Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love [Walkthrough]

Time to interrupt a Candlelit Dinner for a treasure chest.

Hogwarts Legacy takes the players back to the Wizarding World. Now they don’t follow Harry Potter but a new protagonist with a new set of quests. There are some interesting quests that are different according to the house you selected. One of these quests in Hogwarts Legacy is the Ghost of Our Love quest. Although the quest will be the same for all houses, its pre-requisite quest will be different for all houses.

Key Takeaways
  • Ghost of Our Love is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • In the quest, you will have to read a treasure map to get the rewards.
  • You can get the quest through unique quests for each house.
  • For Gryffindor, you will have to complete the quest ‘Hunt for the Missing Pages’.
  • As for Slytherin, the unique quest is named ‘Scrope’s Last Hope.’
  • Whereas the Hufflepuff students will have to complete the ‘Prisoner of Love’ quest.
  • Ravenclaw students will have to finish the ‘Ollivander’s Heirloom.’
  • You will have to follow the candles using Lumos spell and get to the treasure location.
  • In the treasure, you will be rewarded with unique gear, Galleons, and XP.

Ghost Of Our Love

Ghost of our love is a side-quest in Hogwarts Legacy. It is one of the few quests that is affected by the house that you choose. But in the end, the reward will be the same. You’ll have to perform the same steps and head toward the same location to complete the quest.

It isn’t a quest in which you will have to defeat your opponents or anything like that. Nor will you have to solve a puzzle. Instead, in the quest, you will have to identify a location using a treasure map. How to acquire the treasure map in the game will be different as it depends on which house you joined in Hogwarts Legacy.

Completing The Quest

You’ll have to get the Treasure Map that leads you to where the treasure is. If you complete the questline, you’ll eventually come across the map, but if you haven’t, then we’ve mentioned below how you can get it.

Once you have acquired the map, you can finally start the quest Ghost of Our Love. The quest won’t have any quest marker where you need to go. Instead, you will have to take hints from the map. Then, you will have to travel to that specific point on the map and cast a spell to start the quest. We will put a Picture of the Treasure Map for you to give it a shot.

Ghost of our love treasure map hogwarts legacy.
The Treasure map in the quest. [Image by eXputer]
If you can’t manage to find that specific location on the map of Hogwarts then don’t worry. There are tons of Bridges and trees near Hogwarts, and you can’t find it easily if you happen to know where it is. We found its locations. And it is located near the Forbidden Forest Floo Station. There is a small bridge, and near it is a crumbling arch. When you arrive there, you need to go to the Lamp post.

floo station for ghost of our love.
The Forbidden Forest Floo Station. [Image by eXputer]

Floating Candles

Now the quest won’t start unless it is nighttime. So, you will have to wait till it’s night. For that, open the map and then wait by pressing the specific button. On controllers, press the right analog button and on Computer, press the F button. That will make you wait till nighttime.

Once it’s night, go to the Lamp Post and then cast the Lumos Spell. Floating Candles will appear out of nowhere. You will then have to follow the candles as they go inside the Forbidden Forest. Now we know that the Forbidden Forest is Forbidden to students as it is quite dangerous. But the trail you will follow will be safe, and you won’t come across any harm.

Follow candles in Ghost of our love.
Follow the Candles. [Image by eXputer]
Keep following the Candles, and you will be led to a romantic candlelit table dinner. Although it is quite lovely, you’re not there for the dinner, you are there for the rewards of the Treasure Map. When you get there, you a chest will pop up. Open the chest, and you will be rewarded with a random Gear piece. In addition to that, you will get a hefty number of Galleons and 180 XP as a reward for completing the quest.

The rewards of the quest. [Image by eXputer]


The Ghost of Our Love quest has a few requirements that the players must fulfill in order to get the quest. If you still haven’t, then it means that those are missing. We’ll list them down so you can check them out and get the quest asap.

You’ll first have to ensure that you have attended all of the opening classes. That means that you will have to meet with the professors, and at times will have to complete their assignments to progress through the story. You’ll then have to go to Lower Hogsfield and complete the first Trails of Merlin main quest. When you have completed the quest, you will get an Owl Post.

Lastly, you will have to complete each of the house-specific quests to get started with the quest. You can get the map during the quest or after the quest has ended. That’s all you need to do to get started with the quest. 

Acquiring the Map

If you haven’t acquired the Treasure Map yet, it means that you haven’t completed the prerequisite quest that leads to the map. For each of the prerequisite quests, you will have to acquire the map using your own house-specific quests. In each of the quests, you will have to go to a location where you’ll find the Map. Now each of these houses has different quests for it, we will list all of them so you can find the Map easily, regardless of whichever house you choose.


for the house Gryffindor, you’ll come across the map in the quest ‘Hunt for the Missing Pages‘. In the quest, you’ll get approached by Nearly Headless Nick. He will inform you that he might have the lead to the pages that you are looking for. If you don’t remember the pages, then they are from the book that you found in the Restricted Section of the Library. When you get that book and show it to Professor Figs, he’ll tell you that it is missing some pages.

But before he tells you where to locate the pages, you first need to do something for him. He’ll ask you to go into the kitchen underneath the Great Hall and get him Rotten Meat. As he is a ghost, he has no sense of taste, and he can only taste the Rotten Meat.

When you get him the Rotten Meat, you’ll find that he was planning to give it to the Headless Hunt leader Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore. While you’re talking with Patrick, you can go up to a crypt and find the Map to the treasure there. You can go on and complete the quest, but we have acquired the Map that we need for the Ghost of Our Love quest.

Location of Gryiffindor map.
You will find the map in the Graveyard at Hogsmeade. [Image by eXputer]


If you selected the Slytherin House, you will come across the Treasure Map in a completely different quest. The quest is named ‘Scrope’s Last Hope.’ In the quest, you’ll find Scrope’s Note in the Clock Tower Courtyard. It will be in the center of the Courtyard on one of the statues. The Note will tell you that Scrope knows about the book from the Restricted Section of the Library. With that, the Note will guide you to the next Note.

The second note is located next to the Boulders right after you exit the Bridge. You can’t get up to the Boulder so you will have to use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to place a crate nearly next to the Boulder. Once you have successfully done that, you can read the note on the Boulder. It will tell you to head toward the Pumpkins Patch. Go there, and in one of the Pumpkins will be the 3rd note. Use a basic attack to explode the pumpkin and reveal the note.

The note will tell you where you’ll find Scrope. Locate him, and he’ll tell you that he knows where the missing pages might be. They are in a cave that you need to get into. When you get inside the cave, place the toast on the Pedestal there. Then, you will find the Treasure Map inside a chest in the cave. You will then complete the quest by talking with Richard and then with Scrope.

Slytherin map location.
As a Slytherin, you’ll find the map in a cave. [Image by eXputer]


To get the map as a Hufflepuff, you will have to start the quest ‘Prisoner of Love.’ Before the quest begins, you will get an owl that tells you a specific portrait in the Hufflepuff Common Room wants to talk with you. The portrait of Eldritch Diggory asks you to solve a murder case. And that will, in turn, help you locate the missing pages from the book that you acquired in the Restricted Section of the Library.

You will have to speak with his niece, Helen, who lives in Hogsfield. She will tell you that the murdered boy was Jackdaw, and he got murdered while he went to visit a girl Anne.

Anne was condemned to life in Azkaban, and your job is to go meet her to uncover the truth about the murder. When you visit Azkaban, you’ll be attacked by two Dementors. Helen uses Expecto Protonum to save both of you. Then, you meet with Anne, and she tells you about the vault in Upper Hogsfield.

Now when you go to Upper Hogsfield, you will need to go to Claire Beaumont’s Vendor Stall. Behind the stall is a home, and if you check beside the house’s door, you’ll find a Chest. Inside that chest is the Treasure Map. Take it, and you have acquired the Treasure Map as a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuffs map.
Hufflepuffs can find the map in Upper Hogsfield. [Image by eXputer]


Lastly, if you are a Ravenclaw and want to get your hands on the Treasure Map, then you will have to start the ‘Ollivander’s Heirloom’ quest. As the quest’s name suggests, you have to look for a Wand that is an Heirloom to the Ollivanders family. For that, you will have to go to Hogsmeade, where you’ll find Gerbold Ollivander. He will ask for your assistance in tracking down the wand that Jackdaw took from them. He’ll then suggest you look for it near the Owlery.

 Inside the Owlery, you will have to use Accio on small alcoves where the owls are resting. A few of them will give you small Jackdaw statues. You’ll need a total of 3. When you have acquired them, you can then place those in their designated spots. Then you will have to retrieve two more Jackdaw statues. A cutscene is triggered in which the wind will take you to the top of Owlery.

There you will meet with Richard Jackdaw, who will help you locate the missing Wand and the pages from the book that you acquired in the Restricted Section. Once the cutscenes end, look for the Treasure Map on the top floor of the Owlery. That’s how you will get the Treasure Map as a Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaws map.
Ravenclaw’s map is on the top floor of Owlery. [Image by eXputer]

Final Words

Hogwarts Legacy has shown promise for Harry Potter Fans. The game is so good that we have given it a solid score in our Hogwarts Legacy Review. Once started, there is a lot for the fans to explore; check out our Beginner’s Guide, which is useful even if you’ve spent a few hours in the game. Likewise, check out the Best Settings for Hogwarts Legacy to get the highest FPS.

You can move around the map using a Broom. Or you can get different Wand Handles along with a fully customized wand (within the limited options). There is a lot for you to explore, whether it’s learning powerful spells like Avada Kedavra or Confringo or learning useful spells like Alohomora. You can check out different Treasure Vaults or get the Best Legendary Gear; it all depends on you and how you want to proceed.

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