Elden Ring All Rapiers & How To Get Them

Thrust bosses with Rapiers and keep poking players in PVP from afar.

Thrusting Swords, also known as Rapiers, has two different versions in Elden Ring, and there are only a few weapons that you’ll find in this category, but most of them work really well in the game. Some rapiers are small but faster with a lesser range, while others are heavy-thrusting swords that are slower but work at a longer range.

Key Takeaways
  • Rapiers are the best thrusting weapons that you can use in Elden Ring, and there are two different variants of these weapons additionally.
  • The Antspur Rapier is probably the best rapier in the game as it can deal Scarlet Rot to enemies, which is a really deadly status effect in the game.
  • The Bloody Helice is another contender for the best rapier in the game, but it is a heavy-thrusting sword and has more range with slower attack animations. 
  • The Frozen Needle can cause frost build-up, but its charged attack is what makes the weapon so special. 
  • Dragon King’s Cragblade is another great heavy thrusting sword with a strong weapon skill, but it can only be obtained in the end game.
  • Rogier’s Rapier is the best choice for an early-game rapier, and it is received as a +8 version from Rogier once you defeat Godrick The Grafted.
  • The normal Rapier and Estoc are also good choices for early-game thrusting weapons, with the Rapier having the best critical damage output.
  • The Godskin Stitcher is a good heavy-thrusting sword if you’re looking for a more customizable heavy rapier in the game.
  • The Great Epee is a good weapon to start your heavy rapier build early in the game until you get your hands on a better thrusting weapon.
  • The Noble’s Estoc and Cleanrot Knight’s Sword are good rapiers, but it is a hassle to obtain them, whereas you can get better thrusting swords easily.
  • Our best rapier build will utilize power stancing two of the best rapiers in the game additionally and includes;
    1. Dual Wielding the Antspur Rapier and Frozen Needle.
    2. Infusing the Antspur Rapier with dex and putting most of our points in that stat.
    3. Using the Flame, Grant Me Strength Spell.
    4. Mixing the Greenburst Crystal Tear and Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear in Wondrous Physick.
    5. Using the Claw Talisman, Spear Talisman, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, and Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom.
Important: The number of rapiers that you can get is quite limited, and the best ones are located in the mid to late game in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Rapiers

As we have already mentioned before that, there are two different versions of the rapiers in the game, but we will discuss the best ones out of both of these categories.

Antspur Rapier

elden ring best rapiers
Antspur Rapier In The Game (Image Captured by Us)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10021

Anstspur Rapier is probably the best rapier in the game, as is evident from most feedback from the playerbase. It is one of the few weapons that deal Scarlet Rot additionally. It is additionally very well designed and adds to fashion as well.

Infusions And Upgrades

  • The best part about the Antspur Rpaier is that you can infuse it with your favorite Ash Of War in the game, and Smithing Stones are used to upgrading this weapon additionally.
  • Using the Bloodhound’s Step ash of war will make it an even more powerful weapon, especially in PVP.
  • Or, you can also infuse the Antspur with cold or poison to deal even more status effect damage which will make the weapon an absolute menace in PVE.
  • Scarlet Rot is a really deadly status effect, and the fact that you can build it up using a thrusting weapon makes the Antspur Rapier the best rapier in the game.

How To Get

elden ring best rapiers
Location Of NPC Invader At The Shaded Castle (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • In order to obtain the weapon, you’ll have to unlock the Altus Plateau area first.
  • Then make your way to The Shaded Castle, which is also shown in the image above.
  • On the left side of the castle, where you can see a blue marker, an NPC will invade you.
  • Killing that NPC invader will net you the Antspur Rapier in the game.

Frozen Needle

elden ring best rapiers
Frozen Needle In The Game (Image by eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10020

The Frozen Needle is the next-best rapier in the game, and it can also be obtained early in the game if you know what you’re doing. It cannot be infused with Ash Of War, and you will need Somber Smithing Stones in order to upgrade the weapon. That’s actually a good thing since you can get Somber Smithing Stones earlier than the normal ones.

Strong Charged Attacks

  • As for why the weapon is great, firstly, it can build up frost, which is another deadly status effect in the game, and most bosses are weak to it.
  • The default ash of war of the weapon isn’t that great, but it is the Charged Heavy Attack that is another great part of the weapon.
  • You can basically throw projectiles at enemies and bosses that deal damage in addition to building up frost.
  • This projectile attack can catch most players off guard in PVP as well and adds to the deadliness of the weapon.

How To Get

elden ring best rapiers
Location Of Kingsrealm Ruins In Elden Ring (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • The Frozen Needle is located in the upper part of Liurnia Of The Lakes inside the boss room of Kingsrealm Ruins.
  • Make your way to the location shown in the image above and look for the boss room, which is located on the right side of the ruins.
  • The boss that you fight is quite tough and is known as the Royal Revenant.
  • This boss might give you trouble, but you can use Spirit Ashes to make quick work of him.
  • After you kill the boss, you can obtain the Frozen Needle from a treasure chest.

Bloody Helice

elden ring best rapiers
Bloody Helice In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10034

This is the first heavy-thrusting sword on our list of best rapiers, and it makes for a really strong weapon in the game. Yes! You cannot alter Bloody Helice’s Ash Of War, and you need Somber Smithing Stones in order to upgrade it.

Strong Weapon Skill

  • However, its default weapon skill is really strong and part of the reason that makes the weapon one of the best Rapiers in the game additionally.
  • Dynast’s Finesse is the weapon skill of the Bloody Helice, and it perfectly fits the moveset of a rapier.
  • You basically dodge swiftly using this skill, and it also gives you i-frames.
  • Additionally, you can follow up with a light or heavy attack immediately after the dodge.
  • Lastly, the Blood Helice also causes Blood Loss Buildup, which makes the rapier even more strong.
  • The weapon definitely fights with the Antspur Rapier for the top spot as both are really great rapiers, and it only depends if you like to use the normal rapiers or the heavier ones.

How To Get

elden ring best rapiers
Location Of Writheblood Ruins In Elden Ring (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • You will have to beat the boss in Writheblood Ruins, located in Altus Plateau, and open up the treasure chest in order to obtain the Bloody Helice in the game.
  • The boss that you face is the Sanguine Noble, and he’s really tough to beat, so make sure that you go prepared.

Dragon King’s Cragblade

elden ring best rapiers
Dragon King’s Cragblade In The Game (Image credit: eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10034

The Dragon King’s Cragblade is another great heavy-thrusting sword or rapier in the game, but it can only be obtained in the end game. Its ash of war is also fixed, and Somber Smithing Stones will be used to upgrade the weapon. The weapon has great range and is much more useful for PVP due to its skill known as the Thundercloud Form makes for a really strong ash of war exclusive to this weapon.

How To Get

elden ring best rapiers
Enia At Roundtable Hold In Elden Ring (Image Captured by Us)
  • You can obtain the Cragblade once you defeat Dragonlord Placidusax in Elden Ring.
  • That boss fight is located in Farum Azula, which is an end-game area additionally.
  • Once you beat the boss, you can trade its Remembrance for the Cragblade from Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

Rogier’s Rapier

item in the game
Rogier’s Rapier In The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost11022

The Rogier’s Rapier is probably the best choice for a rapier in the early game, and its ash of war is actually strong even during mid-game. The Glintblade Phalanax ash of war can stagger most bosses easily as it breaks the posture swiftly in only a few casts.

How To Get

item in the game
Rogier Present At Roundtable Hold (Image by eXputer)
  • Additionally, when you receive the weapon from Rogier, it comes in a +8 version by default which is why it is useful during the early game.
  • In order to get the weapon, just meet Rogier at the Stormveil Castle and beat Godrick.
  • After you beat Godrick, go speak with Rogier at the Roundtable Hold, and you will receive the weapon in Elden Ring.


item in the game
Rapier In The Game (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost13020

The normal Rapier is also a strong thrusting sword for your early game, and you can infuse it with whatever Ash Of War that you like additionally. The weapon can also be upgraded with normal Smithing Stones.

Strong Critical Damage

  •  The reason why the rapier is a strong weapon is due to its extremely high critical damage that is close to daggers in the game.
  • Basically, you can deal maximum damage on backstabs or after breaking posture and parrying using the Rapier. 

How To Get

item in the game
Twin Maiden Husks In Elden Ring (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  •  You can easily obtain the Rapier at the beginning of the game, and all you need is to make your way to the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring.
  • You can purchase it from the Twin Maiden Husks for 1000 Runes.

Godskin Stitcher

elden ring best rapiers
Godskin Stitcher In The Game (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10033

The Godskin Stitcher is also a heavy-thrusting sword in the game, and it is quite different from the ones that we’ve mentioned before.

Customizable Heavy Rapier

  • Although it is a bit weaker than other heavy rapiers, the ability to change its Ash Of War makes it a strong heavy thrusting sword in the game.
  • Normal Smithing Stones are required to upgrade the weapon.
  • You have the range and damage of a heavy-thrusting sword.
  • Still, you can overcome the slow attack animations by using various ash of wars and experimenting around with the weapon, which is not possible with other heavy rapiers (except Great Epee).

How To Get

elden ring best rapiers
The Godskin Noble At Volcano Manor In Elden Ring (Image credit: eXputer)
  •  You’ll have to beat the Godskin Noble at the Volcano Manor in order to obtain this weapon in Elden Ring.

Great Epee

item in game
The Great Epee In The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10031

If you’re looking for a heavy rapier during your early game or you just want to start your playthrough with such a weapon, then the Great Epee is your best choice, as it can be obtained right after finishing the tutorial. It is a great heavy-thrusting weapon that’ll get you through most of your early game until you find a better rapier.

How To Get

item in game
The Location Of Great Epee In Elden Ring (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • You need Smithing Stones to upgrade the weapon, and its Ash Of War can also be altered additionally.
  • You can obtain the weapon at an enemy camp near Agheel Lake, the location of which is shown in the image above.
  • It is located inside a treasure chest at that camp.


item in the game
Estoc In The Game (Image Captured by Us)
Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10024

The third last weapon on our list of best rapiers in the Trusty Estoc that you can also obtain early in the game. It is a great choice for an early game rapier that gives you all the benefits of range, and the weapon has a great scaling with Dexterity additionally. You can also infuse the Estoc and upgrade it with Smithing Stones.

How To Get

item in the game
Location Of The Merchant Selling Estoc In Elden Ring (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • You can purchase the Estoc from a merchant found in Liurnia of the Lakes for 3000 Runes.
  • He is located at the very beginning of the region additionally.
  • Lastly, if you decide to choose the Prisoner Class at the beginning, then the Estoc will be your starting weapon in the game.

Noble’s Estoc And Cleanrot Knight’s Sword

elden ring best rapier
The Noble’s Estoc And Cleanrot Knight’s Sword In Elden Ring (Image Captured by Us)

Noble’s Estoc has the following stats;

Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10022

Cleanrot Knight’s Sword has the following stats;

Base StatsAttackGuard
Critical/ Boost10023

Noble’s Estoc and the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword are good rapiers for PVP but aren’t just viable in PVE, mostly due to the reason that the method of obtaining these weapons is not great. You will have to farm for these weapons by killing certain enemies again and again. Additionally, it is just not worth it because you can get better rapiers easily in the game.

How To Get

elden ring best rapiers
The Wandering Nobles And Cleanrot Knight, Respectively (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Smithing Stones are used to upgrading both of these weapons, and their Ash Of War can be changed.
  • You will need to farm the Wandering Nobles enemies in order to get the Noble’s Estoc.
  • You will need to farm the Lesser Cleanrot Knights in order to get the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword.

The Best Rapier Build

item in the game
Best Rapier Build In The Game (Image by eXputer)
  • Weapons: Frozen Needle and Antspur Rapier
  • Talismans: Claw Talisman, Spear Talisman, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, and Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom
  • Wondrous Physick Mix: Green burst Crystal Tear and Dexterity Knot Crystal Tear
  • Spells: Flame, Grant Me Strength


We are going to power-stance rapiers for our best-thrusting sword build. You can keep applying frost using the Frozen Needle and Scarlet Rot using the Antspur Rapier. Additionally, you can even apply poison if you infuse the Antspur Rapier with a poison Ash of War.

Rapiers, in general, don’t do as much damage compared to other weapons in the game, which is why we are going to maximize our damage output not only by power-stancing the weapons but also by applying status effects to enemies and bosses.

Stats To Level Up

  • As for the level-ups, you should focus on the dexterity stat more than the strength stat and give the Antspur Rapier an infusion that scales well off dex.
  • Additionally, level up some faith so that you can utilize the spell of our build in the game.
  • Lastly, just focus on vigor and stamina apart from the stats mentioned before.

Spells And Talismans

  • Flame, Grant Me Strength is a really great spell to boost our maximum damage with these rapiers in the game.
  • Claw Talisman will increase your damage dealt by jump attacks.
  • The Spear Talisman increases the damage dealt by counter-attacking using thrusting weapons such as the rapiers.
  • Prosthesis Heirloom will boost our Dex stat, and you can swap it out if you’re not using a dex infusion for the Antspur Rapier.
  • Lastly, the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman is one of the best talismans in the game that almost every build should have. It increases our maximum defense and will help us tank attacks from some of the end-game bosses additionally.

Wondrous Physick Mix

  • Again, the Dexterity Crystal Tear will increase our dex stat for a certain amount of time, and you can swap it out depending on your infusions.
  • The Greenburst Crystal Tear is absolutely necessary, as you’ll need all the stamina regen that you can get in the game. 

This concludes our guide on Elden Ring rapiers that you can find and use in Elden Ring. We have not only entailed the best rapiers but also the method of obtaining them in complete detail. These unique weapons can work great to help you take down bosses such as Malenia, Blade of Miquella as well as the almighty Starscourge Radahn. According to a subreddit post, the Antspur Rapier is a fan-favorite weapon preferred by various players.

Additionally, we have also explained one of the best builds that you can make using rapiers in the game. We hope that the guide was helpful in learning everything that you need to know about rapiers. Let us know what you think about Elden Ring in the comments below!


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