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Elden Ring is not an easy game, just like its predecessors Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Boss fights can be an absolute blood bath if you can’t figure out their attack patterns or have enough damage. Therefore, many players use talismans and items to boost their damage. One of the best talismans for this purpose is the Shard of Alexander. It is a talisman that increases attack power for all your skills. 

Key Highlights
  • You can obtain the Shard of Alexander talisman by completing Iron Fist Alexander’s questline.
  • The Shard of Alexander talisman boosts the attack power of all skills by 15%.
  • Alexander does not respawn if you kill him at any point, making it impossible to complete the quest line.
  • However, killing him gives you the Warrior Jar talisman, a weaker version of the Shard of Alexander.
  • You interact with Alexander at ten locations, some of which are optional for the quest line, such as summoning him before a boss fight.

Shard of Alexander Location In Elden Ring

As mentioned before, the Shard of Alexander is a talisman item that boosts the attack power of all your skills. Unlike many other things in the game, the Shard of Alexander is not obtained by defeating any boss or clearing a specific area. To get this item, you must complete the quest of the warrior jar Alexander or Iron Fist Alexander. On the subject of bosses, consider reading our Elden Ring Bosses Tier List.

Although the quest is long, compared to the rest of the game, this quest is relatively easy and friendly for the players. The quest involves a series of dialogues that happen at different map locations once you meet Alexander. In the following paragraphs, we shall give you an ordered list of all the places you need to speak to Alexander to get this item.

Before we begin, a word of advice to the hasty players. Once you meet alexander at the first location, you mustn’t kill him. Since he will not respawn, you shall have to complete the game without ever getting your hands on the Shard.

Killing the pot warrior will only give you an inferior version of the item, which will not increase your skill damage as much as the Shard itself. Now that we have this out of the way, let us begin the quest for the Shard of Alexander.

Near Saintsbridge

Shard of Alexander location 1
Saintsbridge location of the Alexander quest.

Like the above image, every location has a screenshot of the map where you will find Alexander. Use it as a reference to get to the respective area and begin the dialogue.

Once you get to this location, you will find Alexander stuck in a giant hole in the ground. As you start the dialogue, he shall ask you to help him get out of the hole. It would be best to accept this offer. After taking this offer, you have to hit him from behind using your weapon to free him from the hole.

After you help him, there will be a few more dialogues to cover before proceeding to the following location.

Rear Gael Tunnel (optional)

Shard of Alexander Location 2
Shard of Alexander Gael Tunnel location.

When the dialogue at the first location ends, Alexander reveals that he is heading eastwards to the southern edge of the map to Redmane Castle. So even if you miss him during the early game, he shall surely be at the Redmane Castle, and you may talk to him right before you are about to fight General Radahn. If you can’t beat this boss easily, then read our Elden Ring Radahn Cheese Method guide.

As for this location, you will find Alexander behind a doorway right behind the Site of Grace inside the tunnel.

Redmane Castel (Before The Boss Fight)

Shard of Alexander location 3
Alexander’s Location before Radahn boss fight.

Once you have initiated the dialogue with Alexander in the previous locations, you will see him again when you are about to fight General Radahn. Travel to the area in the above image. You will see Alexander in the Chamber outside the Plaza, where all the NPCs are getting ready for the festival.

Go ahead and speak to him there.

Redmane Castle (After The Boss Fight)

Shard of Alexander Location 4
Alexander’s Location after the Radahn boss fight.

Now moving on to the next Shard of Alexander Location in Elden Ring, right after you defeat General Radahn, Alexander will be in the same area. He was one of the summonses you can use during the boss fight.

Head near the coast to the southern edge of the battlefield. Alexander will be near the Site of Grace on the area’s south side. Here is an image of the site and its map location.

Make sure to interact with Alexander until he starts repeating dialogues. Repeated dialogue is a good way of ensuring that the NPC has said everything they wanted to say.

Oil Pots From River Siofra Merchant

Before moving on to the next location, you need an item to further progress in Alexander’s questline. The purpose will become evident once we get to it. For now, travel to River Siofra Bank and meet the merchant there.

From the merchant, buy Nomadic warrior’s Cookbook 17 and craft a few oil pots before heading to the next location. The Melted Mushrooms required to craft the oil pots can be found in the same area near the Siofra River. 

Hole Near Artist’s Shack

Alexander's Location 5
Second hole location for Alexander.

Warning: Do not hit Alexandre without the oil pots, or else he will die.

Funnily enough, the next time you meet Alexander, he shall again be stuck in a Hole near the Artist’s shack, as seen in the image above. Although this time, you cannot help him by simply hitting him from the back. Start the dialogue and agree to help him out again.

Begin by throwing the oil pots at Alexander to ease his release. After throwing oil pots at him, hit him from the back, and he will pop out of the hole he is stuck in. Finish the remainder of the dialogue once you free him, and then move on to the next location.

Fort Laiedd

Getting to Fort Laiedd requires some in-game progress. This fort is quite literally on the western edge of the map. To get to this location, you must take the Grand Lift of Dectus. Taking the lift requires the Dectus Medallion; once you have the medallion take the Grand Lift of Dectus. After exiting the ride, start heading north up until the Site of Grace in the image below. Also, read our Elden Ring Dectus Medallion guide if you don’t know where to go and collect both halves of it. 

First part of location 6 Shard of Alexander
The first site of Grace location for Fort Laiedd.

From this site, follow the nearby valley to where it leads you. Once you exit the valley, you will be at the following location with another Site of Grace.

location6 Part 2 for Sahrd of Alexander
Second Site of Grace to get near fort Laiedd.

From here, rush through the encampment and head south to the lava area. You will have to fight a boss (Magma Wyrm) right before you can enter the lava. So be on the lookout for that. After you defeat the Magma Wyrm, head into the lava pit. You will find Alexander bathing inside the cavity, speaking from a distance.

Speak to him, and he will give you a hint about his next and final location.

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Fire Giant Boss Fight (Optional)

Alexander can be summoned during the Fire Giant boss fight. The seventh task is optional, but you will find Alexander’s golden summon right after taking the chain bridge to exit the cave if you want to follow through with this. Alexander’s summon will be right next to the fog wall door.

Near the Dragon Temple Altar

This is the last Shard of Alexander Location in Elden ring. Before we start talking about getting to the Dragon Temple Altar, you must have two Stonesword Keys on you If you want to get to Alexander. After you acquire the keys, let’s discuss how you can get to the Dragon Temple Altar. 

The Dragon Temple is on the extreme right side of the map, and there is a trick to reach it.

Forge Of The Giants

Shard of Alexander Forge of Giants
shard of Alexander For of Giants Site of Grace location

To get to the dragon area in the clouds, go to the location in the below image. Visit the site Of grace in the picture. There will be Melina at the site. Use the talk option, which will teleport you to the Dragon area.

Dragon Temple Altar

dragon Temple Altar Location
Location for the Site of Grace at the Dragon Temple Altar.

Once you are in the Dragon area, go to the Site of Grace at the Dragon Temple Altar in the image below. Make your way through the enemies by either fighting them or just dashing through but be careful since they do deal a large amount of damage.

Fog Wall

From here, you need to parkour your way to a fog wall located on the temple’s upper floor. You will need the two Stonesword keys to pass through when you get to the fog wall. There is a sight of grace right after you pass through the fog wall. The location of this site is in the image below.

Dragon Tempple Lift Location
Location for the Site of Grace after the fog wall.

Use this as a reference to get to the fog wall from the Dragon Temple Altar.

Once you pass the fog wall, move forward towards the floating structures while sticking to the left. When you reach the top of the floating structures, you will see Alexander waiting for you.

Fight A True Warrior

Once you meet Alexander at the final location, he will challenge you to a duel in a true warrior’s fashion. Accept the duel. At this point in the game, this will be an easy win. Alexander will pass away once you win the fight while saying his last words.

After this happens, you will now have completed Alexander’s quest, and now you will get the following rewards:

  • Warrior Jar Shards
  • Shard of Alexander
  • Alexanders Innards

This completes our guide on Elden Ring Shard of Alexander Location. However, before we wrap up this discussion, let’s look at the details of the rewards of Alexander’s quests.

Shard of Alexander Talisman

The Shard of Alexander talisman increases your character’s skills attack power. Our thorough analysis shows that the power-up is precisely 15% of the original damage—the Shard of Alexander buffs your damage by 15% for all skills.

Remember that this item has linear scaling, which means that precisely fifteen percent of your actual damage will be added to your new total. This item serves as a linear scaler rather than a multiplier.

Warrior Jar Shard

The Warrior Jar Shard is the inferior version of the original Shard of Alexander. This is the item you will get if you kill Alexander initially.

Alexander’s Innards

This item is essential for the jar Bairn questline added in patch 1.03 of the game.

This was all you need to know about the Shard of Alexander Location in Elden Ring. Did you follow through with Alexanders’ quest? What do you think about the item? Let us know in the comments below.

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