could still be safer playing Reinhardt or Doomfist, even in that case.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball [Image credit: eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
Wrecking ballTank450 (role queue), 150 (other modes, 100 armorQuad cannonsGrappling claw, Roll, adaptive shield, piledriverMinefield

There just isn’t a viable explanation for Wrecking Ball’s relative underperformance in Overwatch 2. At this point in the game, he seems like a great replacement for Doomfist because he can quickly pick up items across a large area, change team combinations, and claim territory with his mines and boops.

In addition, the absence of stuns, as well as crowd control, means that our favorite rodents won’t be stopped as often. Despite all the sense Wrecking Ball’s playstyle makes, he’s simply not quite there yet and seems very frail.

Due to his ability to effortlessly avoid and recover from any damage that is shot back at him, Soldier: 76 appears to be the main culprit behind Wrecking Ball’s poor performance. If you are highly comfortable playing the tank, you might still benefit from playing Wrecking Ball; otherwise, we strongly advise Doomfist over him.


Weapon and Abilities for Zarya in Overwatch 2
Weapons and Abilities of Zarya (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
ZaryaTank250 (role queue), 100 (other modes), 225 shieldsParticle cannonParticle barrier, projected barrier, energy (passive ability)Gravitation surge

Another hero who ought to be doing far better in Overwatch 2 is Zarya. With fewer shields available, Zarya’s bubbles never have looked more tempting; they can now bubble two teammates at once rather than just one, and they can defend heroes all across the map throughout major plays.

Things should be as pink as the color of her hair since her beam had always provided a strong contrast to Genji. Zarya struggles to stay shielded when defending the goal due to the game’s focus on heroes with ranged damage.

Her bubbles can keep herself and her teammates in the battle for a lot longer, but given that she is now entirely out of effective damage range, the cooldown on recovering charges seems excessive.


The Viper gun overwatch guide and strategy
The Viper normal rate of of fire(right) and ADS rate of fire(left) (Image credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
AsheDPS200 The viperDynamite, Coach gunB.O.B

Ashe has a significant pick edge in Overwatch because of her dynamite’s capacity to deliver damage through shields. It’s difficult to defend a two-step explosion into a dispersed opposing squad while Soldier: 76’s Helix Rockets accomplish the job in one when shields aren’t in the way this time.

She may still be useful on maps where players compete closer together by capturing many opponents in a single shot. Additionally, B.O.B. performs a respectable job of applying pressure to the target on Control maps, particularly since that Sombra can no longer hack him for any appreciable period.


Cassidy overwatch 2 new look
Cassidy as he appears in the game (Image credits: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
CassidyDPS 225PeacekeeperCombat roll, magnetic grenadeDeadeye

In one-on-one matches versus other damage heroes, Cassidy‘s newest grenade ability can give him the upper hand. While his equipment is lacking in comparison to Soldier: 76, Ashe, or even Tracer. Additionally, he has trouble getting the most out of the Dead Eye ultimate due to inconsistent team configurations.

However, he has a strong damage output, particularly against tanks. He’s a fantastic Tracer counter if you feel Sombra or Genji is too difficult to play. Just keep in mind that while you’re being pursued by a Doomfist, things won’t go well.


Echo [Image Captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
EchoDPS200Tri-shotSticky bombs, flight, focusing beam, GlideDuplicate

Echo will find it difficult to deliver damage without the regular monitoring of one of your team’s supports because there are so many potent ranged heroes who are playable in Overwatch 2. She also has trouble with maps with an open design, such as large portions of Midtown.

Nevertheless, she excels on difficult terrain maps like Circuit Royal, and it is impossible to overstate her capacity to melt Winston bubbles. She is a situational stand-in character, but if you’re able to play with her, she is a powerful one.


Hanzo in overwatch 2
Hanzo Ultimate Ability (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
HanzoDPS 200Storm BowSonic arrow, Storm arrows, Lunge, wall climb (passive ability)Dragon strike

The viability of Soldier: 76 has always been negatively correlated to the viability of Hanzo as a hero. On maps like Havana and New Queen Street, where he can use vertical cover to escape tanks and take cunning angles, he can still be a fun character to play with.


Mei [Image credit: eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
MeiDPS250Endothermic blasterCryo freeze, Ice wallBlizzard

Mei’s playstyle in Overwatch 2 underwent an intriguing change as she transitioned from being a highly distinctive and inconsistent crowd-control hero to something close to a short burst damage hero like Reaper.

She is incredibly situational, similar to Reaper, and is best employed to discourage Reinhardt and Winston from destroying your backline. She still possesses Ice Walls, unlike Reaper,


Barrage in game.
Barrage is great for taking out grouped enemies in mere seconds. (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
PharahDPS200Rocket launcherJump jet, concussive blast, HoverJets (passive ability)Barrage

As always, Pharah‘s viability greatly hinges on how well you can portray the role. You need to have faith in your abilities to escape the gunfire and take down targets since she needs a Mercy to provide her finest appearance. That type of resource drain demands a tremendous return on investment.

Maintain a low profile down when Widowmaker is nearby, or Soldier’s Tactical Visor lights up since you’ll almost always be the first victim to fall. She appears much more appealing on maps with a lot of high covers. Like Colosseo and Oasis, she will be highly successful at driving Tracer and Soldier: 76 into the open.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
ReaperDPS250Hellfire shotgunsWraith form, Shadow step, The reaping (passive ability)Death Blossom

Reaper may look pretty fantastic in Overwatch 2 on levels with more difficult topography, like Circuit Royal. He continues to be a viable option in some scenarios because of his capacity to teleport into the backline of an opposing team and quickly kill them and provide pressure, especially on maps with sharp corners.

He is a sitting target the majority of the time. Reaper may be compelled out of cover and into the line of fire of ranged weapons.


Sojourn [Image Captured by eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
SojournDPS200Railgun, Railgun alt fire Power side, disruptor shot, Overclock

Sojourn, the newest hero in Overwatch, makes a mediocre debut in the game. However, the Overwatch League issue of a new hero being too poor to make their premiere in their game demonstration raises additional questions regarding Blizzard’s management of Overwatch 2.

Sojourn has already received two significant rounds of buffs, yet she is still having trouble getting selected over Soldier: 76.

Since Sojourn’s mobility, one of her biggest assets, appears to be at odds with the accuracy of her alternative fire. Mastering her playstyle will require you to consistently execute aerial trick shots, just like expert Widowmaker players do.


Baptiste Role [image credit: eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
BaptiseSupport200Biotic launcher, Biotic launcher alt fireRegenerative burst, Immortality field, EXO bootsAmplification

Baptiste‘s Immortality Field will always be his most powerful ability as long as it is there in his moveset. Thus whether you should choose him as a Support pick hinges on how well map you are playing bunches your squad up enough to benefit from the anti-death frisbee.

On more constrained maps, Baptiste excels with the Amplification Matrix and Regenerative Burst. Allowing his squad to equally distribute healing while still channeling all of their bullets into a tunnel.


Biotic Grasp
Moira Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
MoiraSupport200Biotic GraspBiotic orb, FadeCoalescence

While also needing relatively little of the player, Moira keeps adding a significant amount of value to her squad. The biotic orbs continue to make her effective as a damage dealer and a healer. The lack of stuns will maintain her ultimate feeling as devastating as she starts the next team fights.

However, the more dispersed team configurations in Overwatch 2 will make it tougher for her to heal each hero in a single strike.



The C-Tier Overwatch 2 Characters are below standard in terms of use and skills. Even so, you may still enjoy yourself and succeed in matches with them. But if you want to go up the elo ladder, stick with the heroes who are listed higher on our Overwatch 2 Tier List.


Roadhog [Image credit: eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
RoadhogTank700 (role queue), 550 (other modes)Scrap gunTake a breather, Chain hookWhole hog

Roadhog is the last tank to be chosen in our Tier List. And despite a recent boost to the Whole Hog ultimate, he still feels underutilized in comparison to the other tanks. Although it can be satisfying to hook a  Soldier: 76 or a Tracer and afterward punish them.

Roadhog rests completely open to damage from across all directions without covering from another tank. It’s far too likely that he will be focused down in the middle of the hook animation before he is even able to deliver the killing blow.


DPS/Tank Hybrid unit
Bastion’s Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
BastionDPS 200, 100 armorConfiguration: recon, Configuration: assaultReconfigure, a-36 tactical grenadeConfiguration: artillery

Bastion‘s best part is that he’s undergone a complete revamp and is now a much less passive character. The ultimate is a lot of fun and havoc. It’s essentially a mashup of Junkrat‘s RIP-Tire and Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. He can now inflict heavy damage without needing to stay stationary the whole fight.

However, the bad news is that he is still simply a huge old target that damages players and can easily utterly overwhelm them at close range while chipping away from a distance.

Without his Repair ability, he can maintain himself like heavier heroes like Reaper and Roadhog. His increased mobility, whenever in turret form, has little effect on deterring being attacked.


Junkrat [Image credit: eXputer]
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
JunkratDPS200Frag launcherConcussion mine, Steel trap, total mayhemRIP-tire

Although very situational, it’s not fully accurate to suggest that a Junkrat selection in Overwatch 2 is a poor one. Many of the new maps include hidden spaces where Junkrat may safely launch his frags without sticking his head too far out.

He’s also very skilled in close-quarters combat, so he’s not the worst choice as a counter against flank-heavy teams. However, any open exposure to Soldier: 76’s Pulse Rifle results in the death of a Junkrat, and any effort to exit the area using a mine only sets Junkrat like a paper target.


the ultimate attack
Molten Core Ability In The Game (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
TorbjörnDPS 200, 50 armorRivet Gun (weapon 1), Forge hammer (weapon 2)Deploy turret, Overload, Molten core

Torbjörn isn’t necessarily having the best time in the meta at the moment because of his large hitbox. He is easily hit from a distance, and he lacks mobility, which prevents him from participating in any backline flank moves and his overall weakness in 1v1 matches.

Torb’s turrets will still consistently do damage to an unskilled Genji in lower-tier match-ups. But as you climb the ladder, Soldier: 76 can easily destroy it with a few bullets and a rocket.

The only remaining damage options are Torb’s projectiles which are not the most consistent in the gameplay. And the Molten Core ultimate, which may be effective on select Control maps but is unlikely to be very effective on any other mode.

The current meta makes it tough to justify his use as a situational choice. It is impossible to see a time when a kit like Torbjörn’s might find favor in an Overwatch game that was fewer MOBA-inspired. The Swedish mechanic appears to be in line for yet another redesign, according to all indications.


overwatch 2 symmetra
Symmetra In The Game (Image Credit: eXputer)
NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
SymmetraDPS 100, 150 shieldsPhoton projectorSentry turret, teleporterPhoton barrier

Symmetra‘s extreme supremacy over Ilios Lighthouse in this last tier comes with a little warning. It would be unjust to suggest Symmetra doesn’t belong in the game as she currently is given the metagame of who can build up Symmetra’s turrets since it appears to have a place.

One map’s worth of data does not. However, a successful meta-hero makes. In a game controlled by heroes who do mobile damage, Symmetra’s moveset makes her incredibly vulnerable and ineffectual. She simply no longer has the choice to utilize her main fire beam, which depends on destroying shields to develop power.

Her second fire was never particularly potent. It was solely used to provide pressure on enemy teams’ shielding bunkers, which are no longer a consideration in Overwatch 2, and hurt her ranking in the tier list even while her turrets are effective on small maps. Soldier: 76 can simply take them from the sky before they can even take up the position.

Her teleporter may facilitate plays involving extremely well-coordinated teams. Although at the cost of making a damage-dealing hero incapable of efficiently pressing the front or backline. Not to add that teams can now simply sprint through it unopposed, which renders her ultimate, a huge shield that separates half the battlefield, essentially worthless.

Changes Due To Recent Updates

Last Updated: March 7th, 2023.

Patch notes are added to stay in touch with the changes made to a game because of a new update. Following are patch notes that are relevant to the Heroes of Overwatch 2.

  • Orisa went through a change in their ability “terra surge”. Previously, it could not be interrupted by the hero “Sombra’s” hack ability, but it can now be interrupted by Sombra’s Hack.
  • Ramattra received a change related to their ultimate ability, in Annihilation when in nemesis form. Now, when players use annihilation in the nemesis form of Rammatra, it refreshes their bonus armor.
  • Roadhog went through multiple changes, related to their chain hook. The first one is related to the chain hook cooldown timer, which started when the ability started, and now starts when the ability ends.
    • The second is related to the chain hook’s overall cooldown, which was 8 seconds and is now 6 seconds.
  • Wrecking Ball received multiple changes in both their kit and otherwise. The first few changes are, there is an option for “relative aim sensitivity while rolling”, which is a hero-specific change. Another related change that is specific to this hero is “relative gyro sensitivity while rolling” (this one only applies to Nintendo Switch).
  • Zarya went through a change where the shared cooldown for particle barrier and the projected barrier was reduced from 11 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Ashe received a change related to their ability “B.O.B”. This ability now prioritizes shooting enemies which were already damaged by Ashe’s rifle.
  • Hanzo underwent a change in their ability “Lanzo”. The countdown of this ability has decreased from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Mei received a change related to their ability “blizzard”. The blizzard ultimate cast time has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds. Further, the cost of the ultimate is reduced by 5%.
  • Pharah went through a change in the recent update related to their “jump jet” ability. The movement of the jump jet will now be influenced by directional inputs. The cost of their ultimate was reduced by 5% as well.
  • Sojourn obtained a change related to the torso of the hero. The torso hit volume width has been increased by 20%.
  • Baptiste attained a change related to their immortality field. The minimum health threshold for the immortality field was increased from 10% to 25%.


That’s all of the characters’ current ranking in our Overwatch 2 Tier List. It may be time to change your primary character if you notice a hero moving up the OW2 Season 2 Tier list. You could also try to earn some of their goodies in the current season’s battle pass. Please post any further queries you may have in the comments section below regarding Overwatch 2.

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