How To Get Chainsaw In Sons of the Forest [Location]

Go brrrr and cut through Everything and Anything in Sons of the Forest using the Chainsaw!

Sons of The Forest has a variety of Weapons for the players to choose from. They are all scattered at different locations or bunkers on the map. Now your job is to find each of them and use them for your needs. How you do it depends on your playstyle of the game. Even though it is considered a weapon, the Chainsaw fits best to cut trees in Sons of the Forest.

Key Takeaways
  • It is quite expensive to use Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest as it requires Batteries which can be hard to craft.
  • Just follow these steps to get Chainsaw:
    1. To get the Chainsaw, you will have to get the Shovel, Maintenance Keycard, and Guest Keycard.
    2. The Chainsaw is located on the Western Side of the map in Sons of the Forest.
    3. Visit the Cinema room, and you will find the chainsaw plunged into a dead body.
    4. The Shovel can be found in a cave to the west of the mountain.
    5. The Maintenance Keycard is in a hidden bunker next to a Golf Cart.
    6. The Guest Keycard is in the same bunker where you find the Crossbow.
Before You Start: Before you begin your search for the Chainsaw, make sure that you have already acquired the Shovel, Maintenance Keycard, and the Guest Keycard.

Although Chainsaw isn’t the best weapon in Sons of the Forest, it is still a powerful one, indeed. Even if you don’t want to use it to kill enemies, you can always use it to cut trees. It is the fastest weapon of all to cut trees. But you will have to consider the fact that it can be, at times, quite expensive to use.


Before you can head on to look for the Chainsaw, there are a few things that you need to do. They will eventually unlock the items that you’ll require to get to the Chainsaw’s location. As the game lets you unlock items gradually as you progress to the end, if you were to miss any one of these, then you can’t get to the place where you unlock the Chainsaw. Here are all of the items that you’ll need before you can get on to acquiring the Chainsaw.

Shovel: First and foremost, you will first have to unlock the Shovel. Because if you don’t have the Shovel, then you can’t dig into the spots where the bunkers are located. When we’re talking about the Chainsaw, you will have to dig into one bunker that has the Maintenance Keycard inside of it.

Maintenance Keycard: You’ll need the Maintenance Keycard inside a Bunker that has the Guest Keycard. The Maintenance Keycards are employee Keycards and the Keycards give them access to different locations.

Guest Keycard: Lastly, you will need the Guest Keycard to get inside the Bunker that holds the Chainsaw. You’ll get to it as you get inside that Bunker, but it is easy to miss if you don’t know where you have to go.

Chainsaw Location

Okay, so once you have acquired all of the items required, you can now head toward the Bunker.

  • Your first task will be to locate the bunker. If you’re on your own, then it might take a fair amount of time. But we have already found the bunker.
  • For that, you will have to go to the left or the Western side of the map.
  • The cave that leads to the Bunker is located near the river that goes Right to Left.
  • It is located beneath the river. If you can’t seem to find it, we will have the exact location down below.
Chainsaw Location.
The exact location of the Chainsaw. [Image Credit: eXputer]
There will be an opening between rocks that you can enter.

  • Once you go inside, you will have to open the Torch. We recommend that you have the axe or a close-range weapon in your hand.
  • Not that you’ll be attacked by anyone, but it is to make sure that you can deal with anything it comes your way.
  • Go straight ahead, and you will come across a door right in front of you.
  • There is a corridor to your left. As you go there, you will come across a blinding light.
  • That is a different part of the bunker.
  • There is a small opening to the right. Squeeze through there, and you are inside the bunker.
  • There will be a double door on the other side of that corridor where you will have to use the Guest Keycard that we found earlier.
  • If you haven’t found it yet, then we will have its location down below.
the Guest keycard in Sons of the forest Chainsaw.
Use the Guest Keycard. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Inside The Bunker

Once you get inside, you will find yourself in a dark room.

  • There will be a few mutants roaming around in the area that you will have to kill.
  • Keep going ahead, and you will see the room continuing to the left.
  • Go straight ahead while taking care of all Mutants that you come across.
  • Then there will be a different room that is connected to it.
  • You have to go to the right-hand side portion of that room, and after going a few steps, turn left, and you will see a glass door on the other side.
  • Go through it, and there will be a flight of stairs going up. Take the ones on the right side, and you will find yourself in a pool area. Keep going straight ahead, and there will be a door to the right.

The Door will require the Guest Keycard that you came across earlier in the game. Use it, and it will open the door to a corridor. There will be dead bodies and blood stains on the ground. If you see them, then you are in the right spot. Then you can keep going ahead and into a dark room. There is a door in your opposite direction to the left. Go through it, and there will be a large cinema room.

  • In the Cinema Room, there will be chairs there.
  • On one of the front chairs will be a dead body. Go to it, and you will get the prompt to pick up the chainsaw.
  • Pick it up, and you will finally get the Chainsaw in the game.
Pick up Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest.
The Chainsaw. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Prerequisite Items Locations

We’ve already mentioned that you’ll need three main items to get to the Chainsaw’s location. They won’t be lying around for you to grab them. You will have to go to their specific locations and then get them, which can be a hassle on its own. Only then will you be able to get your hands on the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest? We’ll briefly go through each one of these and tell you where and how you will find them.


You will find the Shovel to the immediate left of the mountain. It is located in a cave directly to the west of the mountainous region. It’s inside a cave, and the indication of the cave is that three dead bodies are hanging by it. And the cave is long and dark. If you want to explore it, you should keep your flashlight or torch ready.

cave location of shovel in Sons of the Forest.
Location of the Cave that has the Shovel. [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Once you have everything you need, you can head inside.
  • There aren’t many paths in the cave to get you confused. You will have to go straight ahead.
  • You will have to use rebreathers inside pools of water to make your way.
  • As you’re going ahead, you will come across a spot where you will slide down water.
  • As you go on the path, you will find a few dead bodies there. Go across them and keep going.
  • You will then come to a lit-up area. There will be a dead body with the Shovel lying on it.
  • You can pick it up. That will finish your search for the Shovel.
The Shovel.
Pick up the Shovel. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Maintenance Keycard

With the Shovel in hand, you can head on to look for the Maintenance Keycard because you can get to the Guest Keycard only after you have acquired the Maintenance Keycard. And that will take you one step closer to the Chainsaw. Now unlike the Shovel, the Maintenance Keycard is quite easy to come across. It is located in a bunker. You will have to dig in a spot.

  • Now you can check the exact location on the map, but the spot where you have to dig is surrounded by a golf cart and survey camera.
  • So, dig in the center, and you’re good to go.
  • After digging for a few seconds, you will find a bunker’s lid. Open it, and you can start with your exploration of the Bunker.
Maintenance Keycard.
The location of the Maintenance Keycard. [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • The Bunker contains a straight path ahead. You will find a corridor. Keep going ahead in the corridor until you come up to a door to your right.
  • Go through the door, and it will lead you to a room.
  • In the room, the Maintenance Keycard is located on the table to the other side of the room.
  • Pick it up, and now you can head to our next location, where we will find the Guest Keycard. 
Maintenance Keycard Sons of the Forest.
You will find the Maintenance Keycard on the Table. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Guest Keycard

Before you can head towards the Chainsaw’s location and look for it, you will need one last item. It is the Guest Keycard. Without it, you can’t enter the lounge that leads you to the Chainsaw and so on. And to get the Guest Keycard, you will have to get all of the items that we’ve mentioned above.

  • So, to get to the Guest Keycard, you will have to get to its location. It is located in a cave to the Northwest of the map.
  • There, to the North of the Small lake, is a Cave. If you can’t find it, look for two Golf carts right next to it. They will both be facing the Cave’s entrance.
Location of Guest Keycard.
The cave to Guest Keycard has Golf Carts outside of it. [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Once you enter the cave, you will have to go down through a series of stone pathways.
  • There will be a trapdoor sort of entrance to the Bunker. Go down there, and there will be a locked Door with a Keycard slot right next to it.
  • Use the Maintenance Keycard that you found earlier, and you can enter through it.
  • Now you will have to go on the path through a greenhouse. You will find yourself in a flooded corridor.
  • Keep going ahead, and you will eventually come out of the water and to a door that requires the keycard slot.
  • Here you will have to use the Guest Keycard once you acquire it.
  • From there, go back a few steps, and you will find a door to your right.
  • Go there, and it will also lead you out of the water.
  • There will be the Guest Keycard on the Table right in front of you. That will finish our search.
Guest Keycard.
Pick up the Guest Keycard. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you have acquired all of the required items, you can go to Chainsaw’s location to look for them. Although you will have to spend a lot of time to find these items, remember they help you make progress through the story. Without them, you will be lost.

Final Words

That was the Sons of the Forest location of the Chainsaw. It can arguably be called the Best melee weapon if you know how to use it. But the Chainsaw isn’t everything to the game. You can do a 10 Minutes Speedrun of the game if you follow what we’ve done.

But that is not all, and there are tons of other weapons in the game. You can check out the Magnum, Axe, Firefighter Axe, and many more. You can use them to fight the Cannibals on the Island. But that isn’t all, and there are tons of Achievements that you can unlock as you make progress in the game.

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