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If you used the Mimic Tear and updated your Elden Ring, then you are probably not happy with the fact that they have nerfed the poor spirit after releasing patch 1.03. Considering the Elden Ring’s cruel and tormenting nature, it is only natural that the tarnished will now be looking for a spirit summon equal in caliber to that of the Mimic Tear. There are many spirit summons in Elden Ring, but one of them that stands out the most is the Black Knife Tiche.

Key Highlights
  • You get Black Knife Tiche as a spirit summon by defeating the Ringleader’s Evergoal boss. She’s considered one of the best summons in the game.
  • To get Tiche’s Ashen Remains, you must go to the Moonlight Altar site of grace. Then find the Ringleader’s Evergaol northwest of the grace, and defeat Alecto Black Knife Ringleader.
  • You get access to Moonlight Altar grace by completing Ranni’s questline.
  • Alecto has low poise. You should use a strength build or weapons, such as greatswords, against her.

This spirit summon has a vast array of perks that would make anyone with a working brain choose her. For starters, she is unrealistically agile, attacks relentlessly without a single pause, and has a “Rune Of Death” latent skill that can reduce her foe’s total HP. And on top of all of that, she can even bring down absolute power units of bosses completely on her own.

Looking at all of Black Knife Tiche’s perks, it is safe to say that there is no better option than her to fill the void created in the player’s heart by the nerfing of the adored Mimic Tear. But now the question arises how can you get the Black Knife Tiche for yourself? Well, continue reading our guide, and you will find out how to get one of the best Ashen Remain in Elden Ring’s current meta. 

Black Knife Tiche’s Location In Elden Ring

The process of obtaining Black Knife Tiche is a very long one, but trust us when we say “It will be worth it”. For the sake of simplification, we have divided the process into three steps.

Gaining Access To Moonlight Altar Site of Grace

Ranni Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche
Ranni, the witch

In order to clear the first step for acquiring the Black Knife Tiche spirit summon, you first need to complete Ranni’s questline. You need to do her quest because upon completing Ranni’s quest, you will gain access to the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace (a prerequisite for getting Black Knife Tiche). You can find Ranni at Ranni’s Rise in the Three Sisters region of Liurnia Of The Lakes during most of her questline. Completing her quest also rewards you with Blaidd’s armor set, which is by far one of the best armor sets in Elden Ring aesthetically and stat-wise as well. Also, players will be able to get the Moonlight greatsword after completing Ranni’s quest, and this sword is also known as the Darkmoon blade. 

One thing to heed before starting Rani’s quest is that it will be a very long journey that will be filled with a number of treacherous bosses so you better be leveled up enough to deal with them. Another mentionable thing about Ranni’s questline is that it will have a noticeable impact on the ending of Elden Ring so make sure you do your research before making any crucial decision in her questline. While you’re at it, consider reading our Law of Regression location guide.

Reaching Ringleader’s Evergaol

Ringleader's Evergaol Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche
see the blue pillars? they mark the Evergaol’s location

Upon reaching the Moonlight Altar, head to the Ringleader’s Evergaol located northwest of the mentioned site of grace. The Ringleader’s Evergaol is really hard to miss as multiple huge pillars of blue light surround it. While heading towards the Evergaol, if you see some rock worms and a large grey metal plate on the ground then you know that you are on the right track.

Upon arrival, reach the center of the circle, and you will be asked “Enter Evergaol?”. Hit yes and from here on step 3 will start. Though, before hitting “yes”  you should know that you are about to fight one of the most lethal bosses in Elden Ring and you can neither summon a spirit nor use co-op for this one so be prepared. Otherwise, this boss will make you regret your life decisions.

Defeating Alecto Black Knife Ringleader

Alecto, the final hurdle to overcome

Welcome to the final step, in this one you will be defeating Alecto Black Knife Ringleader or at least we hope you do. If there is one thing we can say about this boss, it is that she is comically overpowered for her size. While fighting her you can expect a continuous and relentless barrage of fiery melee attacks, a reduction in your total HP while losing chunks of it at the same time.

She is also a rather clingy woman as she can close the gap between you and her in the blink of an eye. But all of that is not even her favorite way of bullying the tarnished, it’s a huge AOE attack in which she basically goes nuts and sprays the whole surrounding with her flame blade. Do you want to ace ranged sorcery combat? Then rad our the best spells in Elden Ring guide and learn more about them.

Alecto Black Knife Ringleader’s Weaknesses

Alecto about to get poise broken
Alecto is about to get poise broken.

Looking at her attacks, she can seem impossible to defeat, but even this boss has a weakness. It’s that she is weak to tanky strength builds or strength weapons like the greatswords and ultra greatswords in general. All you need are a few well-timed hits and you will be toying with her poise in a matter of seconds. And we all know what we do with bosses who have weak poise, we humiliate them by never letting them come back to their senses.

A brutual backstab to Alecto Evergaol Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche
A brutal backstab to Alecto

Another weakness possessed by Alecto is that she is vulnerable to backstabs, but getting the timing right here can be a bit tricky. Basically, you wait for her to finish her combo and jump at you; the moment she jumps at you is the moment you want to dodge under her.

Once she lands, quickly run behind her and do a quick backstab. If you keep repeating this strategy, then she will be dead in no time. This strategy may not be the fastest, but it is the safest.

Upon Alecto’s death, you will receive the Black Knife Tiche’s Ashen Remains, or spirit summon, and you can finally summon your own favorite assassin at will.

Upgrading Black Knife Tiche Spirit Summon

Upgrading Black Knife Tiche Ashes
Upgrading Black Knife Tiche Ashes

Although the base version of the Black Knife Tiche in Elden Ring is more than enough, you may still want to upgrade because it is better to be safe than sorry. To upgrade her, you need to obtain the Ghost Glovewort; once you have that, you can easily upgrade her and make her even more overpowered.

That about wraps up our Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche guide. If you liked this, then our Stonesword Key Locations guide will also interest you.

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