Dead Space Remake’s Next-Gen Version On Sale For $50 On Amazon

You can get the PlayStation 5 edition for just $49.99 and the Xbox Series X version for $54.99 on the website.

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  • An Amazon deal is letting you buy the PlayStation 5 version of the Dead Space remake for $49.99, almost 30% off.
  • The Xbox Series X and versions also have a similar discount and are available for $54.99, at 22% off.
  • Considering how the original price of the next-gen version is $70, this is a steal.

The Dead Space remake is available for $54.99 on Amazon for Xbox Series X and is only $49.99 for PlayStation 5. Originally the game is priced at $70 for these next-gen home consoles. Hence, you can buy it for 22% off by claiming this deal from Amazon and saving $15 if you play on Xbox Series X. On the other hand, you can save $20 and buy the PlayStation 5 edition for 29% off.

Dead Space amazon
The amazon listing for the PlayStation 5 version of the Dead Space remake.

The Dead Space remake has been a huge success for Electronic Arts. Motive Studios took 2.5 years to develop this incredibly faithful remake of the classic horror game. Its success has not only increased fan interest in the franchise but also signaled the revival of action-horror gaming. Besides being a critical darling, the remake was also a critical success.

In addition, Dead Space dominated the US sales charts in January becoming the best-selling new game of the month. Overall, it was No.2, only behind the immensely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. In the UK, the game went to No.1 at launch, even though it did sell less than The Callisto Protocol. Therefore the remake from Motive studios was a certified triumph for EA. 

But, probably its biggest achievement is reminding us how entertaining the action-horror subgenre can be. Crticics and fans also loved the technical improvements it made to the original Dead Space, such as health-based dialogue. Hence, it hit all the right spots unlike The Callisto Protocol, whose failure added momentum to its success. And, now you can play this remarkable action horror remake for up to 30% off on PS5 and Xbox Series X. via this deal

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