Atomic Heart: How To Defeat All Enemy Robots

Robots have taken over the world. Here's how to defeat them.

Atomic Heart is an alternate timeline for the USSR in which the robots developed by the nation went rogue. The robots were all once used to help humanity prosper. But when things went south, they turned against humans. Facing these robots isn’t an easy task. You will have to prepare yourself and learn all about enemy robots in Atomic Heart.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a variety of Enemy Robots in Atomic Heart.
  • Some of these are low-level Robots, whereas others are Boss level.
  • ARU-31/6 Rotorobot is a melee robot that has spinning blades as its main weapon.
  • Whereas the LUC-1 Owl will fire missiles at you while going at a fast speed.
  • The MFU-68 Laborer has a saw blade in it that it fires toward you.
  • As for the MTU-7 Bumblebee, they are quite durable and will take a lot of hits before they go down.
  • RAF-9 Engineer will be friendly towards you as long as you don’t act aggressively in front of them.
  • The VOV-A6 Lab Tech comes in three different versions of the robot in Atomic heart. Each of those is deadlier than the earlier version.
  • WSP-9 Pchela has three different variations of the same model. They each serve a different purpose.
  • HOG-7 Hedgie moves around at great speed and launches rockets at you from time to time.
  • The Chimpanzee-like MA-9 Belyash moves a lot. You will have to use Polymeric Jet’s freeze against it to land a hit.
  • NA-T256 “Natasha” can perform long-range melee attacks and fire rockets toward you.
  • The Dewdrop will fire a laser at you which you can easily dodge. In the second phase, it will use tentacles against you.
  • Lastly, the Twins will have tons of combo attacks that you will have to dodge all the time. You will have to make time to land hits on them.
IMPORTANT: Each of these Robots has a different mechanism. Make sure to get familiar with every one of them before you go out to face them.

ARU-31/6 Rotorobot

the ARU-31/6 Rotorobot was Initially designed for Agricultural tasks. Its tasks include crop harvesting, clearing weeds, and other such tasks. To accomplish that, it can work in harsh conditions. That is thanks to its mower blades that start to rotate at 540 RPM. Yes, those blades on its arms are mower blades that can chop you in mere seconds.

Even though it seems quite weak, if you have encountered it, you will know how deadly it actually is. It has great mobility and if you are not aware of your surroundings, the Rotorobot will quickly close the gap and land a hit on you. It doesn’t have great armor that can take more than a few hits.


Defeating the Rotorobot is quite easy if you know what you’re doing. It is a melee robot that can deal tons of damage with its spinning blades. It will attack you with a charge while quickly spinning its blades. So, if you want to get rid of it quickly, here’s one thing you should know. If you are trying to fight it in melee, you won’t come out successful in the fight.

To defeat it, you will have to ensure that there is a distance between you and Rotorobot. Make sure you’re using a gun as only then can you hit them and keep a distance. They won’t take more than a few hits for you to defeat them.

LUC-1 Owl

LUC-1 Owl has blades that are as big as owl eyes, hence the name Owl. Their original purpose is to perform security tasks at the farm. They keep an eye on the cattle and ensure that no one is messing with the farm. The big blades give it a fast speed of 75km/h. That allows it to move from one place to another in mere seconds.


The Owl will have, as we’ve mentioned, fast movement speed. It will always try to get the upper hand in the fight by trying to move around so it is harder for you to kill them. Not only that, but they also fire missiles at you that when hit do quite some damage.

To dodge them and deal with them, you will have to make sure that you’re ready to dodge them as soon as possible. And when you have a distance between the Owl and yourself, you can always shoot at it to kill it.

MFU-68 Laborer

The MFU-68 Laborer acts as the shepherd for cattle at any farm. Its structure allows it to get easily from one location to another, even if there is rough terrain. Not only that, the design is so durable that it can survive in harsh weather conditions easily. At times, a few Laborers can join up and take care of large animal herds.

The large saw-blade on its head allows it to cut through trees. These logs are then transferred to desired locations using other robots. And thanks to the strong structure, it can withstand harsh conditions and do its work with ease.

The Laborer.
Its sawblade is quite deadly. [Image Credit: eXputer]


The Laborer will always try to get near you and use its saw blade to cut through you. But, even if there is a gap between you and the Laborer, it will then lunge the Saw Blade toward you. The goal to deal with it is to keep a distance and make sure that you’re out in the open so you can dodge its attacks easily.  

MTU-7 Bumblebee

The MTU-7 Bumblebee is named as such because it has a fat body and two fans on its sides which shape resembles the Bumblebee insect. It is a heavy-duty robot that can carry up to ten tons of weight. That shows that it is useful in industry, construction, and other such heavy tasks. It makes moving heavy machinery from one spot to another quite easy.


The MTU-7 Bumblebee in Atomic Heart is quite a durable robot. You will have to fight with it while making sure to keep an eye on your bullets. That is because if you run out of them, you won’t have anything to deal with it.

RAF-9 Engineer

The repair assistants RAF-9 Engineer robots were quite popular among the people. That is because they can do a variety of tasks at hand. Whether it’s production, operation, repair, or even maintenance of any equipment, that resulted in their popularity, as everyone loved them. Not only that, but their programming also allows them to work even as bartenders or waiters too. It depends on how you want to utilize them.


RAF-9 Engineer robots are versatile. And as they are designed to be helpful towards everyone, they won’t attack you unless provoked. Make sure that you don’t act aggressively in front of them as they will recognize you as an enemy. Once provoked, they will attack you with their full strength. As they are quite durable, defeating them will be a task.

VOV-A6 Lab Tech

There are three variations of VOV-A6 Lab Tech that you come across in Atomic Heart. These variations are all upgrades to the original design, giving them more and more abilities with each upgrade. They have humanoid shapes that were to help human employees at research facilities feel at home.

The designs of the robots got upgraded as they made progress. First, it was plastics, which was then changed into Aluminum alloys and eventually upgraded later on into biological polymer. Their sensors give them precision in their tasks to help them make accurate calculations of the experiments.

The Lab Tech in Atomic heart.
The first Lab Tech version. [Image Credit: eXputer]


The first model is easy to defeat as it will only take two hits to kill them. It will run towards you and launch a kick that you can easily dodge. As for the second with an aluminum alloy body, it is much stronger and more mobile than the first design. In a fight, they will deal great damage.

Due to the Aluminum body, normal bullets can’t hit them. To kill them, you will have to either hit them with blasts or with environmental attacks. The best strategy is to freeze them and get behind them to attack them. That way, you can skip past its metal body.

The last one, made of biological Polymer, is the deadliest out of the three. It has the health of the three as it is the better version of them all. Not only that, but you’ll also have to deal with a lot of different attack types from it. Not only that, but it can also fire a laser beam toward you that can be deadly if you’re not ready for it.

WSP-9 Pchela

The WSP-9 Pchela comes in three different designs. But unlike the VOV-A6 Lab Tech, they aren’t upgrades to each model. Instead, they are variations of the same model that are designed for different tasks. They can deliver cargo from one spot to another. Usually, they are used to repair robots to ensure full efficiency. And thanks to their small size, they are quite mobile and will be hard at times to keep track of them.


They are each designed for different purposes, so you will have to deal with them judging on their design. One of these can shoot lasers toward you whereas the other has a blade underneath it that can cut you down. The last one is there to keep an eye on you and let other robots know your current location.

HOG-7 Hedgie

Up next, we have the HOG-7 Hedgie. Its original purpose was to be a survey robot that would cover larger areas and then collect any rare plants or rocks that it found. Now don’t get taken back by its huge size; as you encounter it, you will note that it has fast speed. Thanks to that speed, it could quickly survey a larger area. In addition to that, it can use the hardware inside to quickly process data on any sample of plants or rocks that it comes across.

The Hog-7 Hedgie.
Wait for the Hedgie to overheat so you can attack it. [Image Credit: eXputer]


Now the HOG-7 Hedgie can be quite deadly. We find that out as soon as the fight starts when Charles tells us that this types of robots in Atomic Heart are quite dangerous. You’ll note how quickly the Hedgie goes around the map in circles. If you’re not playing on higher mouse sensitivity, then you won’t be able to follow it as it rotates around the map. Now to defeat it, you will first have to analyze each of its moves and check how to defeat it.

First off, we get to see the blast wave that it creates by slamming on the ground. When the blast wave comes to you, you will have to jump to dodge it. As it will be going around the boss fight arena, it will fire three missiles at a time toward you. You will have to dodge them, which will be easy as long as you’re keeping an eye on their attacks.

Another part of its attacks is that it will come towards you at a great speed. You will have to dodge it. At that time, you can use the green posts in the park to call structures. If it slams into one, it will stop for a few seconds while it recovers. At that time, you can get near it and shoot at its weak points.

If you can’t manage to get it to slam into the structures, then you can wait for it to heat up. That will happen as it is moving around the arena at a fast speed. When it waits to cool down, it will reveal its weak spots. You can shoot at them and deal tons of damage to them. We would suggest using a shotgun at close range as it can deal great damage with each shot.

MA-9 “Belyash”

The MA-9 Belyash’s original purpose was plumbing, installation, and wielding works. It has a powerful structure that allows it to carry heavy weight. It wields using arc welding technology. Its strong body makes it resistant to harsh conditions. While the boss fights, it moves around a lot. It jumps from here to there in the boss fight. And that is because its internal structure is that of a chimpanzee. That allows it to get to hard-to-reach surfaces and perform its arc wield tasks, among many other tasks.

Belyash in Atomic Heart Robots.
Belyash as structure like a Chimpanzee. [Image Credit: eXputer]


When the fight starts, you will get a pop-up tutorial that recommends that you use the Polymeric Jet to use enhanced freezing against it. That is because since it moves a lot, the only way to deal with it quickly is to freeze it up. And then, you can get closer to it and hit it with the axe. That way, you’ll be dealing greater damage at no ammunition cost.

Its attacks include slamming on the ground with its hands spinning around itself. For that, you can simply dodge away. Then it will jump up and pick a boulder to hurl toward you. If you don’t save yourself from it, half your hp will be gone in a hit. And it will jump up and then slam on the ground. That will leave a blast wave that you will have to dodge by jumping over it.

Once its health falls to half, its attacks will become much more deadly, and the delay between each of them will be reduced. Now it will blast out fire from the red vents on its head. The boulder that it throws will have blast waves that you’ll have to dodge. As you drop more of its health, it will become even more deadly. We recommend that you keep your distance as you lower its health with each hit.

NA-T256 Natasha

One of the main reasons for the development of the USSR in Atomic Heart is NA-T256 “Natasha”. According to the files available in the game, the USSR wouldn’t have been able to progress as quickly as it did without ‘Natasha’. That is because it is a heavy-duty loader robot that can carry huge weights. Not only that, but it can also keep on working for longer durations without needing to recharge its battery.

The NA-T256 Natasha.
Natasha will launch melee attacks and missiles at you. [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Natasha robot has rockets on its back. These allow it to rise up in the sky. That makes its use versatile. We get to see it use its rockets during the boss fight, where it uses them to launch up into the sky.


When fighting with Natasha, you will have to be careful of her melee attacks. It will lunge forward its hands, which can deal a ton of damage. And if there is a distance between it and you, then it can be clear that by using the rocket engines that we mentioned earlier. And at times, it will fire rockets toward you that you’ll have to dodge.

One attack that can become tedious to dodge will be its spinning hands. It increases the range of its hands and then spins them around itself in a circular motion. If you are not far enough, they can hit you. After it ends, it will fall, giving you a few seconds to land hits on it easily. When its health drops to half, it will fly up in the sky and release small explosive balls downwards. They will keep following you and explode in proximity.


The Dewdrop is not a complete robot but a bionic creature. There are biopolymer muscles inside its head, and you get to see them when you fight it. Its original purpose was to be used in the Mining industry. Its size and strength allow it to carry heavy loads. And thanks to the laser installed on its head, it can do efficient drilling too.

dewdrop in atomic heart robots.
Dewdrop can be hard to defeat. [Image Credit: eXputer]


To defeat Dewdrop, you will have to be ready to dodge its laser attacks. Although the laser won’t take time to reach you like a missile, it will have an animation before it hits you. That will give you ample time to prepare yourself to dodge its laser attack. You will have to rely mostly on ranged weapons as it will move a lot thanks to its tentacle-like arms and round body. Don’t go chasing after it as by the time you reach it, and it will be at a different spot already.

Once its health bar drops to half, it will enter a second phase. In that phase, the biopolymer muscles inside of it will spring out. And they will come out as tentacles. Still, the attacks will remain the same, but now it will have another ranged attack. In that attack, it will use its tentacle to hit you from a distance. Now, not only will you have to dodge its laser attacks, but its tentacle attacks too.

Keep hitting it and make sure that you’re keeping an eye on it. Because if you miss its laser animation, you will get hit as you won’t get to prepare to dodge it. Also, ensure that you’re keeping an eye on the remaining bullets, as you might run out of them.


The most advanced humanoid robots that you will face in Atomic Heart are the Twins. There is no specific name for them except for Left and Right. They are the personal assistants and bodyguards assigned to Dmitry Sechenov. They are designed after the ballerinas. The cutting-edge technology available is used to create them. That gives them everything combined with all other robots, agility, speed, and many more attributes. They are both identical, but the Right wears a jacket.


You get to face them at two different times in the game. First, you will have to defeat Left, and then later on, you will have to fight both Twins.


When the fight with the left starts, you will get a prompt telling you of the Twins’ Energy. It will tell you to keep hitting them to reduce their stored energy so you can fight them better. That will then stop them from performing stronger attacks.

The Left
The Left will put up a good fight. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Both of these have the agility of a Ballerina so you will have to be ready for any quick attacks. While fighting Left, she will often launch toward you and deal tons of damage. It will have a small animation before it so you can dodge quickly. She will often launch kicks toward you or spin around like a ballerina. Her hands will have long metal claws that can cut you and deal a high amount of damage with each hit.

It will often slam on the ground in front of you, leaving a small shockwave. And later on, she will launch a laser beam. You can’t dodge it easily, so we recommend that you crouch to save yourself from the laser. If she manages to fill up its energy, she will be charged with power. Then she will launch powerful attacks with shockwaves and whatnot. We recommend that you try your best to dodge every single of her attacks that will let you live a lot longer.

Once she is in low health, her energy will fill up and she will then walk like a spider and will gain high mobility. Now you can’t wait for her energy to go down, so you will have to go all out to defeat her.


Later on, when you meet with Dmitry Sechenov, you will have to defeat both Left and Right this time. Now they both have individual health bars, so you can focus on one of these and kill her. Then you can focus on the other one. The best practice is to face the Left as she will be on the ground. Right will launch range attacks toward you so you can dodge them if you do it correctly.

Both Twins atomic heart robots.
You’ll finally fight both twins. [Image Credit: eXputer]
They will both keep on launching attacks toward you. There will be large boulders of the ground around the arena that you have to dodge. In addition to that, Right will launch a large boulder on the ground. Its impact will create smaller boulders that fall around the area. Whereas left will be making her usual attacks that you faced a while ago.

You will have to dodge a few different combos from them. Left will fire a laser towards the right, which will then reflect it using a mirror in your direction. The only option then will be to hit either of them to break the combo. When their health drops to the lowest point, they will both fire a bunch of lasers that you will have to dodge. At that time, you can’t attack them, so the only option is to dodge them. Once it ends, you can go back to attacking them.

Final Words

The game isn’t about killing robots and whatnot. You have a ton of skills that you can unlock using several different Skill Trees. With that, there are different things that you will have to use your Scanner to scan. In addition to that, you will have to solve a ton of puzzles. For example, finding Clarie’s Parts. There are tons of Mods already for the game that enhance the overall performance of the game. Lastly, make sure to get the best weapons out there, such as the Dominator.

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