Dead Space Remake: All Power Nodes Locations

Find all the Power Nodes to unlock strong upgrades for completely destroying Necromorphs!

Power Nodes act as the currency used for upgrading weapons in Dead Space Remake. The more you have, the greater number of upgrades you’ll be able to use, as long as you have access to a workbench. The Power Nodes are usually in small blue and yellow containers but can be hard to miss, which is why we’ve compiled a list of all the locations for power nodes in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 67 Power Nodes spread throughout all chapters in Dead Space Remake, but 189 are required for the Maxed-Out trophy/achievement; you’ll need to acquire it in New Game Plus.
  • You can use them with a workbench to get all sorts of upgrades for your gear. 
  • You can find them in Tram Repair Room, Cargo Hall Storage, and Flight Deck in Chapter 1, and Diagnostic Technician Room and Limb Stimulation Therapy Room in Chapter 2
  • There are Power Nodes in Fuel Management Room, Tram Control Room, and Fuel Storage in Chapter 3, and you can get one by killing a Brute in Chapter 4
  • Chemical Lab and Dr. Warwick’s Office in Chapter 5 and Cryogenics Control Room and East Grow Chamber in Chapter 6 also have Power Nodes.
  • The Mining Deck and Utility Room in Chapter 7 and Maintenance Gondola in Chapter 8 contain Power Nodes too. 
  • Chapter 9 has Power Nodes in Cargo Bay, Engine Room, and USM Valor, while Chapter 10 has them in Flow Control, Crew Quarters, and Executive Shuttle Bay. 
  • Finally, you can find more nodes in Cargo Bay in Chapter 11, and from Landing Zone to Living Quarters in Chapter 12
  • There are many more Power Nodes to be found, such as a secret one in the Breakroom, and you can even buy some from the shops

All Power Nodes Locations

There are a total of 67 Nodes in the game. Unfortunately, you need 189 Power Nodes to acquire the “Maxed Out” achievement/trophy, which is granted by using all the power nodes to get all possible upgrades. Therefore, if you’re trying to get the trophy, you’ll likely need to replay in New Game Plus. However, if you just want better gear, you’ll get quite far even with just 67 Nodes.

Chapter 1 Power Nodes

power nodes locations in dead space remake
First power node location in chapter 1

There are four different nodes which can be found in Chapter 1 of the game. Many of these will be in your path as you follow along the story; you’ll just need to deviate slightly from your main paths. Here are all of the locations:

  • Tram Repair Room Node: When you enter the room, you’ll find a locker with the power node on the wall on your right side. You’ll make your way into the Tram Repair Room while following the “Replace the Damaged Tram” It is also the section where you’re first introduced to the Stasis and Kinesis mechanics.
  • Cargo Hall Storage Room Node: You’ll soon get introduced to the concept of rerouting power to open up different sections of the game. You need to apply that to reroute power to the Cargo Hall Storage. You’ll spot the power line turning from red to blue, indicating that you can enter the room. Enter it and look for a locker on the wall with the Power Node.
  • Maintenance Bay Office Node: Following a similar concept as the previous Node, you’ll need to use up a circuit breaker to redirect power to the Maintenance Bay Office. You’ll find another wall locker with the Power Node inside.
  • Flight Deck Supply Room: You’ll come across the final Node near the end of the chapter. You’ll spot it in the Flight Deck Supply Room after you’ve ridden the elevator upwards.

Chapter 2 Power Nodes

all locations of power nodes in dead space remake
Power node found in Chapter 2 [screenshot by eXputer]
There are five nodes found in Chapter 2. Most of them are on the Medical Deck of the ship. Just like before, if you just explore a little bit from your main objectives, you’ll come across the nodes. Here are all of the locations in Chapter 2:

  • Diagnostic Technician Room: To enter the room, you’ll need to reroute power into the room. When you enter the room, you’ll find it on the south wall.
  • Limb Stimulation Therapy Room: You’ll be led in this room automatically due to the mission objectives. Once you’re here, look towards the south wall while you’re walking out of the room for your next objective.
  • ER Hallway B: You’ll find the Node at the end of the hallway, on the right side. The Node will be next to an audio log. You’ll come across both of these items before going to the Intensive Care Unit.
  • Ishimura Clinic: You’ll need the Level 1 Security Clearance to get access to the Node inside the Ishimura Clinic. After you’ve got the Captain’s Rig, head inside the room and look towards the north wall.
  • Patient Locker Room: You can come here during Chapter 5 as your objectives will automatically lead you here. But, if you want the Node early on, go through the Imaging Diagnostics room and into the Zero-G Room. From there, you can find the Patient Locker Room in the hallway. The power node will be on the south wall of the room. You’ll need Level 1 Security Clearance for this room as well.

Chapter 3 Power Nodes

Chapter 3 secret power nodes in dead space remake all locations
Chapter 3 power nodes [screenshot by us]
Chapter 3 of the game opens up towards the machinery and the louder areas of the Ishimura. You’ll be spending most of your time in the Engineering Deck, and there are five different Nodes that you can acquire.

  • Tram Control Room: You’ll need the Level 1 Security Clearance, which you should likely have due to the previous Nodes. Once you do, go to the Hangar, and there will be a door there that you can access. The Power Node will be inside.
  • Fuel Management Room: Before you can enter the room, you’ll need the Fuel Station Keycard, which allows access and opens up the room. Be prepared, as you’ll need to kill a bunch of Necromorphs as you travel east of the Fuel Management Room and into the hallways. Once through, you’ll find the Keycard on top of a desk. Get inside the room, and you’ll find the Node on the left side of the room.
  • Centrifuge Control North: While following the main story, you’ll likely make your way toward the Gravity Centrifuge. If you’re following the main line locator, it’ll instruct you to go right once you reach a hallway. If you go left and down a long circular hallway, you’ll come across the power node in a locker.
  • Fuel Storage: The next Node is quite easy to attain. When you’re in the Fuel Storage, look for the elevator. You’ll find a room there with the power node inside a locker. There’s no name for the room, but you’ll know you’re at the right place if you find an audio log inside as well.
  • Engine Room: The final Node in Chapter 3 can be found inside the Engine Room. From the center of the room, head right, where you’ll find a ramp that goes towards the Engine Controls. Move towards here but move right into a hallway. Turn right again to spot a small workspace. Near it, you’ll find the power node locker.

Chapter 4 Power Nodes

brute fight
Power nodes in Chapter 4 [captured by eXputer]
There are four different power nodes locations in Chapter 4 of Dead Space Remake. One of them can be acquired by fighting against a monstrous enemy, while others will eventually come in your path.

  • Necromorph in Atrium: The first power node that you’ll come across in Chapter 4 is when you’re progressing through the main story and come across a Brute necromorph. The Brute can be easily defeated by using your kinesis powers to slow it down. Once slowed, simply shoot the glowing parts located on each one of its joints. The Brute will drop the power node once it’s been defeated.
  • Bridge Storage Room: Look for a hallway on the second floor of the Bridge. The hallway will make a 90-degree angle, and at the southeast corner of the hallway, you’ll find a Storage Room with the power node inside. The room will be near the elevator as well.
  • Admin Server Maintenance: To get the next Node, you’ll need to reach the Mining Administration. Once there, face north by taking a right and then go through the door in your path. Beyond the door, you’ll find another door that will take you to a small room with the power node in a locker.
  • Brute in Electrical Systems: Unfortunately, you’re not done fighting brutes just yet, as you’ll need to fight another one to acquire the next Power Node. It’ll be part of the main storyline and found in Electrical Systems. Therefore, you can’t miss it. Use similar tactics as before (Kinesis and shooting glowing joints) to kill the Brute with ease.

Chapter 5 Power Nodes

found in chapter 5
Power node in chapter 5 [captured by eXputer]
Chapter 5 has relatively fewer Power Nodes, as you’ll mostly be busy dealing with the Leviathan. However, you can still expect to find three different nodes in Chapter 5.

  • Warwick’s Office: You’ll require Level 2 Clearance to get inside the office. Once you have the clearance, head towards a hallway near a save station in Zero-G Therapy, and you’ll eventually come across Dr. Warwick’s Office. Head inside to spot the power node on the left side of the room. You’ll also find Schematics for the Line Racks here as well.
  • Chemical Lab: While going towards the Chemical Lab, you’ll come across a hallway. Head towards the south end of the hallway (in the direction of the Chemical Lab) to come across the Power Node.
  • Emergency Equipment Storage: This is the same area where you come across the Line Gun. You can find the Emergency Storage Equipment Storage in the ER Hallway A on the fourth floor.

Chapter 6 Power Nodes

power nodes locations in chapter 6 of dead space remake
Power nodes found during chapter 6 [image by eXputer]
Chapter 6 takes you on adventures through the Hydroponics, the portion of the Ishimura where the oxygen is produced and the food for the crew members. You can also find the Force Gun weapon and weapon upgrades for the Ripper in this chapter.

  • Cryogenics Control Room: The very first power node of Chapter 6 can be found near the Cryogenics Control Room. More specifically, in the hallway to the right of the Control Room and before the doorway to the Bridge Tram Station.
  • Tramway Storage Room: Not too far from the first Power Node, you’ll find the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Head inside and move backward through the Tram Station Hall and the Tram Tunnels to come across the Tramway Storage Room. You can head inside if you’ve got the Level 1 Security Clearance and find the Node inside.
  • Refrigeration Tower: You’ll be led to the refrigeration tower, and at the north end of it, you’ll find the power node next to some personal lockers.
  • East Grow Chamber: As part of the main objectives, you’ll be told to inject Wheezers with the enzyme and be led to the East Grow Chamber. Over here, you’ll need to fight another Brute necromorph. Once you defeat it, you’ll acquire the Power Node. This is also the same area where you can find one of the Crew Rigs to get access to the Master Override clearance.
  • Air Filtration Tower: When you reach the Air Filtration Tower, move towards the south end. You’ll find an unnamed room there with a stasis recharge. Look towards the opposite side of where you find the stasis recharge, and you’ll find the Power Node inside a locker.
  • Annex Control Room: You’ll eventually make it past the filtration tubes after the Air Filtration Tower. Head to the Annex Control Room once you’ve gone up the lift from the filtration tubes to find the Power Node.
  • Tram Station: There is another Power Node in the Tram Station in the hallway before the Hydroponics tram station. Move towards the southwest section and look into the corner to find the Power Node.

Chapter 7 Power Nodes

Dead Space Remake all chapter 7 secret power nodes locations
Nodes found in Chapter 7 [Captured by eXputer]
Chapter 7 will take you through the Mining Deck of the Ishimura. But try to be careful as there will be many traps here. But you’ll also be able to find the Contact Energy schematics and Dalla’s Rig during Chapter 7.

  • Mining Deck: The first Power Node in chapter 7 can be found to the left of the RIG Room entrance. It’ll be covered by a bunch of boxes which you can clear using the Kinesis powers.
  • Deck B – Processing: Opposite a save point, you’ll notice a room labeled Deck B: Processing. The door will be locked, but if you circle to the other side of the room, you’ll find a broken window and a fuse. Shoot the fuse to open up the room.
  • Equipment Maintenance Bay: You’ll find yourself in the Equipment Workshop if you just follow the main storyline. You’ll come across it after the segment where you need to defend Nicole and retrieve the SOS Beacon. Look toward the east wall, and you’ll find the Power Node.
  • Utility Room: To reach the Power Node in the Utility Room, you’ll need the Level 3 Clearance. You can reach the room after you activate the zero-gravity through the Circuit Breaker. Then simply head towards the room; it’ll be beneath the Equipment Maintenance Bay.
  • Storage Room: Just before the Minin Control, you’ll come across a Storage Room which will require Level 3 Security Clearance. You can find the Power Node inside the room.
  • Nutrition Systems Room: You’ll need to progress through the entire Premeditate Malpractice Side Mission. That will eventually grant you access to the Nutrition Systems room, and the Power Node is found on your immediate right once you enter the room.

Chapter 8 Power Nodes

dead space remake power nodes locations
Power Nodes in Chapter 8 [image by us]
There’s a good amount of Power Nodes in Chapter 8, as well as other collectibles such as Rousseau’s Rig, Oxygen Tank schematics, and much more. Here are the locations for the Power Nodes in Chapter 8:

  • Refuelling Control Stations: You’ll need Level 2 Security Clearance to access the Node. Head inside the Platform Storage room in Refuelling Control Stations. You can likely reach here with ease if you just go back through Engineering at the start of Chapter 8.
  • Maintenance Gondola: You’ll find the Maintenance Gondola near the Communications Array, which will be part of the main story as you’ll need to fix the comms. But once you’re in the general area, enter the Maintenance Gondola, and you can find the Power Node inside on the left side of the room.
  • Communications Hub: There will be a section where you’ll need to fight the Leviathan Remnant. Across the doors that lead to that fight, you’ll find the Communications Hub, where you’ll also find the Power Node.

Chapter 9 Power Nodes

dead space remake all chapter 9 nodes locations
Power nodes found during Chapter 9 [image by eXputer]
There are relatively lesser Power Nodes in Chapter 9, but you’ll still find many interesting things, such as the Large Med Pack schematic. It is also worth considering that many of the nodes and collectables in Chapter 9 are missable as you’ll be on the USM Valor military ship, so you should try extra hard in acquiring all of the following nodes:

  • USM Valor Room: You’ll enter the USM Valor Room early on in the chapter. You can find the room past the Second Airlock door in the Briefing Room. The Node will be visible as soon as you enter the USM Valor Room.
  • Armory’s Shooting Gallery: Eventually, you’ll get ambushed by a bunch of Necromorphs. After you survive the ambush, look through the lockers in the Armory’s Shooting Gallery, and you’ll find the next Power Node in one of them.
  • Cargo Bay Brute: You’ll come across a Brute Necromorph in the Cargo Bay. Defeat it to collect the Power Node that it drops.
  • Engine Room: After you’ve turned on the Fire Suppression System, head towards the southeastern corner of the Engine Room to find the Power Node. You’ll need to use your Kinesis to deal with everything to get to the Node finally.

Chapter 10 Power Nodes

Dead space remake all power nodes locations in chapter 10 secret
Chapter 10 power nodes locations [captured by eXputer]
Chapter 10 is starting to build towards the endgame, which is why there are many Power Node locations in Chapter 10 of Dead Space Remake.

  • Water Purification Storage: You’ll need the Master Override Security Clearance, which is acquired by gathering all of the Crew Rigs as part of a side quest to reach the first Node of Chapter 10. Once you have the Master Override, head towards the Water Purification Storage room on Floor 5 of the Bridge to find the Node.
  • Flow Control: You’ll need the Level 3 Security Clearance to reach the next Node. Once you have that, head towards the Rare Specimens Room in Flow Control by going back through the Hydroponics. You’ll find the Power Node inside the room.
  • Crew Quarters: Head towards the Crew Quarters and partake in the Zero-G Basketball. If you can complete Level 6 of it, you’ll be rewarded with a Power Node.
  • Standard Quarters: Go from the Mess Hall’s ground floor to the Standard Quarters, and you’ll find the power node on your left after going through the doors that lead to the Standard Quarters.
  • Standard Quarters Storage Room: You’ll be asked to get the battery for the Mess Hall elevator from the Storage Room in the Standard Quarters. You can find the Power Node in the same room.
  • Captain B. Mathius’ Room: You’ll find the captain’s room in the Executive Quarters, and the Power Node will be inside. But you’ll first need the Executive Quarters Keycard. Additionally, you’ll need to destroy the fusebox in White’s Room as well.
  • Executive Shuttle Bay: After you’ve released the Marker, go through the left doorway, which leads to the Executive Shuttle Bay, to find the next Power Node.

Chapter 11 Power Nodes

chapter 11 collectables
Power nodes found in Chapter 11 [screenshot by eXputer]
Chapter 11 is quite important as not only can you attain more collectibles, but you can also go back and collect any other things that you might’ve missed in the previous chapters (except Chapter 9). It is a good time to go back to any Power Nodes location that you might’ve missed earlier in Dead Space Remake.

  • Cargo Bay: You can find the first Power Node of the chapter after the Guardian encounter. Make your way over to the southwest corner of the Cargo Bay to find the Node.
  • Flight Deck: Inside the Flight Deck, look to the left of where the Marker rises from the Cargo Bay area to find the Power Node.
  • Flight Control Center: As soon as you enter the Flight Control Center, look to your right to spot the Power Node.

Chapter 12 Power Nodes

chapter 12
Chapter 12 Power Nodes [screenshot by us]
Chapter 12 is the finale. Hopefully, you got everything that you missed in Chapter 11, as you can’t go back from this point.

  • Landing Zone: You can find the first Power Node of the chapter to the north of where the shuttle lands (upper-right corner of the map). You’ll find a locker there with the Node inside.
  • Landing Pad Atrium: Head towards the right-most corner of the Landing Pad Atrium to find the next Power Node.
  • Holding Zone 2B: When you’re at Holding Zone 2B, take a look at the right wall to find the Node. You can also find extra loot by shooting the cluster, which will open up the other side of the room.
  • Supply Depot: Go towards the opposite side of the entrance door from the Supply Depot to find a crate inside Transfer Junction. You’ll need the Master Override to open the crate and get the Node.
  • Super-Brute: You’ll eventually come across a Super-Brute while progressing through the story. The Super-Brute will show up after you’ve powered up the Tether at the Transfer Junction; defeat it to get the Power Node.
  • Living Quarters Storage: Once you’ve passed through the Access Tunnel, you’ll be at the Living Quarters Storage. Look to your right to find the Power Node.

Purchasable Power Nodes

You won’t get every single of the Power Nodes through exploration alone; you’ll need to use up your precious credits to acquire a few of them as well, especially if you’re trying to get the maxed-out trophy. You can buy them for 10,000 Credits, and they cannot be sold.

Secret Power Node Location

Dead space remake secret power nodes locations
Secret Power Nodes found by inputting actions in red circle [image by eXputer]
Besides just the regular Power Nodes locations that you can come across in Dead Space Remake, there is actually a bunch of secret Power Nodes that you can acquire by inputting a bunch of specific actions in a certain area.

Head towards the Breakroom on the first floor of the Bridge. Inside the Break room, you’ll spot a red circle. This is the same area where you can find a Marker Fragment in New Game Plus for the secret ending. Stand in the middle of the circle and perform the following actions in the same sequence as shown:

  • Punch, Punch, Stomp, Punch
  • Punch, Stomp, Stomp, Punch
  • Punch, Punch, Stomp, Stomp

Perform these actions back-to-back while remaining in the circle. Isaac will likely move out of the circle while you punch; you need to reposition him and bring him back into the circle for the actions to count. Once you perform the final two stomps, two Power Nodes will be dropped.

All these Power Nodes and Secret Locations will definitely help you gain upgrades and kill the Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake. You can also get inventory upgrades to hold more items and the peng treasure is great for acquiring useful loot. Make sure to check out our suits locations guide to get all the suits in the game and our armor upgrades location to ensure you’re always protected. 

With that, you know all about the Power Nodes in the Dead Space Remake and their secret locations spread across the different chapters in the game. There are many prerequisites to finding every single power node, such as security clearances, completion of side quests, and much more. But once you get all the power nodes, you can purchase all possible upgrades! 

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