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Soul Hackers 2 is a spooky role-playing game with stylish graphics. You are thrust into a futuristic Japan where many sinister threats are hiding behind in the developed society. In this futuristic universe, a collective intelligence called Aion foresees a catastrophe that will end the planet and develops Ringo as its agent to prevent it.

Key Takeaways
  • Soul Hackers 2 is a classic Japanese role-playing game in which players take on the role of ‘Ringo’, an artificial being created to save the planet. 
  • The game was released globally on August 25, 2022. The game is developed by Atlus, and by Sega worldwide. It is available on multiple platforms including; Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
  • Soul Hackers 2 will require around 49.5 hours of playing if you want to finish the game early; however, if you want to cover every aspect of the game, it will take you approximately 66.5 hours to complete the game.
  • It consists of approximately 52 Quests, including Main Quests, and Side Quests. Players can reach up to 95 levels in the game.
  • Soul Hackers 2 is a combination of different genres which makes the game fascinating to play, these genres include Adventure, fighting, and Action role-playing.
  • The game itself is a success as it has very positive feedback and ratings:
    • Metacritic Ratings – 74%
    • Steam67%
    • Exputer Rating – 3.5/5

You are the only one who can prevent the end of the world! You’ll encounter a lot of comrades along the way, and you’ll be able to know them better by looking into their souls. As you advance in the distinctive RPG aspects, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain stronger demon buddies.

The game has a lot to offer, ranging from challenging combat to a compelling story. Our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough will teach you about defeating different enemies like Kaburagi, Zenon, Iron Mask, Best Settings, Bestiary, Tips and Tricks, and much more.


Soul Hackers 2 Story
Review (Image By: eXputer)

Reviews can assist confused players in learning about a game before they make the purchase. It explores everything about a game, from its story, setting, gameplay, and visuals to the game’s performance. It gives a final verdict which helps players make their final decision as to whether they should purchase the game or not after laying out all the pros and cons of that game.

How To Defeat Kaburagi

Soul Hackers 2 How to defeat Kaburagi
How To Defeat Kaburagi (Image By: eXputer)

One of the major encounters you’ll come across is Kaburagi, which appears as the first significant battle deep inside the Central Line. If you don’t know what to expect, the fight will be difficult to win, no matter what level you are at by the time it begins.

You must first clear the Central Line Dungeon to reach Kaburagi. It requires going through a lot of tunnels, finding keys to open two doors, and encountering a plethora of new demons. The standard in-game notification informing you of an upcoming difficult battle will then appear.

When you reach the area’s end at Central Line and discover yourself going after Mangetsu, you will run across an old and presumed dead friend of Arrow. Kaburagi, who killed Arrow, will be there. His past, however, is more complicated than that.

He was also dead, but Ringo used soul-hacking to resurrect him. Furthermore, Ringo didn’t only bring him back. He was revived along with two other demons who will remain with Kaburagi. Therefore, you must plan a strategy for all of them with the help of our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough.

How To Defeat Zenon And Iron Mask

Zenon and Iron Mask bosses Subway
How To Defeat Zenon And Iron Mask (Image By: eXputer)

Zenon is a synthetically produced demon that works for the Iron Mask to help him collect all the Covenants so they can end the world. He is obedient to the Iron Mask’s commands and skilled in combat, but not very intelligent.

Players gain access to level 4F of Saizo’s section of the Axis after defeating Zenon, a virtual setting where the game’s protagonist Ringo strengthens her bonds with her companions. Iron Mask is a member of the Phantom Society and a Devil Summoner. He is in charge of the group’s enigmatic “C” Project. His true identity is not well known within the company.

He created Zenon artificially. The first round of the fight doesn’t last very long and is relatively short. The second round is when things get tough. It calls for good strategies and a solid plan, which you can get with this Soul Hackers 2 Wiki.

Best Settings

Soul Hackers 2 PC settings
Best Settings (Image By: eXputer)

Having the best settings can provide you with great graphics, CPU, and GPU Settings and make the game feel a lot smoother. With the help of our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough, you should be able to enjoy the game without any restrictions. We’ll be covering system requirements, the best graphics settings, CPU settings, GPU settings, and more.


Demons Deficiency and Resitance
Bestiary (Image By: eXputer)

You can learn all about the characteristics of each enemy in the game by consulting a bestiary guide. We’ll assist you in dispatching enemies quickly by exploiting their vulnerabilities. There are many enemies, and we’ll be going over every one of them. It is crucial to know what strikes your opponent will deflect, especially when taking on bosses. If you’re not careful, you might be killed right away. Our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough covers every demon in the game.

Team Building Tips And Strategies

Soul Hackers 2 Team Building
Team Building Tips And Strategies (Image By: eXputer)

You can defeat enemies and bosses successfully if your team is powerful and works well together. The game lets you assemble a squad to help fight foes since the game is filled with powerful monsters and evil creatures. Together, your squad can make deals with the Demonic Creatures to help you with your mission and defeat enemies.

The squad has a variety of options on how to build up their skills and call strong Demons. Demons have solid skills and powers. Your Demons can level up and collect XP to improve their capabilities just like your team members. You can learn more about these tips in our Wiki.

Soul Matrix and Fusion

character's in game upgrade
Soul Matrix and Fusion (Image By: eXputer)

The subterranean digital base known as Axis is located underneath the city. A unique set of dungeons designed specifically for the team members are contained here. It is called the Soul Matrix and is a significant element in the game. Those that use it to their advantage will leave with more strength and knowledge than the individuals who have partnered with the game’s protagonist Ringo to try to rescue the planet.

Fusion will essentially be the process that allows players to merge two demons, or players may fuse more demons to obtain an entirely new demon. Demons of different levels may be created by combining higher and lesser level demons, and the resulting demon could have unique characteristics, skills, and attributes that can make it stronger or weaker overall.

To fuse demons and make new demons that belong to a new race and have improved stats and performance over the demons they started with, players can use the “races” of their pre-existing demons. Our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough will explain both of these topics in detail.

How To Defeat Gate Guardian

Gate Guardian in Soul Hackers 2 
How To Defeat Gate Guardian (Image By: eXputer)

Gate Guardian is the third enemy you have to fight after you have successfully beaten Bicron and R.S. Many gamers have experienced a lot of difficulties when taking on the monster. He will appear for the first time when you enter Soul Matrix and have to complete the level’s opening segment.

The Kishin Take-Minakata and two Holy Cironnups that it will accompany are additional enemies that you will have to deal with during the Soul Matrix fight. Players must thus take extreme caution while facing these three adversaries. We’ll teach you how to defeat the Gate Guardian in our wiki.

Best Demons

Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2 
Best Demons (Image By: eXputer)

Soul Hackers 2 has around 50 monsters and 32 different races. Each devil’s abilities, characteristics, sizes, and forms are unique. Certain demons are challenging to unleash, and they have enormous advantages when used. At the same time, some are more difficult to open but offer fewer benefits.

While some demons are powerful but difficult to find, others are more accessible but less effective in battle. Our Walkthrough will cover all of the demons and help you pick the best one.

Voice Actors

Soul Hackers 2 Voice Actors
Voice Actors (Image By: eXputer)

Eight different languages are available for the subtitles in Soul Hackers 2, which include English and Japanese voice actors. Other minor characters have also been given voices by top voice actors. We’ll be covering each of these voice actors in detail in our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough.

Best Commander Skills For Ringo

Soul Hackers 2 Voice Actors
Best Commander Skills For Ringo (Image By: eXputer)

Ringo is a young creature who was just born. She works as an agent for Aion. Ringo is fascinated by human behavior, culture, and civilization. Eventually, Ringo has the power to “Soul Hack,” which enables her to resurrect any target.

Ringo is driven by her immense curiosity about the world and a deep desire to establish relationships with others. Ringo’s commander skills are exclusive to her and affect the whole team by granting them exceptional abilities that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Ringo can use the commander skills even when it’s not her turn, and doing so won’t interfere with an ally’s turn. To maintain balance in the game, commander skills have limits. Some are only available once during combat, while others need a cool-down period after usage. This wiki will tell you about the commander skills and you can pick the best one for Ringo.

Beginner’s Guide and Combat Tips

Soul Hackers 2 Golden Enemies
Beginner’s Guide and Combat Tips (Image By: eXputer)

Players who are familiar with previous RPG games can recognize several strengths and weaknesses of the combat in Soul Hackers 2. However, it’s going to be a new experience for those who are brand-new to the game genre.

Enemies and Bosses are difficult and harsh, and they can essentially kill you in one shot if you don’t have any idea about them, and you don’t know what you’re doing; therefore, we have covered the basic combat and beginner tips to help players.

We’ll be covering tips like giving your party members food which will enable them to develop their combat abilities and take on more difficult foes, next it is crucial to control the number of stacked demons since more demons have the potential to deal more damage and we’ll offer more tips in the guide below.

Jack Frost and Mothman

Soul Hacker 2 Mothman demon
Jack Frost And Mothman (Image By: eXputer)

Sometimes known as just Jack, Jack Frost is a demon possessing ice-based skills. He can be summoned in the game to fight with you as a friend or an opponent, but summoning him needs progress in the storyline. Jack Frost has a preference for the icy, frosty elements.

He is vulnerable to fire-based attacks yet immune to ice-based attacks. The Wilder, sometimes known as Mothman, is also a demon. Despite his little size and large eyes, he has a powerful set of skills and a passive ability that helps the game’s Sabbath system.

Initially, Mothman can be spotted at The Ozaki Hope Towers and then repeatedly returns to cause trouble at various times. Although Mothman cannot be recruited, he will occasionally appear in different locations and can be summoned by using different combinations. Our Wiki will cover all the skills, stats, and fusions for these demons.

How To Use Sabbath

Uses of Sabbath in Soul Hackers 2
How To Use Sabbath (Image By: eXputer)

Sabbath is a crucial feature that enables the user to launch an All-Out Attack. When facing enemies who outnumber the group, the Sabbath mechanic—which is introduced early—can completely influence the outcome. It can be helpful while trying to get out of a difficult circumstance.

A Stack is added to the meter when a combatant takes advantage of a demon’s vulnerability. By hitting adversaries who are outnumbered by the group, it can alter the result of conflicts. By focusing on an enemy’s vulnerability, the player can gain more stacks in the meter and unleash stronger assaults.

The total stacks determine how much damage the Sabbath deals. You can learn all about the benefits of the Sabbath and use it effectively against your enemies in this Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough.

How To Defeat Ash

How To Beat Ash In Soul Hackers 2
How To Defeat Ash (Image By: eXputer)

To progress through Soul Hackers 2’s storyline, players must repeatedly face the boss Ash. She makes her first appearance on Subway Line 14. In Ozaki Hope Towers, she has her second and far more challenging encounter. Her dangerous Ashes to Ashes skill has the potential to hit any party member.

Ash is also highly challenging for gamers to cope with. And A Night Lilim, her friend and confidante, is the one who is to blame. A Drake Basilisk could appear if the players beat Llilim. If the players are not prepared, she may easily eliminate an entire team with her extremely deadly style of assault.

It’s crucial to avoid this attack and maintain healing abilities. Players should concentrate on Ash’s vulnerabilities and defenses, which include her force weakness and resistance to gunfire.


best food in Soul hackers 2
Food (Image By: eXputer)

Consumables and Food can be acquired from several places, and you can find different types of food. There are a ton of meal and boost options available to players. These meals give the best game boosts; hence we would consider them to be the best. Since food isn’t available from the start, you would have to unlock it to learn how to eat food. However, once you read the guides in this wiki, you may unlock them easily.

How To Defeat R.S

First Boss of Soul Hackers 2 Guide
How To Defeat R.S (Image By: eXputer)

R.S. is the game’s first boss that players will encounter. R.S. is a shortened version of Rhyme Soldier. When you first meet him, he is extremely arrogant and confident in his abilities. He is also well-dubbed since, shortly before the fight begins, he drops some rhymes.

The players need to be aware of a few things in advance. R.S. won’t show up at the battleground alone. He will have his aggressive Bicorn stead, his faithful companion, with him. Thankfully, he is not that difficult, but he can still kill you if he manages to catch you by surprise. Our Soul Hackers 2 Walkthrough will help you easily beat R.S. and progress in the Game.

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