Dead Space Remake: Manually Ignite The Engine [Solved]

Have your Plasma Cutter loaded by your side & cut through enemies while completing the Manually Ignite Engine Objective.

Dead Space Remake: During Chapter 3, Course Correction, you’ll come across a task to Ignite the Engines. It comes when you have activated the Centrifuge. Then, you will get a prompt that asks you to ignite the engines manually.

Key Takeaways
  • Manually Ignite the Engines is an objective received in Chapter 3 ‘Course Correction’.
  • During the objective, you will have to go from the Centrifuge to the Engine room and then ignite it.
  • On the route, you’ll have to use your critical thinking to solve a few mini-puzzles.
  • Take care of your Oxygen level in the Vacuum areas.
  • During the objective, you’ll have to place a Power Cell into Power Sub-Station 03.
  • While igniting the Engine, you’ll be attacked by numerous enemies; make sure that you’re prepared.

Manually Ignite the Engine

The Centrifuge Area

Once the Centrifuge is activated, the whole area will become a vacuum. You’ll get an Oxygen timer for the remaining oxygen in the suit. Your goal is to get back up while making sure that you don’t run out of Oxygen. While you’re doing so, you’ll have to save yourself from the spinning centrifuge too. For that, you’ll have to head inside an alcove. While you’re going through the area, you’ll have a few enemies attacking you. Then, you can just let the spinning Centrifuge take care of them.

Area with the Centrifuge.
The Centrifuge area. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Then, you’ll come to an alcove with an elevator in it. Get on the Elevator to go up and then turn right when you exit it. Then you’ll go through doors, and the announcer will inform you that you’re exiting the Vacuum chamber. When you do so, you will be attacked by a large tentacle. It will be dragging you towards a hole. You will have to kill it before it is successful in doing so. For that, hit on its weaker glowing parts. That will kill the tentacle and free you.

Zero Gravity Room

Then, keep going through the path, and you’ll come across a chamber with a bridge leading to a door and two fans to your left. As you go ahead, you’ll note that the door is locked. You will have to unlock it by giving it power. For that, you’ll have to use your blasters and get to the blades. There, use Stasis to freeze them and go in the small area between the fans.

Fans in Dead Space Remake.
Use Stasis on the Fans. [Image Credit: eXputer]
There will be a circuit breaker that you need to interact with. Replace Airlock 2 with the power from Airlock 1, and you’re good to go. You can now use Stasis on the fan blades again and go to the locked door, which is now unlocked.

The Engine Room

When you enter the next room, you’ll find a bulbous mass on the wall. Shoot on it to get rid of it, and then go straight ahead. Keep going ahead, and you’ll come across another bulbous mass blocking your way; shoot it to unlock your route. Stay on to the path, and you’ll finally find yourself in the Engine Room. That is where you can complete your objective.

Clear the area of the Necromorph. Then, go to the control panel, and it will tell you that the Engine is out of power. You will have to locate its power cell and place it back in its position to Manually Ignite the Engine in Dead Space Remake. Go to the Power Sub-Station 03 to your right, and then you’ll note that it has an open slot.

Slot of Power Cell.
The Slot where you have to place the Power Cell. [Image Credit: eXputer]
To locate its Power Cell, look to your back, and you will find a ramp going up. Get on the platform, and the Power Cell will be there. Pick it up and place it back in the slot, and you will be ready to ignite the engine. Go back to the control panel and interact with it to initialize the engine. While the engine is initializing, you will be attacked by enemies.

Location of Power Cell.
The Power Cell is located on the platform right behind the Power Sub-Station 03. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Although they will be easily killed, they won’t stop coming. You will have to defeat all of them and keep yourself alive. After a while, the engine will be ready to start. You can head back to the control panel and start the engine. That will complete the objective.

engine manually ignite objective complete.
The objective completed. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Final Words

Dead Space Remake is a superb game, which is discussed in our Review of the game. The game has ensured that everything is top-notch, even the weapons. We get to see the legendary Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, and many more that were part of the original game. Not only that, but now the game has an Impossible Mode with its own unique rewards.

There are a few Side Missions that keep the game interesting. Not only that, you will have to get certain Schematics to get better in the game. Lastly, you can get upgrades to your weapons and suits. The game has an amazing list of Voice Actors. They have all done a phenomenal job.

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