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Elden Ring is a massive open-world game that takes some of the best elements from previous FromSoftware games, improves upon them, and throws open-world elements in the mix. We did Elden Ring review, and after pouring more than 100 hours into the game, we can say that the game features some of the best melee weapons, ranged armaments, sorcery spells, incantations, and stats-boosting talismans. While there are too many things players can do once they dive into the Lands Between, that is why reading our sorted-out Elden Ring wiki page will allow you to have the necessary information and will help you get through tough bosses, collect valuable items, interact with interesting NPCs and much more.

Endings In Elden Ring

Below are all the guides in our Wiki that contain information and explanation of all the possible endings that you can get in Elden Ring. Since there are about 6 endings that you can get, we have curated a guide on all the endings and explained in detail which one is the best. Take a look at all of them down below.  

Elden Ring Tier Lists

In this section of our Elden Ring Wiki, we have compiled all the carefully analyzed tier lists that we have created for different categories of Elden Ring. You will find a detailed tier list of all the Classes, Weapons, Spells, Items, Bosses, and even Spirit Summons in our Elden Ring wiki. 

Best Builds In Elden Ring

In the best build category of our Elden Ring Wiki, we have curated guides that will help you create some of the best builds for different classes in Elden Ring. You will also find details on some of the most popular builds like Vagabond, Assassin, Astrologer, Confessor, Giant Crusher, Vampire, Arcane, and many more. 

Best Weapons, Shields & Armor Sets

If you’re looking for some of the best equipment and gear in Elden Ring then our guides below in this wiki will help you find and choose some of the best weapons in the game. We have also created guides for weapons that are suitable for a certain build. Make sure to go through all of these so that you can take down all the hardcore bosses of Elden Ring with these legendary weapons. 

Weapons & Shields Locations

In case you are struggling to find some of your favorite weapons in Elden Ring, then look no further as we have curated several guides on the location of all the popular weapons in this Elden Ring Wiki. Below you will find guides on how to get weapons like Greatswords, Greatshields, Hatchets, Katanas, Bows, and many more. 

Best Talismans, Sacred Seals & Staff

Are you a Mage or Sorcerer? Then you will love to read some of the guides we have curated on all the Talismans and Sacred Seals that you can find in our Elden Ring Wiki. We have also written guides on Staffs in Elden Ring so you can get that wizardly experience while taking on hordes of enemies that come your way. 

Talisman Locations

If you’re looking for specific talismans that you can get in Elden Ring, then look at the guides below in this wiki. With these talismans, you will be able to get a lot of boons and buffs for your weapons. 

Best Spells & Incantations

While making your way through the dark terrains of Elden Ring, you will come across certain enemies that might seem too hard to beat. Thus, you will need certain buffs that can be gained by using incantations in Elden Ring. Furthermore, if you’re looking to cast some of the best spells in Elden Ring, we have you covered. Below you will find guides on incantations, spells, and how incantations and sorcery affect your combat experience in Elden Ring. 

How To Beat Bosses

The bosses in Elden Ring are notorious for being The toughest as compared to other Soulsborne titles. Therefore, we have formulated extensive guides on the hardest bosses that you will face in Elden Ring. After reading our guides below, you will slay the likes of Malenia and Margit in no time. 

Boss Areas Locations

If you are just starting with Elden Ring, you will have a hard time locating bosses like Malenia and Mohgwyn. Therefore we have composed detailed guides on the spawn locations of bosses in Elden Ring. With our guides, you will not have to explore the map for several hours on end to find a certain boss in the game. 

Other How-To Guides

In this category, you will learn about different mechanics in Elden Ring like reviving NPCs or Parrying the bosses. You will also learn how to get your first ever Mount in Elden Ring and how to play the co-op mode or use two hands to wield weapons in the game. 

NPCs & Merchant Locations

Like in any other game, NPCs play a crucial role in the missions and quests of Elden Ring. However, finding a certain NPC might be quite hard as Elden Ring has a massive map to explore. Therefore, we have curated guides on important NPCs in Elden Ring like Twin Maiden, Blacksmith, and many more. We have also created guides on Merchant locations so that you can trade certain items in Elden Ring. 

Item Locations

Throughout your journey in the land of Elden Ring, you will have to find specific items to complete quests and gain rewards. The guides below will help you find all the key items that you will need to progress in the game. After reading our guides in this wiki you will be able to find all the Medallions, Statues, Keys, and other items in Elden Ring. 

Ash of War & Ashen Remains

Ashes Of War is a unique feature introduced in Elden Ring. You can apply them to your weapons to upgrade them and enhance their performance. On the other hand, Ashen Remains are spirits that you can summon in Elden Ring. They will help you in your combat and can also be used for different purposes depending upon the Ashen Remain you summon. Below you will find detailed guides on our wiki on how to get Ashes Of War and how to summon Ashen Remains In Elden Ring. 

Dungeon & Important Places Locations

It is no doubt that finding a specific location in Elden Ring is a strenuous task due to the map being so big. Therefore, our guides below will help you find locations like Snowy Area, Volcano Manor, Church Of Inhibition, and other important locations in Elden Ring. 

Error Codes & PC Settings Guides

If you are facing connection errors or anti-cheat errors in Elden Ring then consider reading the guides below in our Elden Ring Wiki. We have also formulated an extensive guide that will help you optimize your PC with the best settings for Elden Ring. 

Dragon Locations

 Our guides below will help you find Dragon Lord and Lichdragon in Elden Ring. 

Map Fragment Locations

Locating all the fragments of a map is not an easy task. Therefore, we have listed all locations of map fragments that are scattered throughout the world of Elden Ring. 

Complete Questline Guides

To reach an ending, you will have to complete certain questlines. While some are optional, others are necessary to progress in Elden Ring. Below are all the quest lines that you need to complete in the game. 


In this section of our Elden Ring wiki, you will find guides on Keepsakes, how to farm Runes, duplicating Remembrances, and games like Elden Ring. 

This wraps up our Elden Ring Wikipedia page. As soon as we discover a new item or anything new regarding the game we will keep our wiki page updated.

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