Elden Ring Gets A First-Person Mode Thanks To Latest Mod

All set to fight through the Lands Between seen from a first-person perspective.

Story Highlights

  • Elden Ring has been entirely converted into first-person mode by a team of modders.
  • This latest mod is now up for download with a number of tweaks from the original game.
  • The mod can be played in co-op and is compatible with a number of other mods.

A group of fans has released a mod for Elden Ring, which entirely converts the original third-person perspective game into first-person. The mod called “First Person Souls” is a comprehensive project that lets you fight through the Lands Between viewed “with your own eyes.” With a number of tweaks to the original game, the mod is now up for download here.

First Person Souls- Full Game Conversion is a group project by developers going by the name “The First Person Souls Project,” led by Dasaav. The group is previously known for bringing a first-person perspective mode to Dark Souls 3 as well. This first-person mod, as defined by the team, will let you “experience Elden Ring like you have never before.” There’s a trailer video, too, to go along with that. 

The trailer shows a range of scenarios like combat, riding, and boss fights, all in first-person mode. A bunch of gameplay mechanics has also been adjusted by the First Person Souls team to set perfectly with the new mode. The team aimed at making the boss fights “seamless and polished” with a number of tweaks they explained comprehensively on the mod’s NexusMods page.

The mechanics adjusted for the mod include custom HUD elements, the integration of animated head tracking, some modifications to the ways the player moves, and “the overall feel of the game.” All of these can be accessed via in-game menus or the mod’s INI file. So even if you have played the original Elden Ring for countless hours, this latest mod will be an entirely new experience and will refresh the fan within you.

Moreover, the mod can be played online via LukeYui’s “Seamless Co-op,” allowing you to have your friends over exploring the vast Lands Between. It, however, cannot be played on the official servers. Switching between the third and first-person perspectives requires you to press and hold your “lock-on” button whether on your keyboard, mouse, or controller.

In other news, following the game’s massive success worldwide, earning it the title of Game Of The Year 2022, developers FromSoftware have announced an expansion called “Shadow of The Erdtree.” Furthermore, a recent update has finally added ray-tracing support to the game. The update requires powerful GPUs and specific specs to be run, though. 

Elden Ring has been out since February 25, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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