Dead Space Remake: How To Get Burnished Suit

Get your hands on the bonus outfit for Issac obtained through the Impossible Mode of the game.

The Deluxe Edition of Dead Space Remake comes with five additional suits for Issac in addition to his default RIG Suit in the game; however, the Burnished Suit can actually be obtained in the standard edition. You will need to complete the game on a certain difficulty level in order to unlock the suit, and that difficulty mode is actually the Impossible Mode in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Burnished Suit is received as a reward for completing the game on Impossible Difficulty.
  • The mode is almost similar to Hard difficulty except that you have a single life, and death can result in a complete restart, so there is almost no room for error.
  • The impossible difficulty is one of the toughest challenges that a player can face in Dead Space Remake, and it is recommended to tackle this mode in New Game Plus.
  • Once you beat the game on impossible difficulty, the Burnished Suit will appear inside the storage tab of shops in the game.

The Burnished Suit Location

dead space burnished suit
The Burnished Suit In Dead Space Remake (Image Captured by Us)

Obtaining this Suit in itself is a huge achievement for any Dead Space Remake player and is a flex additionally. You’ll have to complete the game on the Impossible Difficulty in order to even unlock this suit for Issac. This difficulty mode is almost similar to the hard mode except that there is one small difference.

Firstly, in the original game, you had to complete the main story of the game at least once in order to get access to the impossible difficulty. However, in the remake, you’ll have to option to go into the impossible difficulty from the very first playthrough, but only veteran players should opt for it in their first run.

The impossible difficulty in the remake is also not as hard as it used to be in the original game. The damage that Necromorphs deal has been toned down and is now similar to the damage that they deal in the Hard Mode. However, the only difference is impossible difficulty is that the player has only one save file for their entire run.

Yes, you heard that right, there is only one save file, and if you die, then the game sends you back to the beginning. You’ll either have a choice to continue in Hard Mode or restart if you die in the impossible difficulty run of Dead Space Remake.

dead space burnished suit
Burnished Suit Received As A Reward (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you beat the game in Impossible Difficulty and kill Hive Mind at the end, then you’ll be rewarded with the Burnished Suit that you can access in New Game Plus. Additionally, you will also get an extremely powerful weapon known as the Hand Cannon. Basically, you’ll get the best of the best items after beating the game on the hardest difficulty. Beating the game on the impossible mode will also land you the hardest trophy/achievement in Dead Space Remake.

Difference Between Impossible And Other Difficulties

dead space burnished suit
The Impossible Mode In Dead Space Remake (Image by eXputer)

As we have already mentioned before, Impossible Mode is basically Hard Mode with a single save file and no auto-save available. It is additionally a mode where death translates to a complete restart, and the player cannot afford to make any mistakes. However, some other things different in this difficulty are;

  • Necromorphs will dodge more of your gunshots than before, and the drops that you get after killing an enemy will also be considerably reduced.
  • Enemies are tougher, and you’ll have fewer resources to fight them additionally.
  • The impossible mode might be tough, but it is also the single-best survival-horror experience.
  • The enemies will also deal massive damage to Issac in this mode.

Tips And Tricks For Impossible Mode

Here are some tips that you should follow, and these should considerably help your journey through this difficult mode in the game;

  • Make the best use of your Telekinesis and Stasis abilities in order to conserve your ammo in the game. You will already get fewer resource drops, so it is recommended to make use of environmental hazards in order to beat your enemies.
  • Finish the game once on an easier difficulty and get all of the suit upgrades and schematics for Issac’s RIG Suit in the game. Then start an impossible difficulty playthrough in New Game Plus so that you can begin the game with a Level 6 Suit and upgraded weapons.
  • Speaking of weapons, the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Force Gun, and Pulse Rifle should be your weapons of choice in the impossible difficulty playthrough.
  • If you own PlayStation Plus, then you can actually use the ‘Upload Save File’ feature to upload your saved files continuously. You can then download these to continue your run if you mess up in the game. This is an extremely useful hack for PlayStation players.


2023 has been a blast for gaming so far, and the most popular game to have been released so far is Dead Space Remake, which arguably features the best survival-horror experience in a video game. There are a lot of new additions in the remake as well compared to the Original Game. However, the source material has not been altered in any negative way but has been improved upon additionally, which has made the game even more fun than before.

This concludes our guide on how you can obtain the Burnished Suit for Issac in Dead Space Remake. We have entailed the method that you need to follow in order to obtain the suit in complete detail. Additionally, we have also given some tips in order to get through the Impossible Difficulty of the game so that you can unlock the special suit. We hope that you were able to overcome the biggest challenge that the game has to offer. Let us know what you think about Dead Space Remake in the comments below!


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