Return To Monkey Island

Brought to you by Terrible Toybox, Return to Monkey Island is the sixth entry in the Monkey Island franchise that follows a basic yet effective point-and-click adventure genre. In fact, the series creator, Ron Gilbert, also made a comeback and greatly added to the value of the game! Following the events of LeChuck’s Revenge, you play as Guybrush Threepwood as he sails from island to island in the fictional Caribbean around the Golden Age of Piracy! The main gameplay resembles a lot of typical interactive story games as you click around to explore the world, find different objectives, talk to unique NPCs, and solve various puzzles to progress the story! However, sometimes these puzzles or different collectibles in the game can be hard to complete on your own, but worry not, as eXputer has your back! We’ll keep you updated with the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, and best settings to help you become the best Pirate in Return to Monkey Island!