eXputer is a gaming-focused news and media website which serves a diverse readership from the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. eXputer specializes in reporting News, Gaming Guides, Tier Lists, Game Settings, and Error Fixes alongside happenings in the areas of Games and PC Hardware aimed at and built for gamers.

Mission Statement

Our main mission is to let our readers know about the latest happenings in the video games industry. We have a team of skilled writers who make sure to stay updated with the industry so they don’t miss out on anything important. Furthermore, one of our goals include providing our readers with self-explanatory and easy-to-understand video games guides to help them out in their digital journey.

Vision Statement: To push the frontier of advanced reporting and be the quintessential publication house for all things Gaming.

What We Do

  • We aim to keep our readers updated about the latest happenings in the world of gaming and technology.
  • Our goal is to inform, help, and entertain.
  • We write news articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and comprehensive guides about the newest tech and popular video games.
  • If there is a news story worth telling, a piece of tech worth exploring, or a game worth covering, you will find it on our website.
  • eXputer has had the opportunity to break multiple exclusive reports over time. In turn, our due diligence got us cited by several prominent gaming news outlets and organizations, such as GamesRadar, The Gamer, Game Rant, ScreenRant, Video Games Chronicle, GameSpot, GamingBolt, PC Gamer, CBR, Tech Radar, VG247, NME, Sportskeeda, Metro UK, DualShockers, and PlayStation Universe. In this manner, we have built a foundation of trust within this sprawling industry, where we are identified at the forefront of authenticity and trustworthiness with our news reporting.
  • We are also an OpenCritic Approved Website.

Our Background

  • We started as a small group of passionate individuals wanting to make our mark in the vast world of video games and tech by pursuing quality journalism and content writing aimed at helping people in their gaming journeys and making more informed decisions.
  • Today, we are a thriving team of experts covering different facets of games and tech, and striving to improve every day.

Commitment to Accuracy

Here at eXputer, we are serious when it comes to publishing source-accurate information. Before publishing content on the website, it is first thoroughly checked to ensure its information and presentation follow video game journalism and writing standards. We put in our best foot and make every effort to ensure our published content is accurate and free from:

  • Formatting errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Readability issues
  • Plagiarism issues

Why Trust Us

Every writer hired at eXputer first goes through a training period in which we educate them about the importance of content accuracy and writing an original piece that serves a purpose when a reader reads it. Furthermore, they are informed about avoiding misinformation at all costs and what it can potentially lead to. Before writing a piece, our professional writers ensure to research and collect content properly related to a topic and combine it with their knowledge and experience of a video game. That way, the produced content is always authentic and free from errors.


Many readers find it crucial to read reviews before they decide on getting a much-anticipated game. Our team of writers try their best to publish reviews as soon as any game is released.

We are happy to receive review copies for games before their first release, but not all offers are entertained. Offers concerning paid reviews are always respectfully declined.

Our main goal is to provide our readers with unbiased, critical, and authentic reviews as soon as any game is released. We want our readers to be promptly informed about any issues or problems with the games they want to buy.

Fact-Checking Policy

  • We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our work.
  • Each of our reviews, articles, guides, and tier lists are put together after comprehensive research and are reviewed rigorously for errors and shortcomings.
  • As such, we make all possible efforts to ensure that our work is free from formatting and grammatical errors and plagiarism, and readability issues.
  • Nonetheless, there is always the possibility that a few mistakes can slip past our checks.
  • Therefore, we welcome feedback and encourage you to contact us via editor[at]exputer.com in case of any inaccuracy or errors in our published work.
  • Any such reports are taken very seriously, and immediate efforts are made to rectify the issue.


Our content is “For Gamers, Created By Gamers.”  Our expansive team at eXputer strives to provide the latest, original and useful content to our viewers. Our every section, from news to troubleshooting guides, is covered by individuals with vast expertise and passion for that particular domain. This lets them think outside the box and publish the most engaging and authentic pieces you can find online.

Our Team

  • We maintain an inclusive and healthy workspace here at eXputer.
  • Our diverse team consists of passionate and seasoned veterans with extensive knowledge and credibility within their respective fields.
  • Through the collective effort of our panel of writers, we deliver coverage, opinions, and how-to guides that you can always trust.

Our Team comprises of professionals who have made their mark in various fields of technology and those who are simply passionate about talking about technology. Our team scans the globe for stories that will interest computer users. Stories developed on this site are written and edited by professional staff writers and editors, working hard to expand their footprint in the field of journalism. 

In the end, all our efforts culminate with the end goal of providing our readers with the best-in-class help and comprehensive, accurate and relevant information so that they can progress in their own ways and make informed decisions for all their gaming and tech needs! You may also read our Editorial Guidelines.

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