Elden Ring: How to Revive NPCs

Accidentally killed an NPC or got greedy in Elden Ring? Well, this guide tells you how to revive NPCs in Elden Ring.

If you’ve played Elden Ring, then it’s pretty obvious that you’ve got into a fight with an NPC here and there, be it due to morbid curiosity or just for the sake of stirring up trouble. Personally, we wouldn’t recommend that you kill any NPC because it could affect their questlines. This could prevent you from completing specific quests that you need to progress the story, preventing you from acquiring some well-needed experience and loot. So what if you’ve accidentally killed an NPC or looted their gear? Well, we’ve got a solution for this as there’s a method on how to revive NPCs in Elden Ring, which is the focus of today’s guide! Let’s get into it!

Key Highlights
  • While playing Elden Ring, you will come up interacting with a lot of NPCs, what if you accidentally kill an NPC? Killing an NPC can stop you from progressing your story as they can be part of a questline. Don’t Worry, there is a way to revive NPCs which we have discussed
  • Just like other titles from the same developer, you have the free will to kill any NPC. All NPCs don’t forgive you or can be resurrected, however you can try this method as a last resort to make up for your evil deeds.
  • The game presents you with an option to seek forgiveness from the NPCs, this same method can be used to bring them back from the dead. Most NPCs can be revived this way, unless they were killed as a part of the story.
  • To seek absolution, you need to equip the celestial dew, then travel to the church of vows. Use the celestial dew at the statue of Lady Rennala
  • To purchase the celestial dew, you need to buy it from the nomadic merchant located at Ainsel river, it isn’t cheap and can cost you 7500 runes.

Reviving NPCs In Elden Ring

Revive NPCS In Elden Ring
Statue at the Church of Vows

Much like previous FromSoftware titles, you can engage in battles against NPCs, giving you freedom of action in the Lands Between. Whether you’ve intentionally sought to assassinate an NPC or accidentally pressed the attack button mid-conversation, you might have a chance to patch things again with the NPC.

But beware, not every NPC will forgive your actions or be resurrected, and it varies from character to character. But if you’re desperate and in dire need of the NPC’s help, you could try out the following method as a last resort to make up for your evil deeds.

Elden Ring presents you with the option to seek forgiveness from NPCs, resulting in them becoming friendly or neutral with you once again. You can also bring them back from the dead this way. But there are exceptions, as some NPCs will stay dead no matter how many times you ask for absolution. Still, this method normally works with most NPCs that you encounter in the game unless it has something to do with the decisions you’ve made as you’ve progressed through the storyline of the game.

Seeking Absolution To Revive NPCs

Revive NPCS In Elden Ring
A user next to a statue in the Church of Vows

Now, how do you go about seeking Absolution and reviving NPCs in Elden Ring? You have to embark on a journey through the Lands Between and reach what is known as the Church of Vows. But you also need some other things on hand as well, such as the Celestial Dew. The Celestial Dew is supposed to be used at the Statue of Lady Rennala, and then you need to request Absolution. You go through the entire procedure and hopefully patch things up with the NPC that’s cranky at you. But first, you need to know how to get to the Church of Vows in the first place.

Reaching Church of Vows

The Church of Vows
Location of the Church of Vows

There are a few ways to get to the Church of Vows, but normally, people stumble upon it by using the teleporter, which is located in the Raya Lucaria Academy. You can also head on over to the Church of Vows by heading Northwest from the Artists Shack, which is located in North Lirunia.

But in this guide, we’ll go with the more convenient option of using the teleporter. When you’re done slaying the Red Wolf of Radagon located in the Raya Lucaria Legacy Dungeon, you’ll be granted access to the Debate Hall, which is located in the Site of Grace. When you’ve made your way into the debate hall, head outside and look right to see a large spiral staircase.

Jump onto the pillars that connect the stairs to the plot of land that you’re on and make your way up these steps. It’s a bit tricky as you need to watch out for boulders rolling down the stairs. You can time your way up the stairs as the boulders roll periodically. Although they’ll kind of catch you off guard at first, you’ll get used to them as they’re pretty easy to avoid.

Finally, you’ve made it to the top of the stairs; now what? You’ll be greeted by two exits inside of the room: one heads north, and the other points east. Make your way into the exit located on the right, and there, you’ll find the teleporter located on a balcony. Interact with the teleporter, and you’ll be transported to the Church of Vows in a jiffy.

As a reminder, there’s no returning portal to head back to the Academy, so you’ll have to use the fast travel option to make your way back to the Debate Hall at the Site of Grace to proceed with the Legacy Dungeon.
As you’re loitering about the Church of Vows, you could talk to the giant tortoise pasture, Miriel, to get an idea of the location. When you’re done with that, you’re pretty much ready to request absolution, that is if you meet the requirements.

Essential Items For Absolution

Celestial Dew
A statue in the Church of Vows and a vial of Celestial Dew.

The requirements are a bit tedious, but it’s worth it if you want to revive an NPC or appease other NPCs that you’ve angered. You have to start off by getting the Celestial Dew and the next requirement, of course, is to anger or kill an NPC to request Absolution. Otherwise, you’ll get a message stating that you don’t require Absolution if you try to attain Absolution.

If you’ve gone about committing war crimes willy nilly in the lands between, you also get the option to Atone for your sins which will absolve you of all the sins you’ve committed throughout your blood-thirsty run. This will make NPCs that were angry at you friendly once again unless it has something to do with the storyline progression. In that case, you’re out of luck here.

In addition, some NPCs will be resurrected. But there’s no clue as to which NPC will come back to life or not, as that is still a mystery. Frankly, nobody’s figured out how that works and what exempts NPCs from being revived or not. Most shopkeepers and important NPCs will come back to life, but we don’t know about the rest. But all in all, you’re pretty much set to revive NPCs in Elden Ring.

Acquiring Celestial Dew To Revive NPCs

Well, let’s get to the last part and requirement. How on earth do you get Celestial Dew? Well, you can purchase it from the Nomadic Merchant located at Ainsel River. But, it doesn’t come cheap as you need to cough up around 7,500 Runes. 

If that’s a bit much for you, then you can head over to Caria Manor and talk to Pidia, the Caria Servant, and he’ll be a bit more generous with the price, offering the Dew for 5,000 runes.

If you don’t have any Runes to spare, you can explore the Lands Between to find some wild Celestial Dew. You can find some at the Uhl Palace Ruins. Look for a ledge with a hanging corpse. You might think it’s for design, but you can loot the corpse and find Celestial Dew off of it.

The next place is Nokron in the Eternal City. You have to traverse to the depths of the ruins and make your way to the bottom. There, you’ll find a corpse located in the corner of the room. Loot the corpse to acquire the Celestial Dew.

To collect more Celestial Dew to atone for your never-ending list of sins, head on over to the Night’s Sacred Ground. You need to travel up a long road, and there, you’ll come across a body on the side of the road. There, you’ll come across a vial of celestial Dew located on the corpse.

You can find one more vial of Celestial Dew in the Eternal City. Make your way to Nokstella. There, as you’re exploring, you’ll come across a corpse under some ruins. Search the body and loot the last of the Celestial Dew in the Lands Between.

And that’s pretty much it for our guide on How to find Celestial Dew and Revive NPCs in Elden Ring. Celestial Dew is a pretty limited resource in Elden Ring, and there’s a limited number of times you can revive and absolve your sins and reunite with former friends. Don’t spend it all in one place, and with that said, follow Exputer for more reviews and guides if you’re a keen Elden Ring Fan!

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