Warzone 2 RPK: Loadout, Unlock & Tips

The RPK Loadouts focus on increasing its overall performance in the game.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has different Guns for you to try out. One such is the RPK LMG which is one of the deadliest LMGs in the game. There are tons of Loadout of RPK that are called the Best in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. But, the Best loadout for RPK in COD Warzone 2.0 is quite interesting as it will make the LMG even more deadly than it already is.

Key Notes

  • The RPK has good Damage, Fire Rate, and Recoil.
  • RPK has different loadouts that further enhance the gun’s performance in COD Warzone 2.0.
  • Mobility is a great issue of the gun, so we suggest pairing it with a low-mobility gun, preferably a Pistol or SMG.
  • It is unlocked by Unlocking and Leveling up the Kastov 762.
  • You’ll have to level it up to get all of the great attachments for the gun.

Best RPK Loadouts

With the tons of attachments available for the RPK, you have multiple opportunities for the loadout. But with these different attachments, it becomes harder to know which one is the best out of these. One attachment might slightly increase the accuracy while taking away a huge chunk of range.

So instead of you having to test out every feature of the gun, we have prepared the Best Loadout of RPK found in COD Warzone 2.0. We can assure you that with our loadout, you’ll feel the true power of the RPK LMG.

First RPK Loadout

Our first loadout focuses on increasing the Recoil Control. While doing so, we had to give away a fair chunk of Mobility and Handling. That makes the gun less viable in close-range combat. But worry not, we have paired it with a good Secondary weapon that will make the RPK Loadout even more viable for all sorts of battles.

First loadout of RPK used in COD warzone 2.0
The current loadout focuses on enhancing recoil control. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]


You’ll note that the attachments focus on increasing the Recoil Control and Accuracy of the RPK LMG. It is a great loadout that you can use on your RPK making it a beast in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. So, here are all the attachments that we used in the loadout.


If you use the RPK in the Firing Range, you’ll note that the gun is quite wobbly. It moves a lot, and if you’re targeting enemies that are at a distance, then RPK won’t hit them properly as you’ll have a hard time keeping the aim stable. It is a sort of problem with the gun. To counter that, we decided to go with the TY-LR8 muzzle. 

Now the TY-LR8 is designed to expel gasses in a manner that controls the horizontal recoil of the gun. So it decreases the Horizontal Recoil Control. But, there is a sight tax on the Muzzle. As it increases the weight of the un, it slightly reduces the Aim Down Sight speed and Aiming Stability of the gun.


For the optics, we have some good choices that come with the RPK. We have different magnification optics and scopes in the attachments, but we need to pick one that will be quite comfortable to use. For that, we decided to go with the Schlager 3.4x. It is a good scope that makes using the RPK interesting.

But we’re not done with the Schlager 3.4x yet. We have to tune it to ensure that we can get the maximum out of it. For that, we suggest that you just tune the toggle on the left side. It has Flinch Resistance and Aim Down Sight Speed on the opposite ends. We want to increase the Aim Down Sight so we can maximize the Scope usage to our liking. Move it all the way down and you’ll get a 3.0oz weight reduction. It will improve the ADS speed.

Rear Grip

The Rear Grip that goes best with the Loadout is the Demo-X2 Grip. It is a pistol’s grip, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work great with an LMG. The grip is a ‘smooth and reliable’ grip with strong recoil control. When used, it will improve the Recoil Control by a bit. But it comes at the tax of the Aiming Stability of the RPK. That is something that can significantly affect the performance of the gun.

That is why we need to head toward the Rear Grip Tuning. There, you’ll have two different toggle options. We’ll utilize those to get the best of the gun. We’ll use the first toggle to enhance the Recoil Steadiness. Whereas on the other toggle, switch towards the Aim Idle Steadiness. That way, we’ll way better steadiness of the gun.


As there are no good options in the game that increase the RPK’s Bullet Velocity. Yes, there are a bunch of Barrels, but when we tested them out, the bullet Velocity they gave was little to nothing noticeable. So we decided to get an ammunition attachment that will help us with that. For that, we have the 7.62 High Velocity which improves the Bullet Velocity. With that, it significantly improves the accuracy of the gun.

In the Ammunition Tuning section, we get two options. We can tune for Damage Range Recoil Smoothness or Recoil Steadiness or Bullet Velocity. We’ll go for the Recoil Steadiness to get better recoil at longer ranges and to ensure that we’re able to hit our opponents quite easily.


Now the Recoil has much more stabilized. But it is still not enough. Why? Because RPK is an LMG, they tend to move a lot when you’re firing tons of bullets at once. So, to further improve the recoil of the gun, we need a good Underbarrel. There is no better option than the VX Pineapple Underbarrel.

With It, you’ll be improving the Hip Fire Accuracy and Hip Fire Recoil Control. So you don’t always have to rely on ADS to ensure that you hit the target. Not only that, you’ll get a better and improved Recoil Steadiness and Aim Walking Steadiness. But there are a few Cons of the VC Pineapple. It slightly affects Mobility by reducing the Hip Walking speed and Aim Down Sight speed.

Secondary Weapon

Now the RPK is great when it comes to mid-to-long-range battles. But that isn’t enough to fight against enemy operators that get too close to you in the battle. That is because the RPK lacks a lot of Mobility. Now the Handling on the gun is good, but it isn’t as good as we’d expect for it to take care of a whole squad at close range. That is why we need a reliable secondary weapon. The Secondary weapon should go well with our RPK Loadout that we’re going to use in COD Warzone 2.0. 

There are tons of choices whether you want to go with an SMG like the Lachmann Sub or with a Pistol like the X13 Auto. No doubt these are some of the best guns in the game. But we wanted to do something different from these. That is why we have decided to head towards the Shotguns section of the guns and looked for the Best Shotgun with loadout.

From the shotguns, we have decided to go with the Bryson 890. It is a great Shotgun that has good Damage, Recoil Control, Mobility, and Handling. It lacks in Fire Rate and Range though, so we’ll have to keep that in mind for our loadout. Anyways, let’s get into its Attachments.

Bryson 890 in the game.
Bryson 890 goes perfectly with our first loadout of RPK. [Image Captured by eXputer]


  • Muzzle: Xten Modified Choke
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Barrel: 18: Demo Firewall
  • Stock: Stockless Pistol Grip
  • Guard: Demo X50 Tactical Pump

The Muzzle for the Bryson 890, Xten Modified Choke narrows down the Pallet Spread. Doing so, it improves the damage range, and if the opponent gets farther away, you can still hit them without having to change to RPK. It will increase the accuracy of the shot. Now the Laser attachment, the VLK LZR 7MW is there to recover some ADS speed that we’ll lose with the attachments. It increases the Aiming Stability and more importantly, the Sprint to Fire speed.

18” Demo Firewall barrel is a great choice if you want to increase the overall movement speed. Again, it will Tighten Pallet Spread. That will in turn give you a better Damage Range and increase the overall range of the gun. When we get to Stock, we want to get a stock that will in the end increase the overall Mobility and Handling. We went with the Stockless Pistol Grip which increases that. It increases ADS speed, Sprint to Fire Speed, Movement speed, and increases Hip Recoil Control.

Lastly, for the Guard attachment, we went with the Demo X50 Tactical Pump. It slightly increases the Fire Rate by increasing the Rechambering Speed. Not only that, the Pump will increase the Crouch Movement Speed while using the Bryson 890. You’ll get even faster ADS speed.

Perk Package

For the Perk Packages, we needed something that would allow us to run two primary weapons at once. Now the Perk that we’re looking for is Overkill. It is only found in the Weapons Specialist Perk Package. But with the Perk Package, there is bad news. Only the Overkill Perk is useful for most of the players. The rest of the perks don’t have that much use. Now it doesn’t mean that we should completely discard the Perk Package.

Weapons Specialist perk package
The Weapons Specialist Perk Package allows you to carry two primary weapons at once. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]
Okay so, with the Overkill base perk, you can carry two primary weapons in a loadout. Meaning you can have the RPK with the Bryson 890 Shotgun. The Overkill perk will allow us to complete our loadout. Whereas the second base perk, Strong Arm allows you to throw the equipment farther away than usual. Not only that, it will show you a preview of the trajectory, where you can plan your move with the equipment throw.

Now the Bonus Perk in the Perk Package is the Spotter perk. It’ll help you locate enemy equipment, Filed Upgrades, or even the Killstreaks they have through the walls. If you aim down sight on them, it will highlight them for your teammates. You can use it to hack into enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4, or even the Trophy System that they use against you. Using it, you can know about the enemy’s plans before you face them.

The Survivor perk is the Ultimate Perk of the Weapon Specialist Perk Package. When you have it equipped, if you get knocked by an enemy operator, they will get pinged for your team. Not only that, if your teammates are reviving you, you’ll get revived much faster.

By looking at these perks, it seems obvious that it is designed to be used with teammates. In Solo, the perk package is not of much use.


We will be using the following Tactical and Lethal equipment with the loadout.

Tactical Equipment

You’ll always have to have the upper edge on the opponent. That’s why we highly recommend using the Smoke Grenade in the Tactical Equipment slot. Throw it in between yourself and the opponent. And then run toward them while using the Shotgun. You’ll be able to close the distance between yourself and the opponent. That way you’ll be able to take them out in no time.

Not only that, you can use the Smoke Grenade to get out of a hot zone if you’re getting pinned down. The Smoke Grenade is useful in both situations.

Lethal Equipment

One of the best Lethal Equipment for the loadout is the Molotov Cocktail. It will explode on impact, leaving a spot that will burn for a while. It will make the opponent get out of their cover spot. Although you’ll have to be ready for it. As soon as they get out, you’ll have to take them out.

Second RPK Loadout

Whereas in our second loadout, we emphasized improving the Damage Range and Bullet Velocity. It further improves the accuracy of the gun. We have also equipped it with a Suppressor. You’ll truly become the ‘Silent Death’ in the game. We have paired it with a good Akimbo Pistol. Anyways, it is one of the Best COD Warzone 2.0 RPK Loadout that you can get.


Our attachments focus on increasing the Bullet Velocity and Damage Range. Yes, we use a bit of Handling, but that isn’t that much considering it is an LMG. Here are the attachments that we used.

Second RPK Loadout for COD Warzone 2.0.
The second loadout of RPK focuses on increasing the Damage Range and Bullet velocity of the gun. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]


In the loadout, we need to ensure that we can use the RPK in almost every situation in the game. For that, we need to ensure that the heavy weight of the light machine gun doesn’t end up causing bottlenecks. That’s why, for the first attachment, we wanted to get the TAC 597 Barrel. It will slightly improve the Mobility of the gun while decreasing the handling a bit.

With that Barrel, you’ll get better Damage Range and Bullet Velocity. It increases the Hip Fire Accuracy of the gun too. And with Mobility, we get the Movement Speed of the gun. But it puts a bit of a toll on the Hip Recoil Control, Aim Down Sight Speed, and Recoil Control of the gun. So you’ll get a bit worse Handling with better control of the gun.


Now the Muzzle, the Polar Fire-S increases the maximum range of the gun. Not only that, it is a good Sound Suppressor which comes in handy if you don’t want unnecessary attention. Not only that, the Muzzle is great at increasing the Bullet Velocity and Damage Range. But that’s not all, it improves the Recoil Smoothness making the RPK much easier to use. It takes away a bit of Aim Down Sight speed and Aiming Stability of the gun.

When we head onto the tuning menu, we need to increase the Recoil Smoothness. That way we’ll have much better control of the RPK and ensure that our aim doesn’t move a lot. Now it won’t do a significant change in the gun’s recoil pattern, so you’ll have to practice with it. Then we need to move the other slider toward Bullet Velocity. It will significantly increase the overall velocity of the gun.


In the Underbarrel attachment, we wanted to use something that helped increase the Recoil of the gun. For that, we decided to get the Lockgrip Precision-40 Underbarrel attachments. It is a great Underbarrel that provides ‘Phenomenal Vertical Recoil Control’ during fights. It Provides good Hip Fire Accuracy, Recoil Steadiness, and Aim Walking Steadiness.

But there is a negative effect of the Underbarrel too. It slightly reduces handling by reducing the Aim Down Sight speed. But we can slightly overcome that by tuning it for a better Aim Down Sight speed.


Now For the ammunition, as we’ve already been told in the last Loadout that there is no such barrel that increases the Bullet Velocity. So we had to go with the 7.62 High-Velocity Ammunition. It significantly increases the Bullet Velocity. But, there is a little tax on the Damage Range, you’ll have to keep that in mind.

In the Tuning menu, we further increased the Bullet Velocity to make it much more viable. That made the Ammunition useful at higher longer distances too. On the other tuning, we went with the Damage Range. It increases the Damage Range of the gun.


For the Optics we’re using the same scope that we used on our first loadout, that is the Schlager 3.4x. That is because it is a good Scope that has a good clutter-free aim that ensures that you don’t have to face all that unnecessary stuff to aim at the enemy. It will ensure that you won’t have any problem killing the enemy. Now, the scope itself is quite good on its own. But if you want to further enhance it, then you can head over to the Tuning section.

There, we first moved the toggle to the left to Aim Down Sight speed. We moved it towards -1.25 oz which in our opinion is the sweet spot for the build. But you should play with it to see what suits you. Also, we wanted something different for now, so we decided to go with ‘Far’ Eye Positioning. When we tested it out, it gave a much smoother Aim Down Sight experience. Your mileage may vary.

Secondary Weapon

Now our current loadout of RPK has superb Damage, Fire Rate, Range, and all. But like the first one, it lacks Mobility and Handling. For that, you need to look at the lightweight guns that make up for the lost Mobility and Handling. That secondary weapon will help you fight in rooms, or at times, will let you run with great speed.

Now we’ve already explained how there are different weapons in Warzone 2.0 that you can use as secondary. If you use the Overkill perk, you can even use other primary weapons as secondary. But for now, we’re sticking with weapons that are designed to be secondary. For that, we’ll be using a Pistol. It is the X12 with its loadout, one of the balanced pistols in COD Warzone 2.0 that goes well with the RPK.

X12 in the game.
We’ll use the Akimbo attachment on the X12. [Image Captured by eXputer]


  • Muzzle: Forge DX90-F
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo X12
  • Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser
  • Magazine: 24-Round Mag
  • Trigger Action: XRK Lightning Fire

We start our loadout with the Forge DX90-F muzzle. It is a sound suppressor that increases the overall range of the Pistol while increasing its recoil smoothness. It does take a toll on the Aim Down Sight speed. But we won’t need ADS without the loadout of the X12. The Akimbo X12 attachment of the Rear Grip lets you Dual-wield the pistol. Although it takes away a bit of accuracy, but the double Pistols mean double Damage and double Fire Rate.

1MW Pistol Laser increases the Hip Fire Accuracy and Hip Recoil Control. We’ll get to utilize it as we’re using the Akimbo attachment. All bullets will be much more accurate and the X12 will have better recoil control. Not only that, the Laser will increase Sprint to Fire speed. We’re going with the 24-Round Mag as it will save us from reloading the Pistol much often. It reduces Mobility and Handling, but that is already expected with the Akimbo X12.

Lastly, for the Trigger Action attachment, we went with the XRK Lightning Fire. It greatly increases the Fire Rate of the X12. And with the Akimbo attachment, that is double the Fire Rate increase than the usual you’d get.

Perk Package

For the Perk Package of the loadout, we went with the Vanguard Package. Now the package itself is great as it gives you a better sense of the battlefield. Not only that, it will ensure that you’re always fully loaded with Lethal Equipment.

Vanguard perk package.
The Vanguard Perk Package goes well with the loadout. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]
Okay, so the first perk is the Double Time base perk. It is quite a useful perk as it will double your Tactical Sprint Duration. So if there is a fight going on, you can use the Double Time perk to get there and turn the tide of the fight to your side. Not only that, you can use it to chase enemies using the X12 Akimbo. In addition to the Tactical Sprint, it increases the crouch movement speed by a huge 30%.

Bomb Squad is the second base perk in the Perk Package. As the name suggests, the perk has to do something with bombs and explosions. It will make you much more durable when a non-Killstreak explosion occurs in front of you. Also, it will reset the live grenade’s fuze timer when you pick it up to throw back at the enemy. Meaning it will never explode on your face.

The Bonus Perk Resupply will give you additional Lethal equipment. If you use it once, the perk will recharge the equipment in 30 seconds. That means you won’t have to find lethal in long fights with enemy operators.

The Ultimate Perk of the Perk Package is High Alert. Now it is a great perk when you consider its usage of it. When you are spotted by an enemy player, who is outside your FOV, your vision will pulse. It is great at knowing if an enemy spotted you or not.


The Lethal and Tactical equipment that goes best with the loadout is;

Tactical Equipment

The Stun Grenade is one of the best Tactical Equipment in the game. Using it, you can make plays that will surely help you win the game. The Stun Grenade with makes the enemy operator’s vision blurry for a few seconds. They will be more than enough for you to go and take them out.

You’ll have to utilize it by using the X12 Akimbo. The Double Time perk will come in handy here. You can use it to quickly get to the opponent and take them down with the Double Pistols.

Lethal Equipment

As you will be using the RPK at a distance, the enemy will mostly try to get away from you using an obstacle. It can be a wall, a window, or whatever is available for them. To make them get out of there, you’ll have to use the Drill Charge lethal equipment. When thrown at a wall, it will drill right through that and make your opponent get out of their hiding place.

At that time, you should have your RPK in Aim down sight mode. Use the high Fire Rate to take out the opponent as they try to evade you while finding another cover.

How To Unlock RPK

Unlocking RPK is a somewhat long process. But if you play the game regularly then a few hours of grinding. And we believe that the grind is totally worth the gun you’ll get in the game.

Before we get on to how to unlock the RPK, you should know that it is a gun that is part of the Kastovia Platform. So, to unlock the gun, you’ll first have to unlock the Kastov 762. Kastov 762 is easy to unlock as you’ll only have to get your Level to 23. Getting to level 23 won’t take more than a couple of hours.

RPK unlocking method.
Unlocking the RPK LMG takes a few hours of grinding. [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once you have unlocked the Kastov 762, you’ll have to then get onto leveling up the gun. That is because when you head onto Weapon Progress, you’ll know that Kastov 762 unlocks the RPK. So you’ll have to get it to level 16. At level 16 will you finally unlock the RPK LMG.

From there on, it will be easier Level Up the RPK to the highest level and get all of the Attachments available for it. There are tons of XP Glitches in the game. You’ll have to utilize those to ensure that you can get the Gun to the highest level and complete the loadout.

Pros And Cons Of RPK

The RPK is a solid weapon when it comes to the LMGs in the game. It has relatively higher ratings of Range, Fire Rate, Damage, and Accuracy. These all are almost as high as an Assault Rifle. So you’ll be getting those of the AR in an LMG.

Not only that, RPK has above-average stats when it comes to Recoil Control and Handling. It is easier to use than most other LMGs in the game. The learning curve is rather easy to learn. The Recoil pattern of the gun is easy to control, you won’t have a hard time with it.

But the gun falls back when it comes to Mobility. It is considered below average in the game. Due to such low mobility, plays don’t find themselves comfortable following the enemy running away from the scene.

We have prepared our RPK Class Loadout in COD Warzone 2.0 according to the low mobility. Our loadout ensures that you’ll be able to follow your opponent to the end in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 using the RPK. But you should know that we aren’t doing much about RPK’s mobility. We’re using small secondary weapons that have much higher mobility.


That ends our BEST loadout of COD Warzone 2.0 RPK. In our loadouts, we have prioritized into increasing the Recoil Control and the accuracy of the LMG. These loadouts have helped us a lot in our game. And we’re hopeful that you will have a great time with the amazing gun.

If you are not satisfied with our Best RPK Loadout of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, you might want to try out other guns. We have interesting Loadouts for Snipers, Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Shotguns, and many more. If you’re looking for specific guns, some of our best loadouts include, but are not limited to VEL 46, M13B, MX9, and many more.

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