All Weapon Changes In Warzone 2 Season 2

Spent hours mastering weapons? Well, the Meta just changed so Start over.

The Season 2 of Warzone just got released and with it, the game got completely new content. With all that content, the developers bought some significant changes to weapons in Warzone 2 Season 2. These changes at times made a weapon or broke it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Season 2 Patch Notes bring some significant changes to all weapons in Warzone 2.
  • These changes have shifted the Meta of the game.
  • Some weapons got buffs to increase their overall performance whereas others got nerfs to balance them.

  • Assault Rifles such as Lachmann-556, M13B, and M4 got buffs, whereas the Kastov-762 got nerfed.
  • A few Battle Rifles got buff to their stats, such as the Lachmann-762, FTac Recon, and SO-14 that balanced them. As for the TAQ-V, its nerf took it out of the Meta.
  • The powerful Handgun X13 Auto’s Akimbo got nerf whereas its single-use stats got a buff.
  • In the Launchers, the STRELA-P and RPG-7 got balancing changes to them.
  • As for the LMGs, the RPK got nerfed out of the Meta, whereas the RAAL MG’s small nerf allows it to stay in the Meta for a little longer.
  • The Marksman Rifles Got a mixture of both Nerfs and Buffs. EBR-14 balanced with the TAQ-M. Whereas teh LM-S got a slight nerf.
  • All changes to the Submachine Guns were basically nerfed to them. The Fennec 45, Minibak, and Vaznev-9k got nerfs that affected their overall performance.

All Weapon Changes In Season 2

A few of the weapons in Warzone 2 were quite powerful early on in the game. They were quickly added to the meta lists as they performed phenomenally well. There were a few weapons that weren’t performing as well. The developers kept on updating their stats over time, but there were no big changes.

With the new season, the developers decided to tweak some things around. Meaning that they changed a few weapons to switch the meta. What guns were powerful before will now perform mediocre, whereas those that were just found will now deal quite high damage. We’ve listed all the changes that the developers added to each of these weapons.

Assault RiflesKastov 762Small damage reduction.
Added additional Long Range damage falloff.
Lachmann-556Increased semi auto rate of fire.
M13BIncreased damage at mid-range.
Increased upper torso damage.
M4Increased semi auto rate of fire.
STB 556Fixed an issue with the Single Tap Mod Magazine attachment which caused the weapon to deal considerably less damage to upper left leg.
Battle RiflesFtac ReconAdded Minimum damage against Armor.
Decreased full auto Upper Torso damage.
Increased close range damage reduction.
Increased Lower Torso damage multiplier.
Reduced full auto recoil.
Sped up ADS time.
Lachmann-762Added minimum damage against Armor.
Decreased full auto Head and Torso damage.
Increased damage on Long Range.
Increased Semi-auto rate of fire.
Increased semi-auto Upper Torso damage.
Reduced full auto recoil.
SO-14Added minimum damage against armor.
Increased long range damage.
Increased semi auto rate of fire.
Reduced Semi-auto headshot damage.
TAQ-VDecreased full auto Head damage.
Decreased Mid-Range damage.
Increased semi-auto Torso damage.
Reduced semi auto Leg damage.
HandgunsX13 AutoReduced damage while using Akimbo.
Increased Close range damage.
Increased damage distances.
Increased Lower body damage.
LaunchersSTRELA-PRemoved activation distance for projectile.
Projectile will now explode at any range.
RPG-7Small increase to splash damage amount.
Small reduction to splash damage range.
Light Machine GunsRAAL MGIncreased recoil.
RPKReduced damage ranges.
Reduced Mid and Long Range damage.
Small increase to ADS time.
Small reduction to ADS movement speed.
Marksman RiflesEBR-14Added minimum damage against armor
Increased upper torso damage
Reduced long range damage
LM-SAdded minimum damage against Armor.
TAQ-MAdded minimum damage against armor.
Increased upper torso damage.
Slightly increase to rate of fire.
Submachine GunsFennec 45Added minimum damage against armor
Decreased damage overall
Decreased headshot damage
MinibakReduced damage ranges
Added minimum damage against armor
Reduced lower torso damage at close range
Reduced lower body damage at mid to close range
Vaznev-9kReduced mid-to-long range damage.
Sniper RiflesSignal 50Reduced long range damage
Reduced movement speed
Reduced sprint out speed
Small decrease to bullet velocity
AttachmentsFixed an issue with choke attachments scaling hip spread incorrectly.
Reduced ADS Penalty for Bipods

Changes Explained

Listing down all the Weapon Changes that we get to see in Warzone Season 2 isn’t enough. That is because even though a few of these changes might seem significant, they don’t affect the performance and vice versa. Let’s go through each of the changes and check out how it affects the weapon’s performance if you use it in the Battle Royale.

Assault Rifles

First of all, we have Assault Rifles. These are the perfect Run and Gun weapons and are almost everyone’s favorite in the game. There haven’t been that many changes among Assault Rifles. In fact, you can say that there were no significant changes to them for a long time. Now with the new update, some of the Assault Rifles have seen changes that can make the gun, whereas others had adjustments that nerfed them.

Kastov 762 [Nerf ↓]

The Kastov 762 has always been in the meta. It was the go-to gun of most pro players as it provides them with superb performance. The performance was so significant that it made all other Assault Rifles seem useless. So, the latest update bought a nerf to its performance.

762 Kastov weapon changes.
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Kastov 762’s damage got a few nerfs to make it on par with other Assault Rifles. But that’s not all. The nerf also bought Long Range damage falloff. Now the nerfs aren’t so big that they will change the overall performance of the gun. That is why, if you love using the Kastov 762, you can keep on doing that.

Lachmann-556 [Buff ↑]

As for the Lachmann-556, it has been an above-average weapon since its release. Although you can add a few attachments that will improve its overall performance, even that isn’t enough to make it one of the Meta weapons.

The Lachmann-556
[Screenshot by eXputer]
The Patch bought a small buff to the AR. It improved the Semi-Auto rate of fire of the gun. Now the change is quite small in that it doesn’t change the overall performance of the gun, but that still is a buff.

M13B [Buff ↑]

M13B was already one of the best Assault Rifles in Warzone 2. It has been one of the top weapons in the game. That is why it is quite harder to unlock M13B in Warzone 2. Anyways, the latest update buffed the M13B and increased its already good damage.

Assault Rifle m13B
[Screenshot by eXputer]
The AR got buff on its damage at mid-range, where the Assault Rifles are good. In addition to that, the upper Torso damage got increased. And when you combine that with the already low recoil, you can rest assured that your favorite rifle is much better than it was before.

M4 [Buff ↑]

The M4 has been a solid choice for all the Pro players. As an AR, it has always had a good performance which made it a go-to choice for all. That being said, the M4 got the same buff as the Lachmann-556. The semi-auto rate of fire of the gun got an improvement which is quite good for the players that loved the gun as you can quickly kill enemies even with the semi-auto mode.

M4 Assault Rifle.
[Screenshot by eXputer]

Battle Rifles

Battle Rifles are favored for their versatility. They have the range versatility that you’ll usually find in an AR. With that, the Battle Rifles provide the damage and almost match the range of a Marksman rifle. Now out of the low amount of Battle Rifles in the Season 2 of Warzone 2, the developers have made significant changes to these Weapons.

FTac Recon [Nerf ↓]

The FTac Recon has always been an average weapon for players. Yes, its performance is solid, but you can say that it depends on the players. If you have spent some time with the FTac Recon, you will notice that it has had an overall damage reduction after the update. With the latest update, we recommend that you give other battle rifles a shot now.

Recon Ftac Warzone season 2 weapon changes.
[Screenshot by eXputer]
As for the changes, we get to see an increase Lower Torso damage multiplier. With that, there is a minimum damage increment against the armor. Its Full Auto recoil got reduced and the ADS time got an improvement. But then we see the Upper Torso damage getting reduced, and with that, there is a decrease in the close-range damage reduction.

Lachmann-762 [Adjustment ~]

Lachmann-762 has been a solid go-to weapon for most players. Even though it doesn’t have high stats, it has never let down with its performance. And if you love using the Lachmann-762 then we have some good news for you. The gun has, like the FTac Recon received both Buffs and Nerfs, but the results are different.

Battle Rifle Lachmann-762
[Screenshot by eXputer]
The update increased the minimum Armor damage and Long-Range damage. With that, the Semi-auto rate of fire and Semi-auto Upper Torso damage got increased too. And if you’re using the Lachmann-762 on Full Auto, it got recoil reduction on that. But the gun had one nerf, enough to balance its overall performance. The Full-auto damage on the Head and Torso got decreased. So if you’re a Semi-auto player, the gun got some buff, and for the Full auto players, it is average.

SO-14 [Buff ↑]

The SO-14 has had the worst TTK or Time to Kill among all Battle Rifles. But even then, it has managed to be a solid option for most players. The recent Season 2 update has bought in some changes to the Battle Rifle.

weapon changes of So-14 Warzone Season 2
[Screenshot by eXputer]
It now has an increased long range with an increase in the semi-auto rate of fire. With that, the patch also includes adding the minimum damage against armor. There is a nerf to its stats and that is the Semi-auto headshot damage got a reduction. Overall, the gun has received a buff as only a few of the players use the Semi-Auto feature of it. But even then, we wouldn’t call it a massive buff, just one that will make it a little bit more useful.

TAQ-V [Nerf ↓]

Now the TAQ-V has stayed on top of all tier lists. And that is because of its awesome stats even though it is a Battle Rifle. It already has high recoil control and accuracy. With that, you get the range and damage, giving you a full versatile Battle Rifle that everyone loves. But that is going to change with the latest update.

Taq-v battle rifle weapon changes in Warzone season 2.
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Out of all the Battle Rifles, the TAQ-V got the biggest hit. It got some nerfs on its overall damage, whereas only the semi-auto damage got increased. The Full Auto Head damage, Semi-auto Leg damage, and Mid-Range damage got decreased. As for the buffs, only the Semi-Auto Torso damage got an increase, which isn’t that significant of a buff.

Overall, the performance of the TAQ-V got decreased. And if you were only relying on it, you can either switch to another gun, or keep using it with a ‘lower than before’ damage.


Handguns, although not preferred, are a good choice when you’re using them with Snipers. If you have no necessary requirements, then they can make some of the best Pistol Loadouts. The Akimbo on the Handguns is a deadly attachment. And it seems that the recent update has hit one of the best contenders of it.

X13 Auto [Adjustment ~]

Now the X13 Auto was dominating the Handguns category. It was the go-to weapon of everyone that wanted to use a Pistol. Unless the players must use a different gun for any challenge. The dominance was mainly due to the Akimbo mode on the X13 Auto.

Auto X13
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Because of that, the first thing we get to see is the damage reduction on X13 Auto if you use it as Akimbo. It will put it on the level with all other Handguns at least. But, then we have the buffs that the X13 Auto received. Its Close-range damage increased with an increase in overall damage distances. Apart from that, the Lower Body damage got an increase too. That makes the X13 Auto much more useable if you use it as a secondary weapon as it is much more effective at close range and close-to-medium range.


As for the Launchers, they’re up to the players. If you feel like using them, then it is fine, if you don’t, then totally up to you. They got a few changes, although these changes won’t affect the game as much as an Assault Rifle or an SMG. Still, we’ll list the changes that came to them, and how they affect the Launcher’s overall performance.

STRELA-P [Buff ↑]

The STRELA-P is a player-preference weapon. If you feel like using it, you would. It was performing as expected but the recent Patch Notes removes the activation distance for the projectile. Now you can use it at even shorter distances and have a confirm blast from it. If that was stopping you from having fun in the game, now is your chance.

The Strela-p weapon changes launcher warzone 2 season 2
[Screenshot by eXputer]

RPG-7 [Adjustment ~]

Similarly, the RPG-7 is up to your preference. But, it got a sort of balancing as you would call it with the recent patch. The patch has bought a decrease in the splash damage range from its projectiles. With that, the Splash damage itself got increased so we’re good at that. More or less, you’d call it balancing the RPG-7 than a nerf. It won’t be as deadly as it was before, but now with each hit near the player, you will have a confirm down or confirm a kill.

[Screenshot by eXputer]

Light Machine Guns

The Light Machine Guns shine when you need to fire tons of bullets to nail down your opponent. They are perfect at that time as they provide you with a constant supply of bullets. But the LMGs that we have aren’t significant for that. They have other stats that made them quite deadly for their opponents. And now they have received slight nerfs that affect their overall performance.

RAAL MG [Nerf ↓]

As for the RAAL MG, a lot of the players believe that it fits the meta as it is one of the best LMGs in the game with the RPK. Although the RPK is overall better than RAAL, its TTK is one of the best. You can expect it to knock down enemies in mere seconds.

weapon changes raal mg season 2 warzone.
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Now RAAL got a nerf, but it isn’t as significant as other weapons. Its recoil got increased. If you can’t adjust yourself to the new recoil or its recoil pattern, then no need to worry. It isn’t something that a few attachments can’t fix.

RPK [Nerf ↓]

The RPK has been dominating the meta of Warzone 2 for a long while. It is the go-to weapon for everyone. That is because the RPK provides a superb fire rate with its long range. And if you add a few attachments to it, it will become much more deadly than you’d expect. But that all changes with the recent update. It got a big fat to nerf on its stats.

[Screenshot by eXputer]
Its damage ranges got reduced, meaning the range at which it was useful won’t work now. But that’s not all, its Mid and Long-range damage is reduced. With that, the ADS time has a small increase. As for the ADS walking speed, it got decreased. Overall, the weapon got a nerf and it won’t be as deadly as you’d expect it to be. It is still a decent weapon, just not as good as it was before.

Marksman Rifles

When you are looking for precision, the Marksman Rifles are your go-to weapon. They have the mobility of a Battle Rifle while ensuring that your bullet will hit the enemy whenever you fire it at them. In the recent update of Season 2 in Warzone 2, there have been some weapon changes to the Marksman Rifles. We have listed all of them down below.

EBR-14 [Adjustment ~]

EBR-14 is a great Marksman Rifle. That is mainly because even though it falls back in other aspects among all other Marksman Rifles, its damage is quite good. You can rely on it to kill enemies even if they’re wearing armor plates. It has always been a solid choice for players that want to make precise shots in the game.

Marksman Rifle EBR-14
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Due to the fact that it is a good choice among Marksman rifles, it got balancing changes. The minimum damage against armor got increased. And with that, its upper torso damage got an increase too. But the Long range damage got a reduction. It won’t be useful as before with Long Range now, but you can still expect it to perform great.

LM-S [Nerf ↓]

When compared to the EBR-14, the LM-S is not that great of an option. But it can be useful while you’re trying to find the perfect weapon for yourself. Even then, it is an ‘Okay’ choice for the players. In the recent update, it got a slight nerf to it and that is it got minimum damage to armor. Its performance will almost be as it was before the update.

LM-S Marksman rifle.
[Screenshot by eXputer]

TAQ-M [Buff ↑]

Now the TAQ-M before the update was an average weapon. It had nothing special going on with its stats that made it a weapon of choice. Players only select it if they have no better option. That all changes with the latest update.

The TAQ-M.
[Screenshot by eXputer]
The latest update bought an increase in Fire rate and an increase in its upper torso damage. Those alone will be more than enough to bring it back into the play. Remember, it isn’t as high that you should pick it as a priority basis as it is nowhere near the Meta of the game. But even then, it will be a good choice for players looking for a solid Marksman rifle.

Submachine Guns

Now Submachine Guns are an interesting subject. They have always been either in the meta, or those that fit the category right next to it. That is why you’ll find players choosing these as their go-to weapons. Due to that fact, you will find that the SMGs that got changes in the Season 2 update were just nerfed.

Fennec 45 [Nerf ↓]

First of all, Fennec 45 has been the first choice as a sniper support. You will find that its stats have been quite high overall, giving you the best performance in the game, at least among SMGs. Whether it’s the high fire rate, damage, or mobility, it has been the perfect solution for everything. And if you were to add a few attachments, then it will definitely become the best choice.

Fennec 45 SMG Weapon Changes season 2 Warzone.
[Screenshot by eXputer]
And due to all those factors, it got a solid nerf. The recent changes added minimum damage against armor to it. And with that, the overall damage and headshot damage got a nerf too. They both got decreased and now the Fennec 45 is a superb option, but I believe that it won’t be as effective as before.

Minibak [Nerf ↓]

The Minibak has nothing extraordinary going on with it. Yes, it has quite a high fire rate that can fry enemies in mere seconds. And its large magazine ensures that you aren’t reloading the gun for a long time. But even then, you must keep in mind its other stats too.

warzone season 2 Minibak SMG weapon changes
[Screenshot by eXputer]
As for the recent changes, they bought a nerf to its overall performance. Your overall damage decreases. With that, we get to see a reduction in Headshot damage. So, all in all, the Minibak got a nerf that will set it back a few steps.

Vaznev-9k [Nerf ↓]

Now the Vaznev-9k has been quite bothersome when it’s used against a player. Like all other SMGs, it has a high fire rate with relatively good damage. And when you combine it with the mobility of the SMGs, you can guess how it will be for a casual player.

Vaznev-9k SMG
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Although it got a nerf, which is quite noticeable, it isn’t a nerf that will break the gun. Its Mid-to-Long range damage got reduced by a bit. That means that it won’t be as helpful as Sniper support as it was before. But you can’t just throw it away because it is still deadly in the Close-to-Mid range.

Sniper Rifles

Lastly, we have Sniper Rifles. They are the perfect choice if you want to stay away from the hassle but still want to make sure that you’re getting all the kills. That makes them quite deadly in the right hands. Once you get the hang of bullet drop and other factors, nothing can stop you from killing enemies. That being said, we see only one weapon change in the Snipers category.

Signal 50 [Nerf ↓]

The Signal 50 has been dominating the Sniper Rifles category. And that is its rightful place as it is as deadly as you’d imagine a sniper to be. It has that high damage and range that you will be looking for in a Sniper. But it can be called one of the heavy-weight snipers as you’ll be obviously giving up a bit on other aspects of the gun.

weapon changes signal 50 Warzone season 2
[Screenshot by eXputer]
Now for the recent update, it has bought a bit of change to the Sniper. The Long Range damage got reduced and with that, we get to see a decrease in the Bullet Velocity. That is bad news for the users of the gun as you won’t deal as much damage as you were before the update. But that isn’t all, the recent update of Season 2 affects the overall mobility too. You get reduced Movement and Sprinting speed with the Sniper now. 

Final Words

Those were all of the Weapon Changes that we get to see in Season 2 of Warzone 2. But that isn’t all that is to the update. There are new weapons such as the Dual Kodachis that got released. We have covered all about them in our Weapons Tier List. In Addition to that, you can find out about the Best Locations to Loot in Warzone 2 to get ahead of everyone quickly.

It doesn’t end here. We’ve covered all about the Perk Packages for you to get prepared for Season 2. Not only that, you can check out all possible Stornghold Locations for Warzone 2. These and much more you’ll learn about in our Warzone 2 Walkthrough.

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