Capcom is a goliath in the global video game industry. Starting off as a Japanese company in 1979 but truly transforming into the Capcom of today in 1983.

They have their hands in many genres of video games. For platformers, they launched off the board with Mega Man, which later became a staple franchise. But their big break would come when they released a game called Street Fighter. This game would garner massive attention in both East and West audiences and develop the competitive fighting game scene in both regions while also giving us the legendary “EVO Moment 37.” Aside from fighting games they are also quite active in developing story-based single-player games, a rarity in this era. Their single-player ventures include the Devil May Cry franchise, a hack and slash-style fighting game. And also the revolutionary Resident Evil series, an action horror game franchise with amazing storytelling and gameplay. Now what sort of company would they be if they didn’t produce at least one JRPG franchise, in this case, it’s the Monster Hunter franchise, a large open world full of dragons and monsters that can be hunted alongside friends. In this section you can find the latest news regarding Capcom – including their games, industry, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and other releases.

  • Year Founded: 1979
  • Founder: Kenzo Tsujimoto
  • Subsidiaries: Capcom USA, Camelot Software Planning, Blue Harvest LLC, Capcom Entertainment France, Captron Co., Ltd.
  • CEO: Kenzo Tsujimoto