Dead Space Remake Contact Beam Ammo Schematic Location

Running out of Contact Beam's Ammunition? Good news, We know how you can get more.

There are a variety of weapons that you can choose from in Dead Space Remake. These weapons each excel in their own class. While other weapons are great in their own category, whether it’s crowd control, or dealing high damage at close range, the Contact Beam is a weapon type of its own. It fires precise energy beams that are great for taking out single targets.

It uses Contact Energy to shoot these energy beams. Contact Energy, also known as the Contact Beam Ammo Schematic, is quite hard to find in Dead Space Remake.

Key Takeaways
  • Contact Energy is the ammo for the Contact Beam.
  • They are usually found as loot, but if you want to buy them in larger quantities, you will have to get their schematics.
  • The Contact Energy schematics are found in Chapter 7, ‘Into the Void’, on Deck B – Processing.
  • There is a locked room that holds the Schematics.
  • To unlock the door, you’ll have to shoot at its fuse box. Inside, you will find the Contact Energy Schematics.
  • With the schematic at hand, you can buy Contact Energy from any Store for $2,000.

Contact Energy Schematics

While you’re progressing through the Dead Space Remake, you’ll come across the Contact Beam in Chapter 4. It is in the Records Office in chapter 4. When you acquired it, you’ll note that it uses special ammunition, that is Contact Energy. Using Contact Energy, the Contact Beam will fire out a powerful beam that can deal great damage.

Contact Beam in Dead Space Remake
Contact Beam. [Image Credit: eXputer]
But to use the attack, you will need to have enough ammo of the Contact Beam. You’ll randomly find the Ammo as loot while going from one area to another, or by defeating enemies. But that won’t be enough as you’ll end up running out of ammo. The game lets you buy ammunition at stores throughout the game. but even for that, you’ll need to have the required schematics to get them.

Similarly, for Contact Energy, the ammo for the Contact Beam, you’ll their schematic later on in Dead Space Remake. These schematics become available later on in the game when you have progressed through it. With no time, you’ll get your hands on the schematics as they are easy to acquire if you know where to look for them.

Contact Energy Schematics Location

Okay so, the Schematics for the Contact Energy are located in Chapter 7 ‘Into The Void’ of Dead Space Remake. When you get to Chapter 7, you’ll reach the Mining Deck of the Ishimura. Progress through the chapter until you come across a door with ‘Mining Operations’ written. When you get there, unlock it and head inside.

From there, turn right and then left and you’ll come across another door that will say ‘Rig Room’. When you get inside, you’ll find two Slasher necromorphs coming at you from the left and right doors. You can either defeat them or ignore them and head on straight to the elevator. Quickly press its button to get it working.

Deck B – Processing

When inside the Elevator, make sure that you’re going to the right area. That area is the ’Deck B – Processing’, that is where you’ll find the Schematics to the ammo. When the elevator stops, check the elevator door. It should say ‘Deck B: Processing’. If it doesn’t, then you’ve made a mistake and you should go back and choose the correct floor.

The Deck B - Processing for schematic.
Make sure you’re on the right floor. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Exit the elevator and then turn right. There will be a hallway, enter it, and then a necromorph will attack you. Kill it and then turn right and then turn left. There will be another attacker in front of you that you need to defeat. You’ll end up in a room. There will be two hallways to left. You need to go in the second one, and there will be a door with a red ‘locked’ sign to your left. That is when you know that you’re at the right spot.

Location of the door.
Here is the location of the locked Door. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Unlocking The Door

The Schematics to the Contact Beam’s ammo, namely the Contact Energy are behind that locked door and you have to unlock it. Unlocking it will definitely take a lot of time if you don’t know what you are supposed to do. But we have unlocked it and know how to do so and it is quite simple.

The Door is locked.
The locked Door. [Image Credit: eXputer]
To open the locked door, you need to go right from it and then turn left into the hallway. There, you’ll find ‘Traps Ahead’ written on the wall on your left. Near it, you’ll find a window that lets you peek inside the locked room. When you look inside, you’ll find a fuse box there that will have a purple hue. Shoot it down and it will unlock the door.

The fuse box.
Shoot the Fuse Box. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Picking Up Contact Energy Schematics

When you get inside, you will find the Schematics to the Contact Beam’s ammo right there on the table. You’ll find some loot there too, pick it up to help you on your journey. When you have acquired the Schematics to Contact Energy, you can then buy the ammo at any store. They will cost you $2,000. That is when you can go all out with your Contact Beam and take care of your opponents.

Contact Beam ammo schematic in Dead Space Remake.
Pick up the Contact Energy schemtaics. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Final Words

Dead Space Remake is the reiteration of the original Dead Space. Even though the game is similar to the original, there are a lot of differences. You can learn more about the difference in our Dead Space Remake vs. Original guide. One of the biggest differences is that you can Upgrade your equipment. Not only that, you can get Inventory Upgrades too. While you’re at it, why not learn which Voice Actor is behind which character?

There are tons of Trophies hidden in the game. Make sure to get all 47 of them as quickly as possible. Not only that, you can learn how to defeat Hive Mind and Leviathan too.


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